The story of PVC suspended ceilings and suspended ceilings. Article number 8

 Stretch PVC ceilings and suspended ceilings have many similarities and differences. There are ceilings and stretch PVC ceilings are equally popular. First ceilings appeared in ancient times. Who invented them, is unknown. It can be assumed, for example, that some of the elite of Egypt or Greece in a strong emotional impulse hurled at the ceiling, for example, an amphora of wine. Well, do not want to paint stains. Or, on the contrary, a certain nobleman decided to prove himself as a designer and ordered to drape the entire room with a cloth. Including the floor and ceiling. Be that as it may, we now know that the first ceilings existed centuries ago. Like other things in some historical periods ceilings have been unjustly forgotten, in the other, on the contrary, were at the height of fashion. But the really popular they were in the 60's of the last century, first in Sweden, then in Western Europe, from which have gone round the world trip. Special love pvc stretch ceilings have caused the French who perfected the technology of manufacturing of PVC film needed to stretch pvc ceiling.
Stretch PVC ceilings and suspended ceilings have a lot in common.

Often you can hear that stretch PVC ceilings equate to the suspension. Theoretically, it is really so, and ceilings, hide flaws and suspended construction and installed with the help of special fasteners. However, in all other respects they are different. PVC stretch ceiling is a special fabric that is stretched around the perimeter of the room, clinging to the baguette. After the installation of stretch ceiling pvc does not leave any garbage, no dust, no need to clean up the furniture. Suspended ceilings are mounted directly to the ceiling, on a special frame, moreover, they "eat" more space when mounting, rather than stretch: about 10 cm versus 3.4 cm Another important factor: the material used to make stretch and suspended ceilings. In the case of the suspension - a lightweight plaster, plasterboard. As for PVC stretch ceiling, they are made of a special waterproof film - and thus can not be afraid of "flood" from above. The advantage of this material is also the fact that from it we can do as a straight, standard ceilings, ceilings and unusual forms: if you want to have a dome home - please, want a multi-level ceiling - no problem.

Just the company you choose, bring a sketch or draft ceiling, which you want to establish yourself. In the project make all their imagination, and experts in stretch ceilings already prompt you what is possible and what is not realistic to implement.