New Direction
- custom exhibition stands

The company "109" is one of the leading manufacturers of suspended ceilings in Ukraine began to develop and manufacture of exhibition and advertising stands of all sizes, shapes, and on the basis of high-ceiling systems. We offer a full range of services, from the design of the original design solutions, design, equipment selection and ending with direct mounting of exhibition and promotional stands under the key.
For stands and signs we use only quality materials from leading European manufacturers: PVC film, plastic, aluminum profiles of various forms and modifications, and much more.
Stands are used in the manufacture of technological features suspended ceilings, which may be inclined or have a curved surface that can visually increase the space or modify it using the color and shape of the reflection. Specificity of PVC films leading European manufacturers can create with the help of a variety of surfaces and geometric shapes: oval, wavy, different levels, rounded, dome-shaped, three-dimensional, zigzag, etc. All of the above, as well as a variety of colors and textures of the film in conjunction with frames of aluminum make it possible to implement even the wildest imagination, which in turn makes the exhibition stand is truly unique.

Compare Armstrong, rack and suspended ceilings

Today there are many design options ceilings, including recently become more common over the suspended ceiling, rack and stretch ceilings.

The English company Armstrongbyla one of the first companies began to manufacture false ceilings and won most of the market. Therefore, in today's terminology ceilings Armstrongyavlyayutsya common name of all of these types of ceiling coverings.

The design of such a false ceiling consists of hanging systems and ceiling tiles. Suspension system is a profile of the T-shaped guides and the design of the attachment to the walls of the room. After the installation of suspended ceiling systems are stacked on the guide profile.

Stretch ceilings

In the modern interior design became particularly popular in ceilings. It is an efficient, reliable and inexpensive way to give the interior a unique look that opens up many possibilities for decoration of residential and non-residential premises.

First ceilings appeared many centuries ago. They can be found in ancient Rome, Babylon or Egypt. Local nobility and aristocracy, trying to make their dwellings more cozy and comfortable look, ceilings decorated with fine fabrics and skins of wild beasts. The present appearance of stretch ceilings were only in the middle of the last century. The rapid development of the industry by new materials available and effective technologies. Today ceilings are rightfully great interest on the part of designers and among ordinary customers as they allow to completely transform the entire interior and give it a unique and unmistakable appearance, to realize the reality of the most unusual and original ideas.

Stretch ceilings are crashing modern technology decoration. Innovative composite materials in combination with a variety of lighting systems allow you to create stunning individual interiors, which feature the creative imagination of designers.
Stretch ceilings and landscaping

It would seem that what is common between landscape design and
stretch ceilings? What exactly is a landscape design?

This question is crucial, because you need a quality landscape design that will delight you for years to come. To begin development of the project landscape design better immediately after finished construction works to tree planting and site layout. After a complete project includes not only a list of plants and mixborders location and alignment and other drawings required construction team, which will carry out landscaping works (construction of alleys, squares, the location of roads, ponds and buildings). Stretch ceilings also need to plan after the completion of civil works. 

The production of suspended ceilings. Ukraine. Kiev. Article number 57

Today, everyone who encountered renovated, is aware of the stretch ceilings. Yet the people they are called by the French, as they march around the world to start with France, which is considered the birthplace of suspended ceilings. First ceilings in Ukraine appeared in the mid 90s. Then on the Ukrainian market was several French brands. This Barrisol, New Mat, Extenzo etc. The cost per square meter stretch ceiling that time was sky-high - more than $ 150. But it was prestigious and fashionable, so many wealthy people considered it a luxury to deliver at home are French ceilings.

I do not need a suspended ceiling. Article number 56

That's what my friend said when I asked him a suspended ceiling. I was wondering what is associated with its categorical. And in the course of a long conversation, he is not me trying to explain that expensive and harmful for him pleasure not to his liking. What are the sources and explanations have led people to this conclusion? Was there a lot of questions, but clear explanations, I have not heard. Here it is not even in the tension ceiling I thought at the time.

Misinformation and just a rumor and conversations can shape a person a lot of misconceptions about a particular product, the situation is different, and just about life. I believe that every opinion should start from the facts. Advertising and anti-advertising, there are moving at the same speed, and only depends on us the right choice, the choice of direction.

Stretch ceilings. Luxury or Necessity? Article number 55

We live in an extremely interesting passage of time. XXI century is truly for all mankind the most developed in all life areas. Along with such industries as engineering, medicine, computer technology costs and construction industry.

Stretch ceilings Haute Couture. Article number 54

We continue the theme "ceilings". Expert on the subject in our magazine stands Valery S. Volobuev, director of "Astoria", specializing in the installation of suspended ceilings.

Valery S., in the last issue we talked about the simple "classic" stretch ceilings, which are matte or glossy cloth. Today let's talk about the more complex options that your company offers.

Stretch ceilings. Draw the stars on the ceiling. Article number 53

French ceilings with panoramic views of the sky. Technologies and design options.

Starry sky seems so close, as if you can get him to hand. However, the reality is quite different. Reach out to the "sky" you'll get only if you set the French ceilings or local product manufacturer with a special effect. Then each night you will enjoy a sparkling ceiling, and your dreams will be unusually pleasant.

Stretch ceilings. Spring. Begin repairs. Article number 52

In our world, everything is subject to the laws. Repair - isklyuchenie.Psihologi not sure that we in the spring, more than ever, I want to update, and energy often have nowhere devat.Esli soul asks for updates, and arrange in a flat natural disaster do not want to, you can try to refresh some of the details interior.

Nature started us happy sunny days, the light rays make their way through the windows ... And what do we see? Take a look at your ceiling. Faded paint, bumps, cracks, chips ... The ceiling has long been considered a decoration at home. Poorly made ​​ceiling can negate all the efforts of the interior decoration.

Stretch ceilings in the kitchen. Article number 51

Today is quite difficult to choose ceilings - prices and photos can be easily found on the internet or in the interior design magazines. When we are nervous, we are going to seize their resentment toward the kitchen. When we are happy, we collect family at the dinner table and announce the good news. In any case, all the "roads" of our happiness or anxiety lead to the kitchen, where we spend a lot of time. Stay in the "dorm" fridge, gas cooker and microwave oven will be even more enjoyable if the interior of the kitchen will be appropriate. In particular it is necessary to take care of the ceiling.

Individual interior. Article number 50

As a rule, everyone wants in the design of the house was a certain zest that is different from many other home and would fit his character.

"There is a direct correlation between the trends in the design of the room and the overall development of the culture of the individual in a particular country. Modern interior - is primarily a reflection of the inner world of its inhabitants, complex, rich, multi-faceted, "- emphasizes Olga Vorobyov, head of the design department of a construction company" Otdelkin. "

Frequently asked questions about the installation of suspended ceilings. And the answers to them

In what types of facilities can be installed suspended ceiling?

The stretch ceiling can be installed in all residential and non-residential premises. The ceiling does not sag when you change the temperature, does not absorb odors, the ceiling is no condensation. The ceiling does not change color over time. Easy to clean with a damp cloth. Temperature limits the use of suspended ceilings from - 5 ° C to + 40 ° C.

Video on the installation of stretch ceiling. Lessons installation of suspended ceilings

Company "A hundred nine" holds daily training installation of suspended ceilings. Come to us from all over Ukraine and asked to teach installation of suspended ceilings. We are happy to do it. We train our new dealer for correct installation of suspended ceilings. To do this, there is a special room in which learning takes place. Education is paid, the symbolic value of

The main advantages of stretch ceiling. How long will serve the suspended ceiling?

Well, finally, the repair is finished! New Images look great, perfectly smooth painted ceiling, laminate flooring creates a cozy, new windows give plenty of light and little noise of city streets. You solemnly arranged the furniture and, my God, how many times you see a crack in the ceiling ... Sound familiar? And often repeated. And for those "lucky" who junction of two plates is directly overhead - almost constant. What to do in this case? Spit and forget? Or fight with all means available? There is an exit much easier - order ceilings Mytishchi, Queens, Jubilee

Stretch ceilings. What are the advantages of a stretch ceiling?

The modern market of materials for construction and repair is impossible to imagine without suspended ceilings. Not so long ago they seemed a luxury, used rarely and only those who could afford it fun. Today the situation has changed. On the market there was a lot of offers, prices have become quite democratic, and installation of suspended ceilings - routine procedure. Expanded the scope of suspended ceilings. In the living room or the bathroom, the kitchen or nursery - ceilings can now be found in almost any room. Even gyms, shops, offices equipped with tension ceilings.

Lights if the suspended ceiling? We ignite the suspended ceiling together

Everyone says that the ceilings are off, but no one saw it. Logically, since when they burn, usually near empty. We decided to fix it, and set fire to the suspended ceiling, or rather a piece of PVC, and they took it on video, which you and show below. The film, which we set on fire, made ​​in Germany, class Lackfolie M1. With this film, our company has been working for the 5th year and we trust her.

Seamless stretch ceilings

Time does not stand still as well as technology. People are demanding new products, and manufacturers are finding new opportunities and new materials, in this case, consider finishing materials. Designers as well as consumers are paying increasing attention to every part of the interior, from the floor-to-ceiling walls. Particular attention is paid to the ceilings, because they aktsentriruyut attention outside the room of people.

Features of suspended ceilings

Stretch ceilings are fundamentally different from other designs almost all of the characteristics. They look like a thin film of PVC, which pull on a specially made frame. Depending on customer requirements, the suspended ceiling can take the most bizarre forms.

The development of technology tension ceiling

The fact that such ceilings, Moscow learned only in 1992. However, this does not mean that the technology in the world has appeared only in the late twentieth century. The most interesting is that a similar method of coating the ceiling cloth stretched over a frame was known in the ancient world. In wealthy homes in Greece and Rome before the Christian era used decorative ceilings made ​​of silk the color of the walls. Of course, resistance to various harmful factors for the fabric - light, temperature, dust - then considerably less than today because the fabric often had to change.

 Perforated ceilings

 What is a perforated suspended ceiling?

In fact - this is the suspended ceiling "in the hole." The distribution of perforations and the hole diameter can vary. It would seem that in this beautiful?
However, this type of suspended ceilings has its advantages.

 Availability of suspended ceilings. Russia

Stretch ceilings appeared on the Russian market in 1994-1995 as a product of the highest price category, elite, intended mainly for the customers category VIP.
While the main places of sales were suspended ceilings Moscow and St. Petersburg. Over the past decade, since the ceilings have moved to a much more democratic price category of goods for the middle class.

Features mounting tension ceiling

There are some features of the installation of suspended ceilings in rooms where the walls are lined with ceramic tiles. First, you need to inform installers how the electrical wiring, this applies not only to the tile, but also to the other walls. Secondly, it is essential that there are no voids. And thirdly, you need to be prepared for the fact that the tile can crack when drilling.

Feng Shui - 7 steps to harmony

You fatally unlucky? And you wonder what the reason might be unwashed plate or open toilet lid? Feng Shui offers an original way to achieve a life of harmony.

Even in ancient times people observed that the habitat can have it both positive and negative effects. Feng shui - the ancient Chinese art and science of living in harmony with yourself and the world - offers us to become real housewives in their own home.

Step One - Head pet

The ceiling in the bathroom. Article number 37

It is clear that any bathroom from a simple room features high humidity. I'm not saying that it is possible "direct hit by a jet of water in the ceiling" (this is not my idea, so the experts say). Hence, the ceilings in the bathroom should be water-resistant and ready for any "direct hit." But the question of what "type" of the ceiling to choose? And most importantly - how not to make a mistake? I called knowledgeable people. All told different things. But the main thing I hasten to inform you.

 Multi-level ceilings. The ceiling and the ceiling wallpaper. Article number 36

Let's remember how it was. Shpatlevanie, lime, latex paint, whitewash. The result is always the same: rovnenky (more or less), little white ceiling - the usual, quiet option. New times have brought new technologies finishing the ceiling, and with them his new solutions - multi-level.

Acoustic Ceilings. Article number 35

Modern man lives in a world of sounds. But you can learn how to control the sound level in the room. It's real. It turns out, you just decorate the walls, floors, ceilings, sound-absorbing materials (which do not reflect, and absorb sound), and background noise will be less. You've probably noticed yourself: is it worth to lay on the floor carpet and rug hung on the wall as the room becomes quieter and more comfortable. But what about, for example, with the ceiling?

Perforation and acoustics. The ceiling will not leak. Article number 34

27.03.2006 Perforation and acoustics

In the design of a number of areas, depending on their use or destination, there are special requirements for acoustics. Making good spatial and acoustic conditions taking into account the specifics of the premises, such as schools, banks, shopping malls, offices, restaurants, lounges, sports and gaming halls helps make the environment more comfortable for the people inside them.

The ceiling of your office. Types of suspended ceilings. Article number 33

Indoor office has the three most important elements that notice before everyone else: it's the floor, ceiling and walls. Therefore, contracting firm, making the repair of offices, it is these three elements gives special attention. Ceiling other less exposed to wear, however, is an important aesthetic element. Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of decor, if the company ceiling is covered with yellow stains, if it peels off the paint or the naked eye noticeably uneven surface, then, believe me, everyone sees it for the first time included in your office. We do not think that it has a positive impact on the image of your company. It is therefore very important to have a clean, smooth, sleek and beautiful ceiling.

Towering apartment - suspended ceilings. Article number 32

Design, height, surface, and material from which made the ceiling, a significant effect on human health, his emotional state. Waking up every morning, we first look to aspire to the ceiling, as if for there answers to all the questions that beset us every day.

Stretch ceilings - home pinnacle of design. Article number 31

More recently, the only way to finish the walls were plastered and painted. And if uneven ceiling in the apartment up to 50 mm? Create visually smooth, non-flat ceiling can not every plasterer as necessary solution as it is expensive, difficult, dirty and long ... When the repair is complete and fresh paint happy home with their perfection, powerful leakage from neighbors above paints the ceiling dirty divorce, and the shrinkage of the building causes cracks ... Let's start a new one? Or the new ...!

 Almost heaven now. Ukraine. 2003. Article number 30

The term "ceilings" reflects primarily ceiling structure, the method of its installation. Unlike "hanging" system is not suspended ceiling suspended from the overlap and is pulled generally in the high mode, the perimeter walls on a special frame profile.

Stretch ceilings. A View from the Ukraine. Article number 29

Most of suspended ceilings are water-resistant, protect the room from the inside, ensuring the impossibility of flooding, as well as providing protection for the floor structure from the accumulation of excessive amounts of moisture. An important advantage is the possibility of caring for cover: you can manually clean the surface using a public detergents or products specified in the instructions, no more frequently than once every 4 - 5 years in normal use. In areas of high sterility ceiling can be treated with a solution of chlorine and pressurized wash.

Stretch ceilings can be used in all areas of public use, in private homes and especially where the required absolute purity and sterility. Ceiling is electrostatic coating, waterproof, antiseysmichnym so made specially commissioned ceiling is a solution for a long time, does not require additional costs for the entire period of its operation.

The above properties can successfully use the ceilings in the rooms of private banks, shops, offices, restaurants, swimming pools, hospitals, clubs, schools, galleries, rehabilitation centers, museums, offices biological recovery, hotels, doctor's offices, warehouses, laboratories, factory halls, private homes, salons sales, facilities, requiring a high degree of purity, in conference halls, in the operating theater.

Stretch ceilings in Ukraine. Article number 28

As it turns out, we are still looking for simple ways to desyatimillimetrovy and drop ceiling panels can no longer watch without flinching, and it turns out we are well versed in aesthetics and composition. The main problems that help solve modern ceiling systems - leveling ceiling (false ceiling) planes and the implementation of certain interior solutions, as well as maintaining the ceilings in the proper form. But, as the proverb says, before a ride on a sled sleigh need to mess.

 The Dutch system of suspended ceilings. Starry sky. Article number 27

Indeed, the French web around the perimeter at the factory is fixed, so-called , i.e. a plastic bead which is inserted into grooves and moldings. According to the Dutch web technology without any simply clamped into a special baguette bar. The difference is small, but if all of a sudden I want to change the ceiling of the room, I was much less expensive and will cost the redrawing of the application of the same fabric in a smaller room, for example, in the hallway. And due to the particularity of fasteners, with a ceiling Mondea not use a hidden baguette, then there is a ceiling on the perimeter will be plastic edging strip. That's all the difference.

Stretch ceilings in Russia. What is the difference of the film in different companies? Part number three. Article number 26

Ceilings are sold in several Russian companies. The difference - in guarantees for the installation. That's why I liked more firm . It works with quite a long time and gives 10 years warranty on the installation of the ceiling, as opposed to others (2-3 years). Ceilings is firm .

What is the difference between the ceiling? Referring to all of the company, I, as an honest man, and asked to convince me to order the ceiling just at them. However, significant differences were observed.

Stretch ceilings in Russia. Starry sky. Part number two. Article number 25

Remember the most famous quotation from Kant? About the starry sky above and the moral law in the heart. On the law keep silence, but the starry sky can successfully simulate right in your bedroom or bathroom. There are several ways to achieve this effect. The easiest - "cartoon". So to say, "economy version". Its essence lies in the fact that on the stretched fabric matte texture colorless fluorescent dye composition is applied starry sky.

Stretch ceilings in Russia. Overview of the market. Part number 1. Article number 24

Of course, the suspended ceiling - a phenomenon entirely of our time, as its occurrence is directly related to the mass production of polymers for various purposes. Without PVC film was used stretch ceiling. Although if you want its origins can be found in more or less remote time. For example, Armenia has long used a similar method of installing the ceiling: the fabric stretched over a frame and wetted with an aqueous solution of chalk. After drying the fabric pulls together to form a perfectly flat surface.


Papered ceiling or glue. Removal of old coatings. Article number 23

Papered ceiling.

"Adhesive", "glued", "pasted" into the lexicon-builders and dealers in building materials you may come across one of these names belonging to one and the same process, finishing ceilings. It is this: the smooth surface of the base ceiling-base glued various decorative finishes - tiles made of expanded polystyrene, glass or ceilings for such exotic materials such as cork or laminar panels and ceramic tiles.

Modular and suspended ceilings. The main parts. Description. Article number 22

The original version of the organization ceiling - the use of the modules-stained plexiglass. Tile size 600 x 600 mm mounted to a standard grid system to create a decorative effect of "Glow" stained glass design is equipped with internal lighting. The cost of the tiles is high, ranging from $ 100 to $ 500 per 1 sq. m, which is consistent with the exclusivity of the material. Stained glass from Murano glass will cost even more.

Starry sky in the tension ceiling. Podshivnoy ceiling. Types of false ceiling. Article number 21

In the pool, or you can build a bathroom ceiling - "starry sky". This tension structures of PVC film, additionally equipped with a system of tiny lights-Stars. There are several technologies for creating such a "starry sky":

By using fiber optic technology. This fiber may be positioned relative to the ceiling in three ways. First, the output below the ceiling at a distance of 10 - 50 cm, pre-pierced film.

Stretch ceiling eyes of the consumer. The user of the stretch ceilings. Article number 20

Great philosopher Immanuel Kant said: "In life, I am struck by two things. Starry sky above and the moral law within. "Unfortunately, carefree happiness examine the starry sky is still and remains the stuff of philosophers. Most of us decided to suddenly cry out to heaven, often stick his gaze to the ceiling. And how sad is the soul, if, instead of the ideal, pleasing the eye surface suddenly discover something quite offensive.

 Ceiling Finish. Texture types of stretch ceiling. Article number 19

ceiling finish .. a very difficult task. For a long time looking for something beautiful, reliable, and to repair the more it was not necessary ....

At the moment the material is - French stretch ceiling. You could even say that it is a finished product, because it is made to order strictly according to the configuration of the room. Unlike other materials it is not installed on the roof base, and the perimeter wall level.

Once again, the suspended ceiling. Article number 18

The idea of modern suspended ceilings was born in the sixties. But the greatest development of this type of finishing the ceiling was in Europe at the end of the eighties and still is popular.

Indeed, repair ceiling associated with a long and tedious process, which costs money and time and energy consuming a lot.

Tension and a suspended ceiling. Again rivalry. Article number 17

Suspended ceiling structure is a thin film or a cloth stretched on a special frame (baguette). Molding is fixed to the ceiling or the base perimeter wall and, depending on the method of attachment may be visible or hidden. The resulting ceiling plane is perfectly smooth and homogeneous, has the appearance of a solid ceiling. Made of polyvinyl chloride film (PVC) or polyester fabric, the frame in both cases is made of PVC, but only more rigid than the film itself, or from aluminum.

Again ceilings in the interior. Part number two. Article number 16

Interior lighting implies a general (not less than 150 lux) can be segregated into zones, local lighting (apartments, offices, hallways, etc.).

Here, low-voltage halogen lamps are not very relevant. The apartment look better chandeliers, elegant complete busways, light rails. In general, you can use. built-in lights, but you should know that ceilings limit the use of high-power lamps.

Again ceilings in the interior. Part number 1. Article number 15

Again ceilings in the interior

Stretch ceilings can be installed in the premises of any configuration, at any angle, or even in different planes, and you can do and sharp, and smooth transitions from one plane to another.

Company manufacturers guarantee reliability seams and designs for 12 years.

 We turn to the ceiling. Whiten? Paint? Pull?. Article number 14

Repair ceiling, as well as any repairs associated with a long and tedious process. Shifted all the furniture and things, newspapers covered the floor. Working for many days or even weeks on the soles of shoes spread traces of chalk all over the apartment. This pattern is familiar to every Russian citizen, venturing traditional whitewash. Meanwhile, the problem has been solved in Europe decades ago, when they were assimilated now widely used ceilings. In Russia, they are relatively new. Today we introduce you to this convenient and reliable method of device-quality ceiling.

General information about the suspended ceilings. Part number three. Article number 13

When all four corners are set, you can proceed to the link straights. This is done through direct blades. First two or three lock engagement portion near the end of seams paintings - so less likelihood of subsequently their curvatures

General information about the suspended ceilings. Part number two. Article number 12

The next operation - precise measurement of the corners of rooms. This is done using a special tool - "goniometer" (folding protractor) or via a selection zarezok. The second method accurately. It is better to write the values ​​of the angles measured in pencil on the base ceiling. Really necessary accuracy - 0.5 angular degrees - rather difficult to do, because the scale value used for washed down pendulum blade angle is equal to one angular degree.

Общие сведения о натяжных потолках. Часть №1. Статья №11

Stretch ceiling is perfectly flat surface (sagging disregarded), the resulting tension of special PVC film. To get a quality surface finish by conventional methods requires great financial and labor costs.

 Types of suspended ceilings. harpoon, besgarpunnye, suture seamless. Article number 10

All the ceilings are divided into two groups. The first group includes PVC ceiling film. This group is the largest by number of manufacturers. Blades of suspended ceilings are sealed rolls of vinyl film - web width 1.3-2.2 meters, so a closer look at this ceiling can be seen in the field of welding joints (especially if the ceiling hangs low).

The second group includes ceilings of polyester fabric impregnated with polyurethane. These ceilings are also known as seamless as the technology allows the production of polyester fabrics for roll width up to 510 cm

Installation of suspended ceilings. Article number 9

 Installation of ceilings is very fast - literally in one - a maximum of three days. And the ceilings, and, especially, the repair of the old ceiling will take much more time. In general, as far as "normal" ceiling, many already refuse to repair it: removing the old whitewash, repair cracks, plaster, whitewash - it all takes time and effort.

The story of PVC suspended ceilings and suspended ceilings. Article number 8

Stretch PVC ceilings and suspended ceilings have many similarities and differences. There are ceilings and stretch PVC ceilings are equally popular. First ceilings appeared in ancient times. Who invented them, is unknown. It can be assumed, for example, that some of the elite of Egypt or Greece in a strong emotional impulse hurled at the ceiling, for example, an amphora of wine. Well, do not want to paint stains. Or, on the contrary, a certain nobleman decided to prove himself as a designer and ordered to drape the entire room with a cloth. Including the floor and ceiling.

Sale of suspended ceilings. Where to buy suspended ceiling? Article number 7

Stretch ceilings appeared on the Russian market in 1994-1995 as a product of the highest price category, elite, intended mainly for the customers category VIP. Habitat in which the sale was conducted suspended ceilings were the two largest cities - Moscow and St. Petersburg. Over the past decade, since the ceilings have moved to a much more democratic price category of goods for the middle class.

The production of suspended ceilings. Article number 6

 Mass production of suspended ceilings began in the second half of the last century. At first glance it seems that the suspended ceiling is extremely simple to manufacture and installation: nothing special - PVC film stretched around the perimeter of the room. However, the production of suspended ceilings is a fairly complex technology and requires special equipment and special microclimate, and even in a factory where they make the canvas for the ceiling. This is due to the fact that polyvinyl chloride film having a thickness of only 0,15 - 0,35 mm. And weight - 180-320 g/m2, must have excellent characteristics.

Russian ceilings. Article number 5

Despite the fact that the world's ceilings have been used since the second half of the 20th century, the Russian market, they came 10 years ago. During this time the ceilings are not only taken a rather capacious niche, but also interested in Russian businessmen. Of course, it happened not once, but only at the very end of the 90s. But today we can say that Russia is now actively ceilings are sold along with German, Italian, French ceilings.

Installation stretch ceiling. Basics. Article number 4

Agree, when it comes to repairing the ceiling - and care about this usually comes at least once a year - that from now on you the ceiling begin to "fall" financial and technical problems. One process whitewash will make you at least move out of the room in which the repair is done. Thus suffers furniture, walls, and even your mood leaves much to be desired.

Moscow chooses ceilings. Article number 3

The phrase "ceilings Moscow" in Yandex each month seeking more than 170 people. Of course, the actual number of potential buyers of suspended ceilings in the capital is immeasurably greater. And no other city in the country can boast such a rich choice of models, manufacturers of both European and domestic, such a riot of color and texture, as Moscow. Happy coincidence of supply and demand. That is why the number of requests for a combination of "ceilings Moscow" is not so large (for Samara and Kemerovo will be the same) - Moscow already know that most of the proposals submitted online deals specifically with the capital.

When the house there is a need for service

When the house there is a need of repair, one of the main problems for the hosts is a problem with the ceiling. Indeed, the problem is complicated. Just remember the experience of previous repairs, and before the eyes appear covered with foil floors and furniture in a flow of plaster or paint-covered mountains, dry, tightly eats into the smallest slits. Now there are many ways to solve this problem. This is the traditional way of whitewash, and the device is false ceiling and the use of slabs of drywall. But above methods reserve a number of side effects: the complexity of the alignment ceiling, a reduction in the height, the dirt.

Stretch ceilings. What is "The stretch ceiling." Article number 1

The idea of modern suspended ceilings was born in the sixties. But the greatest development of this type of finishing the ceiling was in Europe at the end of the eighties and still is popular.

Stretch Film ceilings consist of a thin film or a cloth is stretched on a special frame (fillet), which is secured to the base or the ceiling, or on the perimeter walls. The resulting ceiling plane perfectly flat and uniform, looks like a solid ceiling.