Again ceilings in the interior. Part number 1. Article number 15

Again ceilings in the interior
Stretch ceilings can be installed in the premises of any configuration, at any angle, or even in different planes, and you can do and sharp, and smooth transitions from one plane to another.
Company manufacturers guarantee reliability seams and designs for 12 years.

Application technology of suspended ceilings

For installation of stretch ceiling specialists measure the room and sends the size to France, where it is made with tear film itself - the future ceiling. During the installation process first by the perimeter of the room is attached to the walls of plastic molding (frame). Usually frame is attached at a distance of 5 cm below the main ceiling, if the ceiling is planned to "embed" light, then it should be lowered by 5 cm

The minimum distance should be about 3.5 cm, and for some suspended ceilings allowed a minimum distance of only 0.5 cm from the main ceiling. Then the film is hung in the corners on special clips.

Using a heat gun the room is heated to a high temperature (50 to 70C). Begins the process of installation of the film, when the film edge tucked into their grooves frame, forming a kind of "lock". Once all the edges of the film are tucked, and cools the indoor air, is compressed. And it turns out perfectly flat ceiling.

If the floor area greater than 50 m2, the film is attached to the stiffener is additionally installed. Since the width of the film is usually 1.4 m, the inevitable joints are welded on painted ceilings with visible fine line interface, it is not visible on the mat at all.
The average speed of installation - 10-15 m2 per working day by one person.


With stretch ceilings can use any lights, though their power is constrained bulb - up to 60W, Halogen - 35W.
Fixtures are attached to the main ceiling, in the tension for them to make holes that are pasted on the perimeter of a special ring.
All installation of lamps made by experts.

Practical tips on choosing lighting in the interior with tension ceilings

Questions lighting should be entrusted to professional lighting companies.
Below are some examples, which take into account features of visual perception of light and color, the experience of lighting options, allowing for the light distribution fixtures.


Interior involves a mysterious twilight, sparkling reflections of light, separate bright light spots on the perimeter of the restaurant (and the like) ...

It is appropriate will look "point" low-voltage halogen lamps (12 W, 50 W) or high (230 W - Lamp type "Par") lamps. In terms of design should be to move away from the classic straight parallel rows of dots of light - interesting use of curved lines, circles, etc. (Of course, provided that it resonates in other interior details.)

Well look "point" light when the lamp is in the plane in the inside of the ceiling light fixture, or the fixture has a decorative optical head. Completeness grant the interior wall sconces. There is one feature, especially if it is a mirrored ceiling. Lights are most effectively with a large surface of the diffuser (e.g., a disc-shaped perforated plate, bowl, etc.)