Towering apartment - suspended ceilings. Article number 32

Design, height, surface, and material from which made the ceiling, a significant effect on human health, his emotional state. Waking up every morning, we first look to aspire to the ceiling, as if for there answers to all the questions that beset us every day.
"But I'll open your eyes ..."
The ceiling has long been considered a decoration at home. Appearance of the ceiling is particularly important also because it is impossible to hide defects furniture, paintings and carpets - they will always be evident. Therefore, there were ways of finishing the ceiling, allowing to hide the flaws of overlap, radically change the face of our "Promised Heaven." By popular today suspended ceilings were added, and the relatively new "get together on the shop floor" - suspended ceilings.
Podshivnoy called a structure in which the supporting frame consisting of bars or profiles, fastened with screws directly to the basic ceiling, not suspended, in suspension systems. Therefore, the distance between the base and the false ceiling is determined only by the thickness of bearing frame members.
Recently, suspended ceilings, as well as false, widespread, and if you expect any major repair apartments, just need to know what are these structures.
Boarded ceilings on the type of material used can be divided into the following types: sheet (chipboard, MDF, plastic, etc.) and rack (metal lath, plastic panels, wood paneling, etc.). Most often boarded structures are metal lath and plaster ceilings.
Metal or plaster?
The metal rack ceiling suspension is similar in design to rack and pinion. Reechki made of aluminum alloy. On the surface of the hot method is applied to a two-layer lacquer coating that performs the same function as the polymer coating steel modules. Their width may vary from 30 to 300 mm. The length of commercially available modules comes to 6m, but the order of the company are ready to increase this figure. Rail width of 300 mm is called the panel.
Ceilings are made of metal, oddly enough, are lightweight, they are durable, environmentally friendly, are not afraid vlagi.Na Russian market their supply Dutch HUNTER DOUGLAS, German AMF, GEIPEL.
Gypsum ceiling is up construction of plasterboard and metal frame, which consists of the main sections, attached to the base ceiling. Plasterboard used in residential areas with a relative humidity of 70% and a temperature of not lower than 10 degrees, with irregularities in the plane of the overlap no more than 20 mm, and in the absence of routing communications to the sinus ceiling. In conditions of high humidity (bathrooms, kitchens) is recommended to use water-resistant gypsum boards. In the Russian market plasterboard mainly presented by concern TIGI KNAUF, the Finnish company RIGIPS, British GYPROC.
The main thing here - Installation!
Installation of ceiling should be done only during the finishing work. And in the winter only when the heating and after fully completed all the work on sealing the joints adjoining walls to the building structure, as well as work related to the "wet" processes, except for the final decorative finish for engineering services.
Let's say you decide to upgrade your home is such a structure, and to install it invited a team of professionals. What will they do with the heavens apartment? First, of course, carefully froze space. Then zapasutsya special metal bars or wooden bars, fulfilling the role of the supporting framework, and will attach them to the ceiling. Suspended ceilings are usually mounted on a special aluminum or wooden frame. Some savings can be achieved by using the framework of a self-made piece of wood, but the quality of the entire ceiling will depend on the moisture content of wood: the bar of land, the less likely that his "lead". All this can be avoided by using a ready-made frame.
After that, the team will begin the markup of installation sites profiles. Mounting profiles in increments of 500 mm through the leveling pads with anchor nails or dowels, nails. The thickness of the framework elements (bars or profiles) is dictated by the size of lighting products that will be located in the ceiling, or is minimal, if the lighting in the ceiling is not provided.
Prepared on a flat frame is mounted panels themselves "dry" method using special screws or fasteners. Sufficiently large area sheets (width of 1.2 m and a length of 2.5 to 3.6 m) attached to a metal frame, is not susceptible to corrosion. By themselves, suspended ceilings provide a good sound and heat insulation. But it happens that these properties should be strengthened, and then deposited on the inner layer of sound-absorbing lining.
Arch? The dome? It's easy!
Today is very popular suspended ceiling is plasterboard. This is because they are inexpensive, allow you to create custom configurations and equipped with built-in lighting design.
Wet drywall is easy to bend and after drying it takes a predetermined shape. This property is used to create complex geometric areas (arches, domes, multi-level ceilings). In large rooms, ceiling plane is assembled from several sheets, seams are glued sealing tape and processed filler. After that, the ceiling, you have to cover any primer and paint, both compounds must be suitable for use in wet areas.
Suspended ceilings allow for easy and fast "dry" method to decorate the ceiling plane. Among the many advantages attracts primarily an opportunity to mount a design on an unprepared, even an uneven base basis, as this will significantly reduce the time required for installation.
Another plus - the simplification of installation of electric equipment. A practical person and love the extra features of the ceiling, in particular, its acoustic and thermal insulation properties.
In addition, a set of sufficient hygienic - cleaning all comes down to wiping decorative panels or non-aggressive detergent solution. You can hide it in the wire racks, and thus looks podshivnoy ceiling less formal than hanging.
Give play to imagination!
Do not think that podshivnoy ceiling does not allow room for decoration ideas. On the contrary, this technology is fraught with a lot of artistic possibilities and perspectives. The main thing - to approach the matter with an invention.
The surface of the ceiling is flat or curved, designed curved parts. Sly and advanced designers are able to establish the elements of even vertically, achieving an intricate play of light and shadow. Panels and racks can form the original geometric pattern, alternate in color and decoration. As we have already said, they are made of different materials (wood, plastic, drywall, metal, chipboard, MDF, etc.), but these materials have all kinds of colors and textures.
When choosing a suspended ceiling, pay special attention to the level zvukopogloschaemosti ceilings in your room. For example, the floor tiles or parquet perfectly complement the high sound absorption ceiling, carpeted flooring is best complement the ceiling with low sound absorption. Therefore, in order not to make mistakes, it is better to consult the professionals!