Again ceilings in the interior. Part number two. Article number 16


Interior lighting implies a general (not less than 150 lux) can be segregated into zones, local lighting (apartments, offices, hallways, etc.).

Here, low-voltage halogen lamps are not very relevant. The apartment look better chandeliers, elegant complete busways, light rails. In general, you can use. built-in lights, but you should know that ceilings limit the use of high-power lamps. Out there - there are spotlights, flange which is made of a special glass fiber plastics. A large number of options ("Tropic", "Basic", "Tropic Comfort", etc.).

Performance of these lamps solve the general problem of uniform illumination, since the lack of heating the film in contact with the flange allows the lamp to use halogen lamps "Par 38" (and it is better to take the lamp with a wide beam).

In the case of the use of the chandelier or overhead fixtures general advice: If the height of the room allows, it is best to install lights stretched down, or on the suspension. Well look, especially in offices, overhead strict cylindrical (diameter 30 cm) lamps. Effect of visual coincidence lamp and its reflection in the ceiling is impressive.

Spectacular modern office lamps, including low altitude (250 - 300 mm), with linear or compact high-voltage halogen lamps, based on the combination of the soft direct and indirect light. Complete with chandeliers, wall sconces set a single design. In this case, the interior is an exceptionally stylish.

Especially thoughtful question lighting must be addressed when choosing a ceiling of dark colors (blue, black, etc.). First, the reflection of light from these ceilings is minimal, so the problem is solved lots of lighting fixtures or greater installed capacity. Second, avoid using techniques of reflected light. Thirdly, it should be possible to use the advantageous features of mirror ceiling.

The fascinating game of interior and their reflections - this is just a skillful use of the laws of perception and the laws of reflection of light.

Special object of attention - the spectral content of lamps. Stretch ceilings with their wide palette of colors are the same, such as white and 10 colors.

The bluish white, in particular, will be even more accentuated cold light of fluorescent lamps. Conversely, the same fluorescent lamp warm color may make it a neutral white. In addition, neutral white color of the ceiling can accept the color that is inherent in floor covering.

In conclusion, the interaction of light and the floor, wall and ceiling materials, and also their perception contains many nuances.

Operational features. Care

Stretch ceilings can be cleaned using any detergent, but only with a soft cloth. Scrape them with a brush in no way be - installed in the stretch film can be broken.