Stretch ceilings in Russia. Overview of the market. Part number 1. Article number 24

 Of course, the suspended ceiling - a phenomenon entirely of our time, as its occurrence is directly related to the mass production of polymers for various purposes. Without PVC film was used stretch ceiling. Although if you want its origins can be found in more or less remote time. For example, Armenia has long used a similar method of installing the ceiling: the fabric stretched over a frame and wetted with an aqueous solution of chalk. After drying the fabric pulls together to form a perfectly flat surface. Also preserved eyewitness accounts: in the period of the Crimean War in Sevastopol hospitals to protect themselves from the crumbling plaster during the shelling, the sheets pulled up to the ceiling. What is not a prototype of a stretch ceiling? Well, in the Moscow firm representing the French brand products BARISSOL, not without pride, remind, that the authorship of the first film ceiling belongs to the firm. One thing is certain: the trendsetters (in relation to the ceilings it is appropriate to speak of "high fashion") for the contemporary ceilings remain French.
At a stretch ceiling, which is a heavy-duty vinyl film (PVC, cadmium-free), a "bunch" of merit. The canvas which hides all the flaws of the main ceiling and practically does not require any additional maintenance: If necessary, it is enough to wipe with a damp soft cloth (with the exception ceiling texture "suede", it is better to vacuum). Such a ceiling is indispensable where sterility requires increased, for example in the operating room. Incidentally, there are webs which are further processed antibacterial and antimicrobial impregnation. And if you accidentally flood the neighbors above, the suspended ceiling will reliably protect the expensive interior, taking on the entire mass of water (no joke - up to a hundred liters per square meter!). At this ceiling does not fall condensate, which is very important in swimming pools and bathrooms. Between the main ceilings formed a layer of air, which has good thermal insulation and noise-suppressing properties. Besides these, you can hide in the ceiling ventilation system, fire alarm and security. In this case, the ceiling itself is eco-friendly, it does not support combustion (smoldering without emitting toxic substances) and does not absorb odors. Range of textures, colors and shades ceiling in a good unleashes even the most ambitious designer. Stretch ceiling will be appropriate everywhere: in the lobby and lounge, bathroom and kitchen, library and office.
And the cons? They are few. Stretch ceiling as a kid - afraid of injections. Any sharp objects. That is a blow champagne corks stand easy, but to play a game of darts with a target on the ceiling hardly succeed. Another prerequisite: in contrast to the banal whitewash, painting, installation of stretch ceiling in the home to be difficult, there is need for professionals (many subtleties!) And the tools of the home set yourself model "is not enough." In particular, the gas will need a heat gun.
A few words about the collections. Besides the common to all manufacturers matte, satin, lacquered ceilings and "Silver" are rare and texture. For example, "matte", "velvet", "marble" and "Galaxy" (NEWMAT, SIMPLEX, CARRE NOIR, MONDEA). Invoices "tree", "decoration", "Venetian plaster" is only at NEWMAT. In general, this company specializes in so-called designer ceilings, offering as many as seven collections. Interesting series of ceilings NEWGRAFIC. On the web (in a production environment, of course) by a special process of "deep" coloring is applied to a full color image. Drawing - Reference (over 200 options), or you can offer your own.
By the way, a drawing on canvas offer other manufacturers. This refers to so-called plotter printing on film. It was only in the firm "TRITON CF" (brand BARISSOL) working with "live" painting. This is the "know-how", a unique technology. Full-time artist paints real scenic pictures directly on the film. At the same time guarantee the artwork is the same as in the entire ceiling - 10 years.
We measure and kroim
First, on your call comes zamerschik. Most of the businesses coming graduate "men on call" conditional fee, that is included in the rate. The next step - Choose fabric in color and texture. And there are plenty to choose - patent leather, matte, under the "skin" and "suede". Samples - the narrow strip of film is usually glued to the catalog. You need to have enough imagination to "scale" these patches to the actual size of the room. There may come to the aid of a photo album, there are ceilings in the ready-made interiors. Clearly.
Thus, the measurement is made. Experienced process based on it will make the drawing and will issue supporting documentation. After that, the drawing is sent directly to the plant - France or closer - in the suburbs. There canvases width of 1.3-1.4 m (exception - sateen fabric, their width - 2 m) and a thickness of 0,17-0,24 mm cut out and welded sheet desired format. If the lacquer painting, the weld will still be legible, on the mat as the ceiling it quite noticeable. After the pattern is welded to the blade around the perimeter of the flexible-edge "spear." The web is then thoroughly washed, folded and packed in a heat insulating film. It is in the form of a convolution of the ceiling comes directly from the factory to the warehouse, and then - to the place of installation. How long to wait? By differently. From 3 days ("fast" ceilings SIMPLEX) to two or three weeks (NEWMAT, SKOL and others).
The most common method of fixing the ceiling - harpoon. And consider it. Along the perimeter of the room is approximately four to five inches from the ceiling to the walls of deep drawn aluminum (rarely - plastic molding). He also frame it as a profile. Next, the film is hung in the corners on special clips. Then use a heat gun room is heated to 50-65 | S. Preheat the fabric is soft and pliable. Kant-spear tucked into their grooves frame, forming a "lock". Once all the edges of the film are tucked, and cools the indoor air, the film taut and perfectly flat ceiling is obtained. The folds are smoothed by using a hair dryer building. To install the Dutch used the so-called ceiling MONDEA V-mounting method, in which the final cutting of fabric is already in place, after seizing it in a baguette. Through this, you can get a Dutch ceiling once, literally the day of order (if there is a free installation crew, of course). Another advantage of the ceiling MONDEA is that it allows you to pull the mount technology fabric area of ​​200 m2 with a blade attachment only at the perimeter of the room. Other recommended ceiling coverage area - 50-60 m2. For large areas, as a rule, an isolation baguette.
Another bezgarpunny way stretch fabric called cam. His practice, in particular, the company SKOL. Uses a special fixing PVC baguette (so-called "pin"). This mounting method, firstly, enables you to create complex curved and angled design, and secondly, does not require great precision in measuring the room. But the dismantling of the ceiling will be difficult.
The most difficult is the installation of a three-dimensional (or 3D) ceiling. First ceiling reproduced computer form, and then the profile is manufactured from aluminum frame - it must be both strong and light. He was then mounted on the underside of the ceiling and walls, and its design to the tension of the film resembles a farm openwork bridge. In particularly difficult cases, the ceiling previously modeled in the plant. So come, for example, in the company of BARISSOL. After a hard ceiling factory test disassembled, packed and sent to its destination.
Stretch ceilings allow the use of conventional incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lamps. The only limitation - power: the bulb - up to 60W, Halogen - 35W. All fixtures are attached with adjustable brackets to the main ceiling. In an already stretched canvas holes were made, which are pasted over the perimeter of a special ring. This must be done carefully, otherwise the ceiling crawl like a stocking full of holes.
Furthermore, if the "halogens", then it is necessary to step down transformer, which is also mounted on a special rack.