Stretch ceilings in Russia. Starry sky. Part number two. Article number 25

 "... And the starry sky above"
Remember the most famous quotation from Kant? About the starry sky above and the moral law in the heart. On the law keep silence, but the starry sky can successfully simulate right in your bedroom or bathroom. There are several ways to achieve this effect. The easiest - "cartoon". So to say, "economy version". Its essence lies in the fact that on the stretched fabric matte texture colorless fluorescent dye composition is applied starry sky. Day is a plain ceiling, and at night, under special lighting - here it is, "starry sky", attracts and fascinates. But - not flash. To get the effect of "twinkling stars" would need additional equipment and special installation. Use a light engine with a rotating color filter and a fiber-optic cable.
First of all, between the base and the ceiling stretched canvas reinforce plywood frame on which reproduce the chosen area of ​​the sky. Would you like - up to a star (by astronomical atlas), you want - you can conditionally "scatter" a couple of well-known constellations. Rotary filter creates a "flicker of stars." Standard filter has four colors, but the number may be larger (up to 32!). One can do without the carcass, in which case the ends of optical fiber output directly to the ceiling film in which tiny holes is doing. However, in daylight so slightly "pirsingovanny", the ceiling looks a little strange. Therefore it is better to use the web "by Velvet", its texture "hide" and the thread ends. Pierce the fabric and will have to if you decide to use special lenses, the lens of the famous Austrian SWAROVSKI, which are connected to the ends of fiber-optic strands to enhance the effect of flicker and the allocation of the constellations.
But in order to get the "Shooting Stars" (the company SKOL this version of "heaven" refers to the French), fiber-optic strands do not hide, but instead pulled out of the fabric of 10-15 centimeters. Mirror-polished surface of the dark blue vinyl further reinforces the impression of glowing fiber-optic "hairs". Amazing sight. Even in the photo.
There is another option. Conventionally, it can be called "DIPlayn" (literally translated "submerged line"). To create a star chart used by construction and lighting panels DIPline. The panels are polyurethane foam matrix that integrates two conductive layers. Any cuts panels can be used as valuable architectural elements (guaranteed bending radius is equal to one meter), for example, to lay down one wall, partition or make an archway with lights. However, in our case the panels are attached by screws or adhesives to the basic ceiling. They are easily connected to each other, allowing to collect conductive (voltage of 12 V), the surface of any area. It's a real "field of dreams"! Wherever votknesh "Firefly" - a miniature incandescent bulb on the needles - it will shine! Diameter bulbs only 3 mm, height 8 mm. "Firefly" creates a halo of scattered light, like the lens of SWAROVSKI.
Among other things, the scope is much wider panels DIPline. From the inner light bars and secretary, wardrobes and sideboards, creating posters with lighting and trim the windows in the back wall or in the ground-floor rooms to VIP-design showcases and exhibition stands. The panels can be painted any color, paste film, self-adhesive, in order to maximize organic "live" in their interior. So, in this case the constellations are fireflies, and other effects ("Milky Way," "Shooting Star," "Northern Lights") socket threads glow.
And, perhaps, the last way to "ignite" the star above his head. This LED-technology based on the use of LEDs. The company "GELSAN" that promotes this type of lighting in Russia, very optimistic, believing that in 10-15 years, LED-technology will occupy up to 50% of the global lighting market.
Usually, the sky is not given to the entire ceiling, and its parts: for example, directly above the bed or over the bath. Therefore, the cost of the fabric (usually lacquered, dark blue) for a total estimate of "starry sky" is small - about $ 40-50 per m2. Other expenses. Diffusers SWAROVSKI - $ 15-30 per share, a fiber-optic cable in 75 threads) about $ 25-30 per meter, light engines - $ 300-600 (depending on power). The frame of the sky - about $ 15-20 per m2. DIPline panel will cost about $ 100 per m2, "Fireflies" - $ 1.6 for each and halogen lights on the needles - $ 25-73 per share.
Where to buy?
For a long time, all the ceilings in Russia supplied from abroad, mainly from France. Future Plans ceiling sent away directly to the plant, and from there came the canvas is ready for installation form. In 1997, the Moscow company "MIAL-S" one of the first equipped with its own production workshop ... French tension ceilings under license EXTENZO. Have the right! PVC film, which is cut out of the canvas, actually comes straight from France. Yes - Hardware baguette, fasteners, lamps - from the same place all the west, branded. And what does "production" for a stretch ceiling? This is, by and large, just a few process steps, the most important of which are two: Cutting and welding blade under the desired format.
For a large manufacturer is not such a difficult task. That's why "Simplex" abandoned dealership in Moscow EXTENZO and since last year has established production ceiling eponymous brand. In addition to the companies' MIAL-C "and" Simplex ", have their own production company" KARE Noir "(French brand CARRE NOIR), St. Petersburg company" EVROSILING "and" PRESTIGE INTERIOR DESIGN "(French brand Prestige Design and" own "- the same name) . In addition, the company has patented the original cam technology attachment Presticlip. This method of fixing greatly simplified the installation of curved sections, but when removing the blade (for example, in the case of a leak), there were some difficulties. That is why the company has adopted a traditional harpoon method of installation. The combination of these two techniques - classical harpoon and the cam - allows the company to "PRESTIGE INTERIOR DESIGN" ceilings make any complexity, including a multi-level, with a combination of fabrics of different textures and colors. It must be noted that the company spends quite aggressive pricing policy designed to ensure that (I quote the words of Commercial Director) "break the stereotype of elitism stretch ceiling, making it a massive ..."
Designer ceilings NEWMAT available in the holding "GELSAN" and Dutch ceilings MONDEA - in "RUSNORDVEST." The company SKOL can buy the same brand ceilings (also France). The company "TRITON CF" is officially in the Russian brand BARISSOL, and the company "Grand Gala" offers a Franco-German ceilings Decomat.
Particular attention should be paid to the warranty installation company. Declared usually ten-year warranty requires decryption whether it is to the whole web or only for a baguette and welds, whether the same warranty on the installation. The most common variant of 10 years - on the web and on the year that the three - to work. But since not all. For example, a ten-year warranty on the brand BARISSOL - on everything, including installation. Each unit is assigned a serial number that fits in the warranty certificate (also numbered). And if during the warranty period for the web, for example, there were creases, the installation company representative will come and take away their construction hairdryer. Of course, free of charge.