Individual interior. Article number 50

     As a rule, everyone wants in the design of the house was a certain zest that is different from many other home and would fit his character.

      "There is a direct correlation between the trends in the design of the room and the overall development of the culture of the individual in a particular country. Modern interior - is primarily a reflection of the inner world of its inhabitants, complex, rich, multi-faceted, "- emphasizes Olga Vorobyov, head of the design department of a construction company" Otdelkin. "

To each his interior

     Designers say that the interior space can be organized on the basis of the types of human character. So, there are people who are more inclined to contemplation, and more important for them is that they see around them, - the colors, shades, shapes. Currently, a wide number of design techniques to express their individuality, and along with surprise guests with unique style apartment. There is increasing new and innovative interior design solutions. For example, it is difficult to imagine that a few years ago, someone in the head when repairing the thought came to spread the floor surface of the glass ...! Today this material is found "under the feet" more often. The result of this work will surprise any lover contemplate: optical effects, the play of light, the feeling of lightness.

For the production of glass floors, a special laminate (triplex) that do not only transparent, but also dull, besides it can be given any color.

     In the event that it is important for people not to contemplate and feel, the interior design is necessary to emphasize the texture of the material. For the walls will be of interest, for example, cotton cover. They are environmentally friendly, made from chopped fibers, dyed in the desired color with natural dyes extracted from the flora and fauna of the oceans. Thanks to its natural cotton cover - the best option for a person suffering from allergies. In addition, it is suitable for the walls in the nursery or bedroom. The material resembles a silky fabric with a slight relief. The coating does not burn, does not absorb odors and smoke, has good heat and sound insulating properties.

As for the color coating, the designers advise here and pay attention to the type of personality. It is assumed that an optimistic person like a warm, bright colors in the interior - orange, yellow, creamy-yellow, and so on. The pessimists will suit soft, restrained colors.

       Also the choice of the material affects mindset apartment dweller. Take, for example, plastic windows. Traditionalists when installing PVC-construction interest, according to experts PROPLEKS Group, Russia's largest manufacturer of PVC window-profile of Austrian technologies, the color of the frame under the tree. And the people who positively perceive the all-new, can install windows and other colors - green, red, etc.

Individual space

     Along with the desire to have the interior design is unlike other apartments - particularly in color and methods of the walls, many seek unusual organize their living space through a variety of materials and designs. At the same time, to transform the apartment, not necessarily to look for the latest fashion trends. Sometimes, on the contrary ... to go back to the past. In other words, think of what was once popular.

     Take, for example, glass blocks, which, since the middle of last century, is actively used in the design of the bathrooms. The material itself is transparent "building blocks" which are formed by the combination of the two compression molded glass plates of width 6.9 mm. Thanks to the air within the structure, glass blocks have good sound insulation and heat-saving properties. In addition, the material has a color gamut, and can be used in different interiors.

    In large and small spaces glass blocks are used as high or low, straight or rounded decorative partitions, arches, etc. They form a space, emphasizing the individuality of the house. According to the specialists of «Ferrum Design», dedicated to the delivery of products to the Russian market, glass blocks allow you to create a unique interior that will reflect the desire of its owner to the bright colors of the positive in life and lightness, airiness perception of space.

    This material is combined with ceramic wall panels - another unjustly forgotten piece of furniture. They are attracted by its originality, durability and practicality. The variety of textures and colors can create their own unique style of the room. According to the head of the architectural bureau "Viseymon" Valery Simonenko, "unusual ceramics with photographic illustrations magically transform even a small interior room, such as bedrooms."

Earlier in the production of wall panels used extensively screen and offset printing. For all its advantages, it has one major drawback: the images are stamped series, which means that you can not create individual interior.

      At the present time there is a chance to decorate any wall paintings - landscapes, photographs favorite magazine covers, portraits of friends, etc. kinokumirov In addition, the wall panels can be your own work. Modern digital technology allows you to set up or put the decal on ceramic tile, then it is baked at high temperatures. Through this panel is maintained for a long time, the color, resistant to moisture and temperature extremes.

      Another interesting method organization of living space - the use of arches in the transitions between rooms. This creates a unique look and comfort of the room. According to the American designer Bill Sofilda, the subject of the semicircle can beat not only in interior doorways, but also in the design of walls, furniture and arched windows. As noted in the company PROPLEKS that this is possible thanks to the flexibility of the plastic profile that distinguishes it, for example, from the tree.

Excellent combination

      Desires and needs of the modern homeowner is such that one, even the most avant-garde, the material is not always enough. For example, our fashionable ceilings in practice difficult to set at different angles, achieving bulk solutions. And then comes to the rescue drywall. Its application allows all configurations and in different planes.

      You can also try to vary the appearance of the surface of the ceiling. According to Yefim Egenburg, CEO of "enclave", which sets ceilings: "An interesting solution - it is the combination of the" starry sky "and images. So, looks very impressive image of the various planets in combination with light diodes: a feeling that the room is floating in space. "

      You can not only create the illusion of "starry sky", but also a normal window. Japanese designers have offered an unexpected combination: electroluminescent panel, hidden behind blinds and forming an impression of penetrating through them daylight. All of this design is called "fraudulent window" which is used when the room is not enough light or no windows.

      Can combine not only blinds and electroluminescent panel but also floor "massager". In any case, the flooring brand Junglewood, proposed by the Russian company "Parquet Hall", is able to take care of the feet. This material opens a new direction for the market - "bamboo relief." Now the floor is not only attracts the attention of originality, but because of its texture performs light massage function by stimulating points on the feet and legs by activating blood circulation. None of the guests will not be able to pass such a floor, and the landlord may be glorified as a fan of healthy living!

     To do amazing things, do not have to be a magician. Amazing materials are all around us, and only depends on you, what will be the world around: Patterns and tatty or striking and individual. In this case, it is not difficult to make "no need to reinvent the wheel." Unusual and may be quite familiar materials. It is up to the smallest: the desire to do something unique.