Seamless stretch ceilings

     Time does not stand still as well as technology. People are demanding new products, and manufacturers are finding new opportunities and new materials, in this case, consider finishing materials. Designers as well as consumers are paying increasing attention to every part of the interior, from the floor-to-ceiling walls. Particular attention is paid to the ceilings, because they aktsentriruyut attention outside the room of people.

      Currently, there are so many different kinds of finishing the ceiling, one of them by the finish stretch ceiling. The most popular I vlyayutsya ceilings of PVC films, which are installed with heating and consist of several welded blades, respectively, have the seams, the second type of suspended ceilings - it's seamless ceilings, consisting of polyester impregnated with polyurethane, such ceilings are installed without heat, and because of the large width of the cloth without seams. Italian ceilings Cerutti ST belong to the second type. Ceiling systems Cerutti ST at the moment are the strongest material on the market suspended ceilings. Seamless ceilings Cerutti Soffitti Tesi meet all the requirements and sootvetstvuyum highest international standards. When compared with other webs, Cerutti is allocated a unique texture and elegant look.

     Seamless ceilings Cerutti looks like a normal ceiling after whitewash, there is a range of colors and bezzhevy white color. The very fabric is made of a thin reinforced material with double-sided waterproof impregnation. After mounting tension ceiling fabric does not sag, does not change color and odorless. In contrast to the French stretch ceiling painting Cerutti is almost impossible to damage, you do not pierce it through negligence plinth or in any beam.
Installation of seamless stretch ceiling

    Installation of seamless stretch ceiling in two stages. The first phase - installation of a baguette, this special profile that is attached to the canvas, the second stage is a stretch ceiling with a special cord, after the remains of a stretch ceiling cut off. Like other types of suspended ceilings, Cerutti creates a perfectly flat surface, for which a can hide any flaws in the basic technical ceiling or adverse communication. Cerutti ceiling allows you to install any lighting devices, whether it be a chandelier or ceiling-mounted spot light, moreover, without restrictions on the wattage.

     Cerutti ceilings have a number of advantages, one of them as we wrote above is the ability to install high-power lamps without harm to the fabric, as well fabric Range is targeted at temperatures of -40 degrees, which allows you to install them in unheated rooms. Width fabrics varies from 3 to 5 meters, so it is possible to overlap the room linen seamless to 5 meters but the smaller side.
      Cerutti ST system is environmentally friendly and certified by the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of the Russian Federation, which allows the use of such a system in a residential installation. Choosing ceilings Cerutti, you choose the luxurious way to finish at a reasonable price. Warranty is 10 years on the ceiling, suspended ceiling may be used as a residential area, and in the office of his zdaniyah.Blagodarya vodonipronitsaemosti, suspended ceiling Cerutti will protect you from leaks neighbors or workmanship komunalschikov to seal the roof.