Stretch ceilings. A View from the Ukraine. Article number 29

Universal efficiency and full zabiznesovannost population older than 3 years, with each passing day increases the demand for specialized institutions. Establishments that allow plaque to shake civilization and to slightly increase the entropy of the universe, or vice versa - order, in English comb order of things. An amateur. Combine these foreign places the word "club" and helpfully concept "restaurant." The law of the market (not to be confused with the marketplace), the economy determines, along with the increasing demand, the proportional increase in supply. That in turn leads to a competition. What we - the consumers use the ungrateful. And to please His Majesty the Consumer, and even, God forbid, advanced, you need to not only contain the range of spirits and DJs with the servers, but still proves to be necessary, and link all of the interior, with a single concept! And everything starts to seem impossible and hopeless, especially after giving builders estimate for the reconstruction of the premises. The host institution raises his arms to the sky and see ... ceiling that "finishes" it is not more humane than the competition and the crisis on the New York Stock Exchange. And there are the classic questions of Russian intelligentsia, "what to do" and "who is to blame."

The second question is rhetorical too, so try to find out first what to do ... with the ceiling?

1. Existing problems.

As it turns out, we are still looking for simple ways to desyatimillimetrovy and drop ceiling panels can no longer watch without flinching, and it turns out we are not a poor judge of aesthetics and composition. The main problems that help solve modern ceiling systems - leveling ceiling (false ceiling) planes and the implementation of certain interior solutions, as well as maintaining the ceilings in the proper form. But, as the proverb says, before a ride on a sled sleigh need to mess. Want a beautiful ceiling? Putty and smooth? No problem. Stocked for the week respirators, furniture and belongings packed in polyethylene. Increased office staff at the couple shpaklevschikov and painters, and then for a couple of washers cleaners. And the beauty is you have a right over your head ... But as long as the building does not give another contraction ... or the neighbors do not forget to tighten the top of the crane ... And so what, we, Nicholas II, who wish? Or the right to say what we do not want. We do not want the following:

- Move furniture and beloved by television;

- To raise the dust background;

- Long watch at strangers;

- Spend a lot of time on it;

- To pray for sustainable pair of floor slabs, strength and skill shpaklevschika putty and painter, an indoor faucet neighbors above.

- To see how year after year the paint fade.

2. Methods solutions.

Indeed, with ceilings always the same problem. But man after spacewalk was determined to solve this problem. The idea was taken from the past. In ancient times, people pulled a silk cloth from the ceiling, telling it to him aesthetic appearance and hiding unsightly wooden floors. These ceilings sag over time, gathering dust, faded, followed by a home bred zoo, consisting mainly of rodents, but still the problem was solved. After a while, the "ceiling" is simply thrown out and hung up a new one. A little later, people realized cloth impregnated with a solution of chalk and draw still damp cloth. Drying up the fabric stretched and formed flat, white ceiling. But over time, chalk started to get enough sleep, and fabric care quickly grew old and sprawling. But the glory of Yuri Gagarin, the scientific and technological progress and the company DPS. In love with the beauty of the French picked up on the idea of ​​a spear, shot her new stapler (not to say the latest) the materials and offered worldwide centuries-old solution of the problem.

Stretch ceiling simultaneously performs many functions: can decrease too high places or premises placed close under the ceiling of the wiring. Used as a decorative element, it produces an irresistible impression and creates a new space. Perfectly smooth, resistant to deformation creates a ceiling effect glass tile colors selected, and when using the mirror structure increases the small room. Using the suspended ceiling, we can instantly change the room, increasing the comfort of using them - at the expense of ease of giving any form, in accordance with the requirements of our client and architect arrangement. Each ceiling can have its own unique form: it can be flat, oval, arc-shaped, spherical, spatial, a broken or multilevel. Mounted ceiling is very light, it does not burden the existing slab. His square meter weighs about 200 grams, so it does not create any additional loads.

Most of suspended ceilings are water-resistant, protect the room from the inside, ensuring the impossibility of flooding, as well as providing protection for the floor structure from the accumulation of excessive amounts of moisture. An important advantage is the possibility of caring for cover: you can manually clean the surface using a public detergents or products specified in the instructions, no more frequently than once every 4 - 5 years in normal use. In areas of high sterility ceiling can be treated with a solution of chlorine and pressurized wash. Stretch ceilings can be used in all areas of public use, in private homes and especially where the required absolute purity and sterility. Ceiling is electrostatic coating, waterproof, antiseysmichnym so made specially commissioned ceiling is a solution for a long time, does not require additional costs for the entire period of its operation.

PVC film - the material that creates a moisture barrier. From within, successfully protects roof structure (eg swimming pools, halls, etc.). Outside: Do not allow water and moisture to penetrate into the room, in the highest degree protects the interior, furniture, millwork from dampness and flooding. After installation of the ceiling surface is covered with a layer of micron Teflon that prevents the deposition of particles of dust on it, and water vapor, further protecting the texture of the material. Thus the design does not affect the acoustic properties of the room because of the resonance of the voice or a wave of extinction. For special acoustic parameters using special acoustic structures and materials. The film, stretched on a baguette, acts as a catalyst layer of air between the room and the traditional ceilings or roofs. The heat transfer coefficient is adjustable, if you apply the thermal version of the ceiling.

3. The construction and design.

The design of the stretch ceiling principle is simple to outrageous, "front" plane of the ceiling is stretched (or stretched) material. Currently there are two materials used as the tension of the film: PVC film and polyester cloth (or rayon).

polyvinyl chloride film (weight 180-320 g. / sq.m., the thickness of 0.15-0.35 mm.), water-resistant, sufficiently elastic at room temperature (can withstand a pressure of 1000 Pa), but it becomes hard and brittle when the temperature drops below 0 ° C. S. Film is destroyed only when temperature was below -40 ° C. Its surface is easily cleaned with a soft cloth. PVC itself is heat resistant up to 90 ° C and maintains this temperature until sufficient strength. Moreover, when heated above 65 ° C markedly increases the elasticity of the material. Under these conditions, the product of it lends itself well to deformation, stretching like a thin rubber. Subsequent cooling to room temperature recovers the original elasticity of the film, and over the years it retains the shape it form.

Depending on the characteristics of the production of the film makes a width 1.3-2.2 m. Her pieces are easily joined together by welding to form a barely visible seam fabric made up to a width of 6-8 meters. Material stained well the whole thickness (more than 100 colors and shades). Texture of the surface can be a high-gloss, glossy, matte embossed with a shallow, under the skin, like marble, Venetian plaster underneath.

-Thin polyester fabric (thickness of 0.25 mm, weight 200 g / sq m.) Impregnated with thermosetting polyurethane, which gives it a higher elasticity and dimensional stability. The standard width of these ceilings: 320, 410, 460, 510 mm. They have a weld and optionally wider web material pieces are connected using profile data. The main drawback is the inability to polyester fabric paint it before installation. Therefore, the suspended ceiling of her or leave matte white or color after installation. Limited and the choice of surface texture of the ceiling. On the other hand, the fabric retains its elasticity at temperatures down to -30 ° C, so can be used in unheated areas, including the terraces, balconies and loggias.

Thus, the "concealing" a total of 20 - 30 mm height of the room your ceiling gets her face from the best French beauticians. His make-up is not afraid of shrinkage of the building, sifting sand from the floors, the forgotten swirling crane on top of the neighbors and a number of things that can wear out any other person very quickly. For the visionaries it is possible to create two-, three-, or N-tier structure, with the "twinkling starry sky," in the form of dents giant apples, ribbons, "bellows", arches, domes. These effects are achieved by stretching the elastic material on a lightweight aluminum frame. Create similar effects of other materials either impossible or takes a lot of time and money. The film in a factory applied color pattern - either a standard or on the design proposed by the customer. Three-dimensional ceiling still is the most time consuming. The frame of the individual fragments of aluminum profiles designed in advance, accessories to be ordered from the factory. After mounting frame design is somewhat reminiscent of the space station from a science fiction movie. Of course, the time of delivery and installation of such a miracle increases slightly. To prevent accumulation of condensate in the mounting profiles make vents. And with a floor area of ​​30 m2 is necessary to provide a message of zaplenochnogo with ventilation channels. Sometimes the canvas mounted vents for the forced extraction.

The methods of the tension ceiling:

- Harpoon system;

- Bezgarpunnaya system; Special baguette (profile) rests on the wall. After that film without a harpoon clogged with a cord in the profile, and the remnants of the film are cut with a knife. That is, film is filled in a profile (baguette) and secured with a cord (cord pushes the film to the baguette.

Pros: the price of the ceiling is lower by 20%

Cons: over time the film comes out of the harpoon; film is slack over time.

Stretch ceiling provides replacement coverage (film) without replacement of the frame, if it is a change of scenery in a club or restaurant.

Installing ceiling in direct quadrangular room with a lamp like "chandelier" consists of several steps. The first stage. On the walls around the perimeter of the room is assigned a baguette, which is a plastic profile of hard plastic or duralumin, for which subsequently hooked spear (plastic that compresses the edges of the film), the fabric roof. For this operation is primarily determined by the lowest corner of the base ceiling of the room. This is done using gidrourovnya (flexible transparent tube filled with a tinted liquid). Coming from the lower angle is measured down 1-2 cm and a notation in pencil. The gap is only necessary for technological purposes, to make it easier to get close tool in securing a baguette. Then use the gidrourovnya mark is transferred to the other corners of the room. With otbivochnogo cord with the dye is applied to the line to secure the moldings around the perimeter of the room. The resulting line is the basis for the subsequent installation of baguette.

Then, using a special tool - "goniometer" (folding protractor) or by the method of selection of zarezok made accurate measurement of the angles of the room.

For mounting on the wall moldings first prepared rail moldings. With a tape measure the length of the wall on which it is planned to strengthen the rail. If the wall has a length less than the length of the rack, the rack length strictly pendular saw zapilivaetsya angles equal to half the angle adjacent to the side of the measured and then fixed to the wall so that the upper edge coincides with baguette horizon markings made earlier. If the wall is greater than the length of rails, the latter zapilivaetsya only one corner (it is recommended to the second gash at right angles, as often prints cut to length are not strictly at a right angle), and after fixing it either by screws and plugs or using a pneumatic gun and special nails or staples with a frequency fixing wall defined pictures. It is important to know that the tensile force on the ceiling moldings gap is approximately equal to 60 kg / rm. Missing incremented desired length with a corresponding gashes, which is fastened to the wall in the same way or another. The operation is repeated for each wall. Joints have pieces of baguette sizing by connecting them by an adhesive cyanoacrylate group.

The second stage. Expanding and installing the web. Fabric roof comes from the factory folded. Unpacking web is partially produced in the heated (40-50C) room. To do this, turn on the heat gun, and then the cloth carefully unpack and unfold, giving a uniformly warm. In the drawing, the manufacturer specifies the base angle, and it is composed in such a way that the base angle was upstairs and unfolded cloth from him. Unfold the fabric at the corners of the room having hanged on a rope loop so-called crocodiles (spring clamps in the form of ticks) wrapped with two or three layers of cushioning sponges. The first opens the base angle, which, after a brief warm-up in the heat flux gun clinging "crocodile" for garpon. Further, as the unfolding leaf will open its new angles that cling to "crocodiles" in their respective corners of the room. When all the web deployed and is geared as it warms up to the state of fitness to install, check whether it is oriented.

If the blade is not reheated, it will be difficult to pull and install it if overheated - it will jump out of the engagement, and, in addition, spray painting can lose luster. Normally warm up the canvas is stretched quite easily with a harpoon and normally kept in castles baguette. Only after achieving this status should be started immediately install canvas prints. You can start from any angle. The selected angle is removed from the "crocodile" and then inserted into the groove of the harpoon blade angle and use it to harpoon blade engages the baguette. Engage the angle itself, the blade is changed to a flat and engage a harpoon continue to the right and to the left from the corner to the moment when the harpoon will not be engaged for at least two locks on each side. Similarly, engage and rest opposite corners.

After all the angles, start engagement straights. This is done through direct blades and approximate. First two or three lock engagement portion near the end of seams paintings - so less likelihood of subsequently their curvatures. Then unanchored are divided in half and fastened in the center again for two or three locks. So long as the quantity of loose parts will not be such that the whole portion can be fixed without much effort (typically up to 1 m). Next is the final engagement around the perimeter of the room. When this is done, you need to check the quality of fabric mesh around the perimeter, checking the tightness of the fabric roof to the baguette. If any web-site is loose to the baguette should improve engagement. If everything is correct, then it turns quite tightly stretched canvas prints by forming a perfectly flat surface.

The third stage-finish - the candlestick external mounting. First, you must prepare reinforcement ring. It is usually made of plastic, the thickness of 3-4 mm. The external diameter of the ring should be such that it covered the cup chandeliers, internal - such that the ring is easy to put on a fixed base ceiling hook chandeliers. In any case, the width of the ring should not be less than 5 mm. At the touch of a fabric roof are hook chandeliers, and in this place annotation marker. On the reinforcement ring type cyanoacrylate glue is applied continuous strip without tearing. This condition is a must, otherwise the later painting the ceiling crawl like a stocking full of holes. After that, the ring is attached to the front side of the fabric so that the mark was made by felt-tip pen in the exact center reinforcement ring. Adhesives of this type are usually dry for a few seconds, so bear a specified time, a sharp knife Prototyping inside the ring canvas is cut in the resulting hole is stretched wire is connected to a chandelier, chandelier and then just hung up on the old hook that, if necessary, can be increased in length. Also provides for suspension from the ceiling for different devices: the grille, fire sensors. Installation of these devices should be harmonized in the pre-installation phase, to ensure appropriate fasteners.
All suspension devices for the above elements are made of non-combustible materials in accordance with the original project data.

Light - the basis of life, so you need to pay special attention to the development of your ceiling lighting plan that guarantees comfort and functionality. Before you order a "starry sky" with experts stipulate any additional costs and technical details. Stretch ceilings allow the use of incandescent bulbs up to 30W, halogen 12 V power up to 50 W and fluorescent. In case of excess power generated heat will increase the plasticity of PVC and sagging of the film. Between the glass of the bulb and the plane of the ceiling have to be a minimum distance of 1 mm - to limit heat transfer. If a step-down transformer, it is fixed to the metal supports or directly on the bottom plane of the overlap. In the latter case the attachment is lowered even lower profile (50 - 70 mm). Alternatively, you can reduce the heat generated by termokoltsa that is installed between the film and the metal parts of the luminaire. To create a ceiling effect "twinkling stars" used light engine with a rotating color filter and fiber-optic cable.

The above properties can successfully use the ceilings in the rooms of private banks, shops, offices, restaurants, swimming pools, hospitals, clubs, schools, galleries, rehabilitation centers, museums, offices biological recovery, hotels, doctor's offices, warehouses, laboratories, factory halls, private homes, salons sales, facilities, requiring a high degree of purity, in conference halls, in the operating theater.