When the house there is a need for service.

 When the house there is a need of repair, one of the main problems for the hosts is a problem with the ceiling. Indeed, the problem is complicated. Just remember the experience of previous repairs, and before the eyes appear covered with foil floors and furniture in a flow of plaster or paint-covered mountains, dry, tightly eats into the smallest slits. Now there are many ways to solve this problem. This is the traditional way of whitewash, and the device is false ceiling and the use of slabs of drywall. But above methods reserve a number of side effects: the complexity of the alignment ceiling, a reduction in the height, the dirt.

To date, the most successful, though not the cheapest way to install a flat-PVC stretch ceiling. Suspended ceiling height of the room completely diminishes, and it looks just perfect. Work on installation of stretch ceiling ceiling is not very hard, and do it quickly.

For installation of stretch ceiling requires special heat gun. It warms polyvinylchloride canvas, which reduce a special frame in the baguette, fortified perimeter ceiling. After cooling, the canvas is stretched and becomes elastic, like a drum. Given that spoil the suspended ceiling with water is not possible (it can withstand 100 liters of water per 1 m), the benefits of this coating becomes even more obvious. Even if the neighbors on leave on vacation, forgetting to turn off the water, the canvas just slack, but will not break, and after drying again takes its original shape. True to drain accumulated water will have to summon a team of specialists from the firm, or just equip a special fabric tube to drain, but believe me, it is cheaper damaged furniture and your nerves. Alternatively, water can be drained through the lamp hole.

Ask the company if they have a very simple, cheap, economical suspended ceiling. Maybe the price will be much higher than on plaster ceiling and you will be able to get away from the dirty work on the decoration of the ceiling, a suspended ceiling. Costly option stretch ceiling can be matte texture of the canvas white. It is of several types: smooth and textured fabric.

Fabric painting is the broad, almost seamless. Roll width reaches up to 510 cm, but caring for a little problematic. Wipe and wash it is not convenient. Need a long time to wipe the dust derived from the bad tissue.

Textured fabric - this fabric of their compound, which has the form of colored plaster ceiling white. The structure textured, not smooth. This is the best option economical stretch ceiling.

A smooth fabric - this fabric with a smooth surface like silk. The property has a matte finish. Looks rich, although the price is not high.