Types of suspended ceilings. harpoon, besgarpunnye, suture seamless. Article number 10

 All the ceilings are divided into two groups. The first group includes PVC ceiling film. This group is the largest by number of manufacturers. Blades of suspended ceilings are sealed rolls of vinyl film - web width 1.3-2.2 meters, so a closer look at this ceiling can be seen in the field of welding joints (especially if the ceiling hangs low).
The second group includes ceilings of polyester fabric impregnated with polyurethane. These ceilings are also known as seamless as the technology allows the production of polyester fabric to get the width of the roll to 510 centimeters.

Through the use of these materials have ceilings:
water-resistant, water accumulates under the stretch ceiling and can be gently pull, they can withstand loads of up to 100 liters per m2 (but!! ceilings of the second group with prolonged exposure to water (> 48 hours) proceed and lose their properties as well as loosening polyurethane );

fire-safe (they do not support combustion);
improve the insulation space;
does not accumulate static electricity, so do not attract dust;
environmentally friendly (meet the most stringent European and Russian standards).

Stretch ceiling will hide all the flaws of the main ceiling, it can be laid for communication (air ducts, wiring, fire suppression systems and automation), extra sound insulation. In the operation of the suspended ceiling can be cleaned with a soft sponge.
Stretch ceilings of the first group have a variety of different colors and textures, among them - matte, glossy (lacquer), velvet, marble, leather, wood and others.
Stretch ceilings of the second group have only a matte texture of white, but it can be painted in any color of acrylic paint. Matt on ceilings can be applied to any group photo image using large-format printer. The material properties of stretch ceiling can get stacked and curved surfaces. You can achieve the effect of "starry sky" when using special lighting. The combination of different types and textures of stretch ceilings opens up endless possibilities for design ceilings.

For fixing of suspended ceilings of any applicable bagetnaya technology. Canvas stretched ceiling is fixed in the baguette-profile, secured the perimeter of the room. Such a baguette can be internal (hidden) and outer (open). Depends on the design of moldings, and the minimum distance at which the ceiling will have to lower the level of at least 3 cm (the distance still affected by the presence of built fixtures and communications, laid in the ceiling).

Canvas stretched ceiling of the first group has a hard thickening of the perimeter - a harpoon, thereby thickening it is being kept in a baguette. There is a secure web technology with a locking wedge inserted in the profile - it grips the edge of the canvas prints.
If you need to remove ceilings (in connection with the laying or replacement of communications, water drainage in case of flooding) ceilings laid down in a baguette on the harpoon technology can be removed completely, and ceilings "zaklipsovannye" allow only partial dismantling, re-tighten because the ceiling is impossible, both at initial installation cut the extra edge for which the tension produced.
The first group of suspended ceilings requires a warm-up room to +70 ° C, the heating produced a heat gun, this temperature is maintained until the end of the installation. At such temperatures, the PVC film becomes more elastic, and then cooling down to room temperature, it is tensioned more strongly that eliminates the sagging of the web is.

For installation of suspended ceilings of the second group do not have to warm up the room. Simply dressed with fabric roof (zaklipsovyvaetsya) on the perimeter of a baguette with a special spatula, stretching performed "by hand", folds around baguette straightened by heating them from the heat gun, cut off any excess fabric around the edges. Stretch ceilings of the first group are afraid of low temperatures, so they can not be installed in non-heated rooms, and ceilings of the second group can be maintained and in cold temperatures. Subject to the rules of operation of suspended ceilings warranty stretch ceiling material produced in Europe is 10 years. In Europe, there are examples where ceilings continue to be operated for more than 30 years. To the suspended ceiling and served you so long to see his installation to the professionals.