Features mounting tension ceiling

      There are some features of the installation of suspended ceilings in rooms where the walls are lined with ceramic tiles. First, you need to inform installers how the electrical wiring, this applies not only to the tile, but also to the other walls. Secondly, it is essential that there are no voids. And thirdly, you need to be prepared for the fact that the tile can crack when drilling. Do not also leave a small section of wall tiles without the expectation that then just above the tile will be installed canvas. Actually, hardly ever is not fixed on the frame tiles just right for it. This is due to the shape of a baguette. In terms of baguette looks like the letter "P". It is attached with screws, slot down. Then the film is placed in the slot and inserted into special plastic glazing beads. Of course, the attempt to establish a structure just above the surface of the tile, it is unlikely to succeed. If set up, it remains a piece of bare walls, of course, you can exit the Baseboard, but this is not the best solution.

      So if you still want to lay out the tiles and then order the ceilings, feel free to lay up to the top. Also, you should bear in mind that the installation of suspended ceilings sheet is heated with a heat gun, so the wallpaper should be hung sooner than will be installed. It is also necessary to provide access to the walls. It is advisable to postpone the installation of a bath or a shower enclosure before installing suspended ceilings. Otherwise, installers will not be able to reach out to the wall to attach the frame and the canvas itself. Before the arrival of the brigade should move furniture away from walls at a distance of not less than half a meter. Some clients are concerned that heating of the film may be damaged slopes of plastic windows. In fact, this is not possible, since the film does not heat up more than seventy degrees.

     Yet before making a team of installers, you need to have been in the presence of all light fixtures. Stretch ceilings can install almost any chandelier, for quite a few exceptions, and recessed spot lights. The only limitations when installing built-in lights - the canvas is set at least eight inches from the ceiling. And do not place halogen lamps, as they are too hot. For this reason, if a chandelier halogen lamps, they should be at least ten to fifteen centimeters from the surface. Stretch ceilings do not burn, but may melt at high temperatures.