Once again, the suspended ceiling. Article number 18

Stretch ceilings - one of the most interesting decorative materials, recently appeared on the Russian market.
The idea of ​​modern suspended ceilings was born in the sixties. But the greatest development of this type of finishing the ceiling was in Europe at the end of the eighties and still is popular.
Indeed, repair ceiling associated with a long and tedious process, which costs money and time and energy consuming a lot.

It is necessary to move the furniture, cover things from dust and chalk, and (if repairs are invited experts) are unavoidable in the room a lot of people for quite a long period of vremeni.Ustanovku stretch ceiling produces a team of two or three persons, not leaving behind any collection and, in most cases, even moving furniture. Ready ceiling fixed to the perimeter of the mounting moldings, which can be set at a desired level. This method finishes by far the most successful and fast. For example, a suspended ceiling will take 3 times, and the traditional plastering and whitewashing is 10 times longer than the installation of stretch ceiling. And it's not the only benefit of suspended ceilings.

Other advantages:

- One step hide all the bumps, bruises and other defects underlying the ceiling;
- Practically does not require any additional care and help to save money and effort required for a regular or a cosmetic overhaul - the canvas ceiling company provides 10 years warranty;
- Do not miss the dust and water canvas solve all the problems with crumbling whitewash and will withstand a large amount of water in case of flooding from the top floor;
- Does not accumulate static electricity, non-flammable and completely safe web recommended for use in kindergartens and schools in the areas of medical, sterile applications;
- Homogeneous, perfectly smooth surface, looks like a solid ceiling, has a great finished look, perfect aesthetically;
- Ceilings are easy to clean (dirt and dust is removed with soap and water, fat - liquid ammonia or liquid for cleaning glasses)
- Suspended ceiling does not suffer from moisture, is not subject to decay, it is no condensation, which is particularly important for use in swimming pools, bathrooms, laboratories, etc.;
- A layer of air between the main ceilings have insulation effect, if it is not enough - maybe a fixture in this space, the insulating material;
- Allows you to hide the available water supply, ventilation and gas communications;
- The ceiling can be built not only the various lamps, chandeliers, but the ventilation system, alarm and fire safety, and properly chosen lighting or accent lighting will add an individual touch to exclusively;
- The ceiling can be set at an angle or in different planes;
- The minimum distance from the ceiling to the main stretch - 2 cm (for suspended ceilings of any type - 10-15 cm);
- The ceiling is easy to remove if necessary to carry out additional work - Reinstall does not affect the quality of the fabric.

Proceedings suspended ceilings are certified in France and Russia, they are harmless to health contraindications to have. In Europe, the ceilings are widely used even when creating a climate in health care. After the usual white-washed and suspended ceilings contribute to the spread of dust and germs, so experts believe that for areas requiring high purity, perfect smooth glossy ceiling, which can be easily cleaned and disinfected.
It should be noted that despite the fact that the film is very thin (0.17 mm) and lightweight (230 g / m), it is very strong and has a stress at break: length - 17 N / mm ² at width - 13 N / sq mm
Square meter of fabric can withstand a weight of 100 liters of water, so you can not be afraid of flooding the room from the top floor. But if the trouble still occurs, the web dismantled, dried it, and the main ceiling, heated and re-install. At the same time it is fully restoring its former size.
Price ceiling on the sum of the price of the ceiling, which also includes the cost of its installation and the price of additional work associated with installing it (the presence of pipes, the need to install lighting fixtures, chandeliers, ventilation, process additional angles, arcs in the perimeter of the room, the transition to another level, etc.).
Technology installation of stretch ceiling is quite simple. First, make accurate measurements of the room, and the configuration of the ceiling can be of any complexity. Plans are sent to the factory where it is produced on the canvas ceiling. Along the perimeter to the web is welded flexible mounting plate - a harpoon.

Along the perimeter of the room at the desired set-Fixing decorative profile - baguette. Determined by the location of the future of lighting, and in accordance with the holes in the fabric made. At a basic ceiling, in places where they should be installed items spotlight, mounted rack, which is set and lights, which will then be displayed in the level of tension ceiling.
The web is then heated with a heat gun, the film becomes pliable, its pull and lock the shaft into a baguette with special blades.
In addition to suspended ceilings EXTENZO, which until recently have been presented in Russia, now in our market you can find all the brands of French stretch ceiling: NOVELUM - with a set of textures, not conceding EXTENZO and several original types of decorative moldings mounting; Nine Hundred. LackFolie-X, Lackfolie - especially with their beautiful satin, suede and gorgeous metallics, wide mounting capabilities; NEWMAT - mark, add to traditional large number of new, solid textures, such as the Karelian birch, moire, mother of pearl, leather, 12 new colors marble;

Dutch ceilings MONDEA - a new word in the technology installation of suspended ceilings. Due to another principle of attachment (jamming rectangular webs and subsequent giving it the final shape) can be ordered ceilings long before closure walls, which is excluded in the French embodiment, when the size necessary to remove with high accuracy since the ceiling desired shape is produced in advance. Therefore, if the time to make sure to order the company ceilings MONDEA, practically they do not have to wait after the other finishing operations.

Another advantage is the possibility of Dutch ceilings stretch fabric area of ​​200 sq.m. This is achieved by welding socket on the rear ceiling required amount of metal ropes, one side onto the brackets, the other - on the winch. When using the French ceilings in order to avoid sagging recommended stretch fabric area of ​​50 square meters, while floor space in excess of this amount, use the separation baguette.

Our company, having concluded agreements with several suppliers, has created a great range of textures and shades that could interest of customers with a variety of flavors. Price is not different from the prices of established ceilings on the market, and for some of the items they are well below average. Delivery time is at the same time - only 10 days. If necessary, ceilings can be delivered on a special tariff for 5 or 7 days.