Availability of suspended ceilings. Russia.

   Stretch ceilings appeared on the Russian market in 1994-1995 as a product of the highest price category, elite, intended mainly for the customers category VIP.
     While the main places of sales were suspended ceilings Moscow and St. Petersburg. Over the past decade, since the ceilings have moved to a much more democratic price category of goods for the middle class. This is largely due to the advent of cheaper Russian counterparts, as well as major dealers of Western firms - that is, in most cases, individual cutting blade occurs at local stores, rather than in the factory of the manufacturer.
     A lot of European companies-manufacturers of suspended ceilings have in our country, their own shop - the cost incurred by them also lower ceilings imported.
    Today, the sale of suspended ceilings is almost all regional and district centers of Russia, and distribution companies can offer a variety of options - from elite to fully available for home and office, all colors, matte and patent leather, classic and modern style, one-and multi-level, down to the individual design projects. Often the difference between VIP and affordable ceiling visible to the naked eye - it is clear that the ceiling of complex shape, multi-level, with an intricate system of consecration, made exclusively by the project (rather than an option for residential use, and for clubs, krativnyh studios, conference rooms) will be quite expensive.
     But it often happens that the difference between the elite and affordable option is not visible to the naked eye, it relates primarily to the classic "white" home computers. In this case, the difference will explain employees of the company, sale of suspended ceilings. It will be as a place of production and materials. Thus, the false ceilings of domestic production, in quality almost rivals the West, are much cheaper. If made in Europe ceilings are cut and stored in local warehouses - the cost will also be quite affordable. The most expensive will cost ceiling, which is made by cutting the European manufacturing plant, in this case, is also increasing the waiting period: from order to installation can take up to two weeks.
      Sale of suspended ceilings is today many of distributors. Choosing a firm with which you'll be working, it should be borne in mind that the seller, in this case - and even the installer. And the level of the selected company will depend largely on the quantitative value and the inevitable loss of height of the room, and the life. Ruined furniture, mountains of debris, the sag of 7-10 cm in the center of the room, the discrepancy soldered joints - these are unpleasant results illiterate installation, the consequences that you might face, made a mistake in choosing the sales office of suspended ceilings.
      In order to appeal to the company carrying out the sale of suspended ceilings, enough to have a dream - on a perfectly flat and smooth ceiling, which will appear above your head in a matter of days, will hide the defects of construction, protect against water leakage, the individual will be the final touch to the decoration of your room or office. We do not recommend you to spend time on self-proschityvanie best option, competent consultants sales office suspended ceilings based on your wishes and will recommend it to you calculate the cost of a suitable ceiling of a suitable material for you.