Moscow chooses ceilings. Article number 3

The phrase "ceilings Moscow" in Yandex each month seeking more than 170 people. Of course, the actual number of potential buyers of suspended ceilings in the capital is immeasurably greater. And no other city in the country can boast such a rich choice of models, manufacturers of both European and domestic, such a riot of color and texture, as Moscow. Happy coincidence of supply and demand. That is why the number of requests for a combination of "ceilings Moscow" is not so large (for Samara and Kemerovo will be the same) - Moscow already know that most of the proposals submitted online deals specifically with the capital.

That Moscow in the mid-90's, the first of the Russian cities met with tension ceilings. However, to assess their merits at the time could not everyone - ceilings of the time were affordable only to very wealthy people. In the blink of an eye ceilings purchased value of the character - a sign of prosperity and respectability. Since then, much has changed - with the introduction of new technologies and the emergence of high-quality domestic counterparts stretch ceiling price has decreased, there was a need to attract a new, much broader group of consumers, stereotypes about the high cost of today work to the detriment of retailers and distributors. This is especially true for the capital, which has a higher standard of living. Producers and distributors are convinced of the correctness of the thesis "ceilings: Moscow can not afford it."

Indeed, more and more Muscovites today are choosing ceilings, which are installed at a cost close to a quality repair ceiling, including trimming, filling, painting, but saves you from having to vacate the room and the mountains of debris, and simplifies future life under a new "air" - which can be washed ordinary mop, which is not divorce that will protect you from the neighbors arranged flood. The more demand - the more, better, more varied offer. So ceilings: Moscow offers a wide selection - domestic production (economy version) and European (slightly more expensive), PVC film and seamless, white, any solid color or striped, floating clouds with great photo quality and luminous stars, siblings and multi-level, classic and created custom design project. In the capital of practically all European manufacturers of suspended ceilings, most of them have their own shop or at a minimum, warehouses with large reserves of raw materials of different colors and characteristics, which means that the ceilings Moscow can set faster than any other city in Russia - the cutting blade takes about two days and a half - the installation (and you do not even need to make furniture out of the room) - and new ceiling is ready for use.

Quite simple answer to the question: why the capital's residents are choosing ceilings - Moscow not used to trail behind the time and readily accepts new. The capital today - the city is not a conservative and very practical. A city that knows how to count, including money, and easily converts to mind the convenience, beauty and prestige in hard currency. Moscow is well versed in the arithmetic of modern business - to invest money in his office - then invest in the business itself, in its name. Install suspended ceilings in the apartment - so for many years to get rid of the need for repair of cracks emerging from the danger of being flooded neighbors first (1 meter stretch ceiling supports the weight of a hundred liters of water). Prestige, quality, durability, reasonable price, style, beauty, personality, all of this - ceilings: Moscow chooses.