Modular and suspended ceilings. The main parts. Description. Article number 22

Modular ceilings.

The original version of the organization ceiling - the use of the modules-stained plexiglass. Tile size 600 x 600 mm mounted to a standard grid system to create a decorative effect of "Glow" stained glass design is equipped with internal lighting. The cost of the tiles is high, ranging from $ 100 to $ 500 per 1 sq. m, which is consistent with the exclusivity of the material. Stained glass from Murano glass will cost even more.

Modular ceiling tiles, cassettes, screens, mesh, modules and panels have a very formal look and often installed in offices and public areas, rather than in private homes and apartments. Do not be such unless the decorative tiles of wood fiber or Plexiglas.

Narrow insertion between adjacent strips avoid the boring monotony. The "classic" rail system. Reiki is located butt-in-the-butt. The inside of the modular design of the suspended ceiling. The transition from one level to another is decorated with curved plates (made to order).

Treatment of suspended ceilings.

You can cover the ceiling, by whatever it was waterproof materials. More promising is the way to work with the tree itself, such as special water-repellent treatment ceilings biopropitkami that protect the tree, not only from moisture and decay, but also from the spread of beetles pests (such as bio nezaschitny part of "BB-11" productivity "ANTISEPTIC "Russia (cost - 60 $ / kg), part of the" Bio Senezh "producer -" SENEZH-DRUGS ", Russia (cost - 166 rubles. packing 10 kg, is applied in 2-3 layers), a combination of compositions" Soteks "and" Ak-vateks "Company" ROGNEDA "(65 rubles / liter). Treating materials to build better, but it's more expensive.

Coarse and fine fiber structure fiberboard brand Fibracoustic (AMF).

Description of the suspended ceiling.

This system, consisting of a metal frame suspended from the overlap, and attached to it ready-made modules (rails, plates, panels, cassettes), make up the new ceiling surface that is below the base. Suspension system, or frame - the foundation of any ceiling. It consists of the main rails, cross rails, corner pieces and hangers. Adjustable hangers (rods, brackets, thick wire) allow you to change the distance between the suspended ceiling and the base. This design makes it possible to mask the irregularities, create multi-level ceilings. The main types of modules ceilings:

rail; panel; cellular module; grille; plate; cassette

In the non-heated recommended versatile materials for interior and exterior (eg, Flutex 10 latex-based, manufacturer - FLUGGER, Denmark Sweden, "Interior-3" of the Russian-German unification DERUFA). This is understandable, because in such cases is important as moisture and frost.

Ceilings are usually painted white or in color, or in any other, adding to the special composition of Kohler. Colored ceilings are often selected to match the wall tiles. If the paint does not contain a part of anti-fungal components, you can buy a special solution (for example, Weathershield Fungicidal Wash, manufacturer ICI PAINTS, UK; flow 30 sq m / l, the cost of liter pack - $ 8) and treat them all the surface before painting.

Decoration of the ceiling can be done by yourself or with the help of experts - in the latter case, you have to pay $ 10 per 1 sq. m (full cycle of works, excluding the cost of materials).

In addition to the colors, the market there are whole sets of finishing the ceiling in wet areas. For example, Tikkurila Luja, designed specifically for bathrooms. The set consists of four components: a primer damp-proofing, moisture-resistant adhesive Assatex, fiberglass wallpaper and paint itself Luja (acrylic). Decorating the ceiling in several steps: first, a layer of primer, then moisture-resistant adhesive Assatex, to which is attached a glass wall. After a day on top of wallpaper roll damp-proofing primer is applied again, and only then 2 coats of paint. If you wish to change the appearance of the ceiling before the expire of this cover, you can simply impose a new layer of paint. The coating withstands washing is not only normal household, but also strong detergents, including disinfectant compositions. The very same paint can withstand more than 10,000 brushings. The cost of a liter - from $ 7. A set of water-resistant primer (Resistent Sparrgrund) and paint (Resistent Tackfarg) also offers Swedish company BECKERS.

The disadvantage painted ceiling is the need for a long series of papers on surface preparation and painting of surfaces, dignity - the availability of materials.