Stretch ceiling eyes of the consumer. The user of the stretch ceilings. Article number 20

 Great philosopher Immanuel Kant said: "In life, I am struck by two things. Starry sky above and the moral law within. " Unfortunately, carefree happiness examine the starry sky is still and remains the stuff of philosophers. Most of us decided to suddenly cry out to heaven, often stick his gaze to the ceiling. And how sad is the soul, if, instead of the ideal, pleasing the eye surface suddenly discover something quite offensive.
The ceiling at all - one of the most difficult objects for decorating. Putty it, standing on a shaky ladder with his head thrown back, is sheer torture! Besides constantly have to wait for all sorts of dirty tricks from the neighbors above. As soon clogged gutters in their washing machine and your ceiling becomes a stormy sky, with ragged clouds, lightning cracks and avalanche rain. Sometimes, especially in older homes, the ceiling is impossible to put in a decent condition. What to do?
As soon as you will wonder this sacramental matter to you immediately come running glib guys and say, "many problems, the owner. You hang the pendant "amstronh" and all the cases, almost no money! ". Sounds, of course, tempting. Especially that "no money." But to imagine this super standard dull ceiling in a cage ...
Shivers takes. View will be like in the fourth branch of the 5th control "of the Ministry of unfulfilled dreams." How to make a beautiful ceiling, reliable and practical.
By contrast, modern ceilings look like this. Imagine that you have all over the ceiling stretched thin vinyl (cloth) that is fastened around the perimeter to the baguette. Baguette is visible and hidden, plastic and aluminum. The ceiling is almost no need to cook, except that a stiff brush to clean the places where whitewashing bubbles or flaking.
When the cloth tightly, it hides all flaws of your ceiling, bumps and cracks, stains left over from the old leak. The canvas is manufactured in France to order. For you to come home to representatives of the company, make a mistake in measuring your ceiling and send the order pa plant, where it makes the vinyl sheet, but the form which coincides with the shape of your ceiling.
The leaf is not whole. It consists of strips of width 1.6-2 m, soldered together. Stretch ceiling is virtually no extra care and allow you to save money and, most importantly, the strength needed for regular repairs. On the web all manufacturers give ten years of warranty. The canvas is water, and if you flood the neighbors above, bear a large amount of water (up to one hundred kilograms per square meter). The web does not accumulate static electricity, so dirt does not stick to it. It does not burn, but melts at very high temperatures without distinguishing the toxic substances (my friend is hard to believe, of course, with difficulty, but the European fire certificates have confirmed this fact.) It has no smell, so many medical facilities require sterility, particularly operational, equipped stretch ceilings.
Stretch ceiling is easy to clean (with soap and water, grease stains can be removed with liquid glass cleaner. Suspended ceiling does not suffer from moisture, and because a thin (thickness of the vinyl polo at about 0.17 mm), and creates a temperature difference, it is no condensation, which is very important but for use in swimming pools and bathrooms. layer of air between the main ceilings, creates an insulating effect.
The ceiling can be set at an angle or in different planes, it may be wavy, curly. The minimum distance from the ceiling to the main tension - 20 mm, compared with ceilings 80-100mm. Let's say I talk low, and so are not high, and did not lose another 10cm of space. The ceilings are easily removed in case you need to spend some additional work, such as wiring stretch. Re-installation will not affect the quality of the fabric and so on and so forth
Well, can not all be as good friend of mine decided. Around here's the catch. Aha! A New Year and champagne. On mine, for example, the ceiling still remains a trace of cork. Before he could ask the question, the manager, like a magician pulled from somewhere battens with a smile and began poking it into the ceiling over their heads. Dents formed in a few seconds distribution "of rights. No traces remained. The ceiling is afraid of just stabbing or cutting weapons, he explained. Neither toy guns that shoot balls, no champagne corks it could do no harm.
Slotted holes in the ceiling under the chandelier or under spotlights fashion now, and although these holes zoster insulating ring, power point lights should not exceed 50 watts. The ceiling is designed for temperature range of +5 ° C to +50 ° C, which, by the way, preclude its use in an unheated room, eg in the country. God bless her with a summer residence, the ceiling leaked something in a city apartment. My buddy decided to ...
On the appointed day, home to the innocent victim came obmerschik color samples. Pieces of the samples - were very small, so imagine how it will look after the installation, it is very difficult. This is the first disadvantage. Finally my friend chose a matte white into a small room and a glossy blue in a bigger room. Entered into a contract. Price was found to depend not only on the size of the room, but also on the cutting, that is, the larger the bands vinyl used for this ceiling, the more expensive it is. It turns out that the ceiling in the extended great room can cost less than the ceiling in a small square.
Okay. My friend has made an advance payment, and waited. Order prepared monthly. Thirty days later, it came to the team of installers. They brought the heat gun with a large gas bottle to drink, and started mounting the cornice to the wall. One wall was made of drywall (you know, our apartment), and the hosts, in my opinion, quite reasonably, asked artists to strengthen the first bar on the wall, and it is "targeting" baguette. Not too happy they agreed, but the three-meter beam, which acquired the installers were worth 800 (!) Rubles (it was in January 1999). Let's move on. Installing moldings in a room brigade was engaged in a few hours. After heating, ceiling heat gun room was filled with a suffocating odor. Blue glossy ceiling "stank" week. Personally I do not like that word, but the smell is the smell, and the smell, you see, it's all the same - stink. In this case, the master asked not to open the windows, which would be the ceiling, gradually cooling down, evenly taut (remember - it was winter). By the way, certificates certificates, but it seems to me that the warm vinyl can not smell just like that, without emitting harmful substances such as formaldehyde, God forbid, of course. No smoke without fire. The smell was resistant, even under an open window.
So, remained second room. It mingled with the smell of vinyl, yet some are more familiar flavor. To his surprise, things left behind by masters, my friend found a bottle of white spirit, and they are soaked rags. Remember the promised ceilings and odorless.
That's it. The next day, pulled a second ceiling, frosted. At this time, there was almost no smell, not including mineral spirits (why he did it?). To top it off at the company said they were lucky that the ceilings established a team number 2, we can only guess at what could one expect from the team number 1. Now about the bread - about money. For a month, during which my friend was waiting for order fulfillment cost per square meter of suspended ceilings dropped ten bucks (now she has fallen), and two rooms with a total area - 30 square meters difference of $ 300 (!), Agree - not enough .
Yes, and as glossy ceilings, supposedly increase the space of the room, the blue ceiling of my friend made it much darker room, although it is illuminated by a chandelier at five watts. "All things must be slow and wrong not able to block out the person that the person was sad and confused" - again, I remembered Venichka. Of all the work, the owner said cutout chandelier, it was done accurately. Quickly and gently insulating ring was found. The ceilings are hanging at my friend, but as I said, the seams are visible on the glossy ceiling. He, of course, still gathering dust, maybe not much, but dust, and wash it very uncomfortable.