Multi-level ceilings. The ceiling and the ceiling wallpaper. Article number 36

Let's remember how it was. Shpatlevanie, lime, latex paint, whitewash. The result is always the same: rovnenky (more or less), little white ceiling - the usual, quiet option. New times have brought new technologies finishing the ceiling, and with them his new solutions - multi-level.
The first experiments were abysmal. Often, the entire design space was reduced to complicated multi tsirkulnym or broken ceilings. Such effects are a substitute for the development of the author's concept of interior decoration. For example, the ceiling of one apartment can simultaneously coexist configuration resembling a pyramid of Cheops, the Great Wall of China, the Golden Bridge in San Francisco and other miracles. Unjustified, eccentric ideas of authors such ceilings gone so far that you can not go back ...
Today, the craze multi-level ceilings, gripped a few years ago, all the architects and designers involved in finished apartments, thankfully, over. By itself, this method can not be regarded as a sign of bad taste. Conversely, it helps solve many aesthetic and technical problem. Designs have been compromised by excessive enthusiasm only by them. To date, the opposite trend prevailed: the most stylish interiors are resolved without the use of the levels above. And if they are not applied, with careful study of the figure in terms of exact calculations and structure height. Multilevel ceilings have always been a big element of public premises than private housing. Public and their common occurrence in the market made of suspended ceilings and drywall. These "soft" technologies are relatively cheap and have little or no restrictions on configurations.
The reason for the application of multiple layers may be bumps and defects of the base ceiling. Sometimes the differences are so great that other methods can not hide them. For example, the very poor condition of the old slab is between floors. After removing the old partitions found inappropriate beams and girders. Align such crumbling ceilings harder than camouflage them any more
Sometimes within the apartment to hide air conditioning systems, electrical wiring, air ducts, refrigerant pipe, water pipes and heating. Multi-level ceiling can become a "shell" to cover the technological elements.
Such a ceiling successfully solves the problem with the volume of space. In reforming the home often need at least visually "raise" the ceiling. This may seem strange, but the art is well known the following method: in the modern sense of the interior space of the addition is created by urging individual sites. Thus, if the level of the ceiling in the hallway lowered, and the dining room to keep the base, then when logging in to the entrance hall you feel that you would like included in the expanded space. In this case, the baseline is highlighted, color or texture. At one point lowered, raised in another, as if after a pause.
Zoning. In the context of a modern home is important also a question of how the selection of individual zones. Has been particularly important for the new type of dwellings equipped by a type of open flowing spaces that make up a single plastic structure. We know that instead of the previous square-cluster system with narrow corridors designers and architects have introduced a new one. It has two main areas: public and private. They can combine the mini-zone - the place for meals, recreation, and work. It calls for greater consistency, organization of space, greater separation of each mini-zone. In the room where there is practically no walls, functional areas are emphasized finished floors, walls and lighting. And, of course, the level of the ceiling. For example, looking up, we can see the oval, echoing the oval dining table in the dining area. Or a selection of some other way a bath, a bed, a winter garden, a bar counter, even the "road" from one zone to another. Typically, multilevel ceilings "supported" sex. This may be a podium, the use of different materials for flooring or the same material but of different colors (eg, flooring and tiles, parquet two shades).
If even for a multi-level ceiling has nothing to hide, he is addressed as to the decoration of the interior. The forms of these structures varied: classical geometry, bent, the fantastic form, a combination of curved lines and a triangle, changes relative to the base levels - three, four, five. It may be stucco, curtain systems, just abstract composition. Simulation of the structural elements in a classic interior - a type of multi-level slozhnosochlenennogo ceiling. It is important that this plastic was dictated by something. Sometimes emit levels of color or texture of a simulation, for example, the old pottery. Fill the middle of the ceiling color, get one effect, almost blacked out - another smooth coloring gives the third. This movement changes the halftone plane.
Speaking of multilevel ceiling, we just can not say how much it enhances the light. It is in this case more than the light, "draws" the interior, giving it the intrigue and effect. This is generally a topic worthy of a separate discussion. Soft light, fill the base ceiling, Reflection "works" for the entire interior. Spot - highlights something, located at the bottom. Low dipped lights underscore intimacy zone. Locate the correct lighting sources - no simple: they need to hide, but you can not bury too, otherwise the world will not be enough. The light should be soft, diffused, glowing outline.
Different levels of the ceiling plane is often used in the creation of artistic ceiling (with a picture, moldings, various "natural" and "atmospheric" effects). However, this is a topic of conversation. In the future, we will tell you about the possibilities of artistic ceilings.
The interior is nothing is accidental, and one follows the other. As one can not tear the page out of the book, so you can not pull out of the context of any one area of ​​the house. That's why, working with multi-level ceilings, the designers do not work in a particular area. Treat you and your ceiling as an inseparable part of their living space, combined with the furniture, walls and floors. Professionals can help you in this.
The ceiling and the ceiling wallpaper
Typically, repair ceiling starts with plasterers foreman Petrovich
That whitewash for no apparent reason pours directly into the plate. That crack on the surface appears svezhepokrashennoy. And indeed call this a perfectly flat surface do not dare - plates in our homes as walking, God forbid. It can be seen with the naked eye. And no whitewashing of the hide can not.
What we just did not try his ill-fated ceiling! Of oil paint, I refused immediately and flatly: those in the know say that it quickly turns yellow. Vodoemulsionku and water paints are like a good idea. But the soul I have them all the same does not lie. I do not like painted ceilings, and that's it! Plus those cons, I'm sorry for the pun, which was already mentioned.
We had to look for fundamentally new solution. For example, there is such a thing - slabs of drywall. In general, our builders have great respect for this material. And it is understandable. Right on the ceiling mounted metal frame, and it screwed drywall. Then proshpaklevat, paint - and smoke. For my humpback ceiling - what you need. But, alas, all else is the flip side: such plates up to 5 cm in height. In my undersized is a luxury. For the same reason, had to abandon the false ceilings. However, if we speak of honor, the height here, even innocent. For me personally, it's just expensive. The circle is closed.
As always, the help came unexpectedly. Came across an ad in which the proposed wallpaper for the ceiling. Rang. Found out, yes, indeed, the market today has a special ceiling wallpaper. You just need to understand how they differ from the ordinary. And how many of them with a headache?
Plus to minus anyway ...
Clarify the following details. First, compared with whitewash, sticky ceiling wallpaper - employment is quite clean. Secondly, advantageous. For example, Russian ceiling wallpaper are inexpensive - from 28 to 70 rubles per roll. Firms take over wallpapering an average of 55 rub. / Sq.m., And for the removal of old - 20 rub. / Sq.m
Its beauty and whiteness of the ceiling wallpaper is maintained for three to five years (in the case of the USSR). Another joy - I once and for all get rid of all the joints and cracks that I was so irritated.
Now the drawbacks. Understandably, hang wallpaper on the ceiling is more difficult than on the wall. There are two options: either to call a friend basketball player, or work on a ladder. And best of both, and more. But I repeat: glued to the ceiling only need special wallpaper. Usually, the walls are not suitable.
But the ceiling, too, are different.
The problem of choice
Please note, all domestic patriots, now I'll tell you the good news. It turns out that the special ceiling wallpaper made only in Russia. However, it is not clear - why? Whether we are alone sticking to the ceiling wallpaper, or the bourgeoisie has some sort of trick.
But the fact remains. Most major manufacturers of wallpaper for the ceiling - Moscow wallpaper factory and of (Mytishchi). Release them in other cities - in Tula, Rostov-on-Don: Color white only, but the texture is different - some 200 options. One roll contains 10 meters of wallpaper width 53 cm
How do they differ from the rest? Let's start with the fact that they are denser wall: two layers of heavy paper glued together and coated embossed. By the way, on the label it is written: . Due to its thickness and relief they hide all the bumps the ceiling and do not require a perfectly prepared surface. What am I, in fact, needed.
And everything would be fine. Yes, there it was. Because such a wallpaper on the ceiling of five years. That's all. Then we need to glue. Because to them during this time the dust settles, will be absorbed cigarette smoke and other. And to correct this situation can not be: the Russian ceiling wallpaper are not intended to be cleaned and painted.
So what to do? There are two options. Well, first, you can still pokleit. Because as much as five years, you will not have any problems with the ceiling (if the upper neighbors are not flooded, of course). And second, you can select import.
However, what I'm saying! After all, foreigners do not produce special wallpaper for the ceiling! This I know for sure. But they have one wonderful thing called (of which we wrote at length in number 5 of the magazine). So, they might as well go for the ceiling. At least in the West, they are great to glue them to the ceiling.
We are sold in stores wallpaper German firms (AS Creation), (Erismann), (Erfurt). That's it and take it.
For example, the firm advises to use as ceiling wallpaper series . They are made from recycled paper filled with sawdust. Looks very similar to the domestic. The same two-layer, dense, have a porous structure. But from our distinguished by the fact that the wallpaper can be painted. Their color water paints. And you can easily do it more than ten times. Wanted - made blue ceiling, wanted - peach or red, for example. And so ten times kras though every year until you get bored.
If you do not feel like messing around with paint, you can buy wallpapers series . They are exactly the same as , but painted in different colors - from yellow and pink to pale blue. They are, however, also can be painted. Beauty!
Imported wallpaper for painting are not only on paper but also on non-woven (fleece - is a dense cloth, which is used in sewing). Non-woven also suitable for the ceiling. And glue them even easier than paper because it does not spread glue to wallpaper and ceiling.
The only negative - the price. Will have to pay from 180 to 440 rubles per roll, depending on the width and length of the roll (see table). But, on the other hand, in person at my character, it is better to spend money once, but then fifteen years old spit at the ceiling. Not afraid to get dirty it. Repainted - and all. As long as you think, and in the meantime we'll show you how to prepare the ceiling to work.
Preparation of the surface
They are good yet that can greatly simplify the process. To prepare the ceiling, no need to wash off the paint or remove the whitewash. However, if your ceiling is like a camel's back, without fillers did not do. Still need to figure out how it horizontal? This makes it easy plumb line by measuring the distance from the floor to the ceiling in the corners of the room. If it turns out that the slope of the same is, again, need a coat. And if the slope is small - no problems at all.
Not necessarily, but it is advisable to treat the ceiling acrylic primer. The primed surface wallpaper glued much better than raw. Primed, to be similar to milk, contains no solvents, fast drying, the surface is and creates a so-called greenhouse effect. Apply it just a brush, without any additional tweaks. I advise you to use primers German firms and or Russian and . Five-liter bottle is enough for 50 square meters After a few hours at the ceiling you can hang wallpaper.
How to make them stick?
Here there are some subtleties. Imports do not need to soak glue. Or adhesive plaster ceiling - and mold wallpaper, or already missed adhesive fabric quickly glued to the ceiling. If bubbles were formed, their smooth very carefully. And in any case, not cloth, squeegee, from the middle to the edges.
With the domestic situation is different wallpaper. Before mounting they must be impregnated with glue. But be careful. The label says that the wallpaper . But he warned me: 10 minutes - is the limit. Otherwise stamping gets going, they can be torn wallpaper and glue will have nothing.
Yes! Another important detail. In any case, do not use a favorite Soviet method - mounting your newspaper. First, now as a base, as in all civilized countries take primer. Secondly, a couple of years on the wallpaper necessarily tread yellow newspaper spots, and you can read lying in bed and staring at the ceiling. Although, maybe that's a plus for someone? You lay yourself reading about the oligarchs and their hard life: Well, I was distracted, I apologize.
Now what is needed glue. Experts advise to use a special glue or wallpaper paste Company .
Strip off old wallpaper from the ceiling - simple. Need to pick up the wallpaper with the edge of his and gently pull - they will be restrained themselves. However, this will only happen if you have selected the correct glue. Clay wash off with warm water and baking soda. As for the primer not worry - it is water-resistant, it will not be anything.
So, what we decided?
I am still haunted one story. I was told how one company so revel in the New Year, so actively cope millennium, they have also turned on the ceiling . Waking up in the morning, they found his ceiling in such a way as if by heavy artillery fired him. I, of course, well-balanced person (and my guests are people of sound mind). And we are unlikely to have fun so radically. But anything can happen: If too would get a cork from a champagne svezheokleenny ceiling? What then?
With imported wallpaper is easier: you can re-paint over the stain, dent over time, according to the instructions . With regard to domestic wallpaper, then nothing can be done: we'll have to roll up our sleeves and re-stick a couple of paintings. But, I repeat, this is easily solved if the special ceiling wallpaper, not the first available under the arm. Otherwise, they will be very difficult to tear off the ceiling.