Russian ceilings. Article number 5

 Despite the fact that the world's ceilings have been used since the second half of the 20th century, the Russian market, they came 10 years ago. During this time the ceilings are not only taken a rather capacious niche, but also interested in Russian businessmen. Of course, it happened not once, but only at the very end of the 90s. But today we can say that Russia is now actively ceilings are sold along with German, Italian, French ceilings. However, the traditionally accepted that the Russian quality leaves much to be desired. But, once the Russian ceilings find a buyer, then maybe it's not so bad as we sometimes try to present the compilers of various reports and surveys? Let's try to figure out what advantages have Russian ceilings, what they lack, what are their weaknesses.

It is well known that, in spite of the fact that the home stretch ceiling is Sweden, ceilings are considered the best French. At the same time, other manufacturers have little to much inferior to the French. But since everything is relative, then let's look at the Russian ceilings and ceilings other similar manufacturers. First of all, it must be said that the dignity of Russian ceilings - in the production of "on the spot". The fact that the PVC film, which is made of ceilings is sufficiently sensitive material - so during transportation abroad ready ceilings might scratch or even break. When it began to make Russian ceilings, a country just started bringing rolls of film, and the number of ceilings with marriage has declined significantly, and deliver a roll of film was much easier and cheaper. Currently, a number of Russian companies have agreements with foreign producers of the film for suspended ceilings and even sell the finished products under Russian brands.

These ceilings are going to Russia, but their strength is difficult to doubt: the high quality of the raw material, the good parts, the companies' specialists trained abroad - all this suggests is that such Russian ceilings safely be equated with a French or Swedish. Fabrication of suspended ceilings requires sophisticated equipment and even the specific microclimate - these are the features of the process. However, even these difficulties are not deterred by Russian manufacturers: as quickly pay off and allow you to produce quality products, designed not only for the elite. Russian ceilings are created in different ways: for example, some companies use a film of French or other proceedings (more often than not the French), and components - hardware and baguette - already manufactures in Russia, on its own line.

Recently, this option is used, when the Russian ceilings are completely assembled in Russia, that is, both the web and fasteners - domestic production. In the last about 5 years, Russian ceilings were quite competitive in both quality and design, in addition, manufacturers are not limited to the results and seek to develop new and new options and technologies for creating ceilings. Summing up, we can say the following: the Russian ceilings are virtually identical in terms of reliability and a choice of western ceilings, but their cost is lower than similar imported models. However, if you still do not trust the Russian production, you can buy a ceiling of German, Italian, Swiss or French stuff - but assembled in Russia.