Perforated ceilings

What is a perforated suspended ceiling?

      In fact - this is the suspended ceiling "in the hole." The distribution of perforations and the hole diameter can vary. It would seem that in this beautiful?

However, this type of suspended ceilings has its advantages.

      Using perforated ceilings will allow you to experiment with light. You can install a perforated suspended ceiling with standard lighting and it will look original - will create an interesting texture perforations. But if you use recessed lighting - it is possible to fully appreciate the effects that give the perforated ceilings, along with the light.

      Due to a perforated ceiling holes is obtained as a semi-transparent, and the light from the lamp (lamps) located above the ceiling will penetrate through the ceiling into the room, refracting and creating amazing light effects. The ceiling is like a lighted glass tiles.

There is one more opportunity to use perforated suspended ceiling - installation translucent stretch ceiling above the perforated.

     Translucent ceiling perfectly combines aesthetics and practicality: it is decorative, softens the light falling from above, which is then dissipated through the perforated sheet. Thus, through the play of light you realize all your creative ideas and create a unique interior of your room.

     Ceiling, combining aesthetics, the original use of light and many other qualities, can embody the boldest creative ideas and plans, so that it has already received recognition in more than 30 countries