Ceiling Finish. Texture types of stretch ceiling. Article number 19

 Ceiling finish .. a very difficult task. For a long time looking for something beautiful, reliable, and to repair the more it was not necessary ....
At the moment the material is - French stretch ceiling. You could even say that it is a finished product, because it is made to order strictly according to the configuration of the room. Unlike other materials it is not installed on the roof base, and the perimeter wall level. Therefore, all the cracks, stains, communication remain above it, and the ceiling is lowered by only 3 cm or to the desired height. And fix it you do not have to, you just have to wipe. Installation is quick and clean, even in the living room. For example, a suspended ceiling take 3 times as plastering 10 times longer. Besides it is not possible to cover every crack plaster. But if you flood the neighbors, you will immediately feel the difference. In normal trim repair is inevitable, and the suspended ceiling sag and will hold 100 liters of water per square meter. Specialists of the company that set the ceiling of you, will merge the water, it will take the old form, and this will not affect its quality. That's such exceptional properties has this stuff. Besides the fact that it is functionally solves your problems with a repair ceiling, you get exclusive interior and present French quality. Different textures and shades will help to create a traditional classic style with frosted ceiling in pastel colors with a glossy or modern ceiling that reflects almost like a mirror of your room. This trick is perfect for small spaces, because visually increases the volume, and, finally, it's just beautiful. There are many other textures: marble, wood, imitation leather, moire, mother of pearl. No other decorative material does not have such gamma. But we should not think that such a ceiling is only relevant in the apartment. For example, a swimming pool, beauty salon, restaurants, a suspended ceiling is the best possible way, yes designer's imagination is where to turn. Recall also that the French stretch ceiling has emerged as a convenient functional decoration material. In France it is widely used in areas with high demands on sterility: nutrition units, kitchens, kindergartens and schools. And for operating and hospital wards there is a special anti-bacterial ceiling. If we take into account that it will stand you have for a century without repair, and its cost is almost equal to any good ceiling finish, it completely meets your needs.
Stretch ceiling - to create the necessary atmosphere of the room in addition to colors, there is a choice of textured ceiling solutions, with which different effects.
Satin finish - complete absence of glare - a classic of the ceiling. Godsend for people conservative and lovers of classic interior design solutions. Recreates the kind of ideal plastered ceiling light colors, including white.
Satin texture - light reflection of light - a pastel of the ceiling. Close to the classics, but adds lightness due to light play of light on the ceiling.
Glossy texture - a reflection of the volume - the stylish design of the ceiling. The most spectacular, interesting, not reconstituted other materials of the ceiling. The characteristic feature - a mirror image. Achieved visually increase the room, the ceiling height, the reflection of light and interior composition.
Silver - a sparkling shine - of the ceiling in the style of high-tech. Metallic gleam of silver and gold to recreate the rhythm of modern progressive society.
Silk - soft sparkle and elegance of silk posing in the interior atmosphere of comfort and peace of mind through gentle play of light. Starry Sky - "Shimmering Night" - the effect of the night sky.
Although not a separate kind of texture, are a unique type of stretch ceiling - symbiosis glossy texture and lighting designs based on fiber optic technology. It is used to recreate the picture is real night sky in the interior