Stretch ceilings in Russia. What is the difference of the film in different companies? Part number three. Article number 26

Ceilings are sold in several Russian companies. The difference - in guarantees for the installation. That's why I liked more firm <Triton-MB>. It works with quite a long time and gives 10 years warranty on the installation of the ceiling, as opposed to others (2-3 years). Ceilings is firm <Renarkom>.
What is the difference between the ceiling? Referring to all of the company, I, as an honest man, and asked to convince me to order the ceiling just at them. However, significant differences were observed.
- The ceiling is almost indistinguishable from <barrisolevskih ", - told me <Mial-S> - except that a little thinner (about 0.01 mm).
- Everything is done on the same technology - assured <Triton>.
This is true. As I understand it, the difference in price for those companies in which I have stayed in, not too large (see table). It ranges from 35 to 65 dollars per square meter, depending on the color and texture of the canvas. So, French ceilings differ from each other only colors offered by different companies.
I went to the company <Rusnordvest> representing the Dutch firm.
- Vinyl fabric we do as well as French. The technology is the same, - explained to me <Rusnordveste> - fixed once it differently

The man - the creator
Sometimes, it becomes uncomfortable rooms enclosed space, I want to extend it to new inputs and outputs, refresh and renew the atmosphere. The very first step - it's a realistic assessment of your desires and possibilities of their implementation. That is, should be clearly defined: what can be touched, punching and remove, and that in any case impossible. This will help you re-planning expert, an engineer, who was required to have at their disposal a company who take on fulfillment of your order. This man, having left in place, will determine whether voplotima your idea, tell you how to do it better, and get to know all the stages of the forthcoming work.
If your project has a right to exist, the next step will be to agree pereplanirovochnyh-making at various levels. The transfer unit, or new doorways - no laughing matter, it's important operation that can lead to a decrease in the bearing capacity of the building. Therefore, it is considered to be pereplanirovochnym works, which, in accordance with the current legislation must be authorized by the interdepartmental commission. But to get it, you need to have on hand about 15-20 documents from other organizations responsible for the security and safety of property: from balansoderzhatelya or the owner of the house, manage the district architect of a legally, Sanitary Inspection, the State Housing Inspectorate of Moscow and operating authorities. All these things can take three months, design, repair and construction firms do it much faster.

Choosing a location and size of the aperture, experts usually take into account the following points. Reinforced concrete or brick main wall in the apartments has a thickness of from 120 to 400 mm of it legally allowed to remove a piece from 700 mm to 2000 mm in width and 2100 mm in height. The opening should be located in the middle of the wall panel at a distance typically not less than 600 mm from the outer wall of the apartment. The apartments are located on the lower floors of buildings (usually from 1 st to 4 th), width of the opening should not be done more than 900 mm, as its excess can cause the need for additional fortifications, which dramatically increase the cost of the work. Doorframe is advisable to purchase before sawing opening - it will do the job more accurately and precisely.

When the agreement obtained the necessary documents are signed, the turn of the conversion apartments. Of course, every owner wants to see his apartment beautiful and stylish (for what was afoot and all). This issue should be discussed with the designer of the Executive. Your imagination and a joint design project, drawn up on this basis, will lead to the original decision. When it is not a complete design project of housing, but only on the local - the opening, are invited to specialized firms, which are taken as the standard size cutting out of the opening and do it accurately and quickly, within one working day. The firm's services for sawing opening depending on the size of the opening and the need to install reinforced concrete frames the frame can cost anywhere from 7 to 20 thousand rubles. Before signing a contract with a company check its license for this type of work. Prepare for the coming of the masters. Sawing wall fragment is usually done with an abundant supply of water, so part of the parquet floor, which is adjacent to the aperture of the future, it is best to remove. Furniture of the rooms to make better, or at least move to a distance of at least 2 m

Perform this work more hammer or a drill with hammer bit. And only a few make the opening saw. And not just a saw, a circular cutter with a diamond-bearing segments are actuated by a special hydraulic line. Only this, and can cut thick concrete reinforced with steel rods with a diameter 4-12 mm. Experts believe that the fragment bearing wall should be just drank as shocks may lead to the formation of cracks in the concrete wall panels. Only mill makes the process completely safe for the building. The procedure is. First on the wall mark out the contours of the future of the doorway - a circular saw make a contour cut to a depth of 140 mm. This is followed by a horizontal cut. In the second pass saw blade in the same circuit opening cut out the entire thickness of the wall panel. Cooling water is drawn in such a way that it has not penetrated beneath the floor skirting. Sawed part of the wall panel is tilted slightly and remove. Next, a channel bars framing the frame for welding. And after the installation should be framing the frame. And the opening is ready!

After the end of redevelopment workers from the Bureau of Technical Inventory will make the appropriate changes in the technical passport of the building and you get a new copy of the floor plan of the house. This piece of paper - an official document that can be used when writing a will, the exchange or donation. And most importantly - strength calculations for possible projects to redevelop the flats of other occupants of your driveway will be carried out is based on your new doorway.

Artisans come from the owners to make their own openings, but, as we have already noted, quality and harmless to building this operation can be done, but having the proper tools, very expensive.

Hole in the wall can be very, very unusual: a hole in the ceiling in the "modern style", ancient arches or any other your idea will be realized. Here are some examples of possible solutions for those who are tired of the house, "this white, white door."

Of course, you say, to be original on the spaces of a country cottage or a huge apartment easy, but just try to rigidly defined circumstances a standard layout. A and try it! Strike visionary architecture for boring! But only in conjunction with professionals