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 The term "ceilings" reflects primarily ceiling structure, the method of its installation. Unlike "hanging" system is not suspended ceiling suspended from the overlap and is pulled generally in the high mode, the perimeter walls on a special frame profile.
The basis of the stretch ceiling - one-piece blade with a spear on the edge, fixed frame profile on the system "harpoon blade into the profile groove." This system provides a uniform web tension and its strong connection with karkasom.Ideya mounting tension ceiling is relatively simple: the walls around the room are fixed sections of (PVC). The air is heated to 50-60 ° C, after which the profiles are dressed in special PVC film, it warms more flexibility. The film is leveled, and on cooling the room and pulled tighter. Speed ​​of installation work provided by the fact that the vinyl fabric for each room is a single piece, vykroenny exactly according to its size. The canvas used in stretch ceilings, is very different texture and color. The most simple and unfussy in matt pvc surface.
Stretch ceilings can be categorized in two ways: the material web and method krepleniya.Po first feature distinguishes ceilings made of soft PVC and polyester fabric impregnated with polyurethane. Almost all brands of suspended ceilings, except for the brand CLIPSO, belong to the first group.
By the method of fixing ceilings are divided into two broad classes: harpoon and bezgarpunnye ceilings. When the process of the harpoon blade welded perimeter edging of a more rigid PVC. It has a cross-sectional shape of a harpoon hook. The class harpoon suspended ceilings are the most well-known brands: Nine Hundred. LackFolie-X, Lackfolie, EXTENZO, NEWMAT and DPS.
Bezgarpunnye ceilings, in turn, are divided into subclasses. V-ceiling mount - MONDEA (Netherlands). In this case, the method of securing the edge of the heated and the unfolding of the web simply clamped to the frame by means of a spacer profile (like the fabric in the embroidery hoop).
When the cam way out of PVC film attached between two semi-circular surfaces bred "cams" that are included in the mounting profile. These "cams" at pushing apart of the film with a spatula, but are automatically compressed when you try to pull it back. This method is used when installing ceiling PRESTIGE DESIGN. As used in this mounting profile allows you to reduce the loss of height of the room and 8 mm.
The third method of installation - ceiling made of polyester CLIPSO, securing the flexible cord.
Advantages and disadvantages
The list of positive qualities of suspended ceilings is much longer than the list of disadvantages. First of all, note that the ceilings are not sensitive to heat, cold, high or low humidity, do not fade and do not change color over time, anti-static, fireproof. When installing the overlap between the door and formed a layer of air, which is a good acoustic and thermal insulator. If the heat or sound insulation effect is not enough, in this space can accommodate additional insulation. Due to the strength and elasticity of vinyl fabric, ceilings withstand heavy loads without deformation (about 100 kg / sq m). So if suddenly flood the neighbors or the roof leaks after water removal specialists of the ceiling is completely restored by acquiring former state.
Stretch ceilings can be installed quickly (team of installers of two people per shift can set priblizitelno100 m2 of cloth) without unnecessary waste and inconvenience, and the preparation of any of the main ceiling is not required. With the help of suspended ceilings can "cover" a large area of ​​a piece of cloth with no visible seams, keeping the height of the room is almost the same (only lost 8 mm to 4 cm in height). Quickly and easily and can be removed if necessary to carry out additional work and then started again, reassembly on the quality of fabric is not affected. Vinyl, due to its minimal thickness (less than 0.2 mm) does not create changes in temperature and therefore completely condenses moisture in high humidity areas, such as swimming pools, bathrooms, etc. Also, these ceilings are highly durable, do not require constant care, but are easy to clean (dirt and dust is removed with soap and water, fat - liquid ammonia or liquid for cleaning glasses) that minimizes the cost of production service.
Vinyl is used for the manufacture of linen, - an environmentally safe material, self-extinguishing and do not emit toxic substances. The undeniable advantage of suspended ceilings are a wide color palette that allows you to make the most unexpected design fantasies. They can be used to create an ideal surface in one plane, and in three dimensions, in any configuration (layered, arched, etc.).
There are, of course, have suspended ceilings and disadvantages, but they are few. First of all, the market operators mentioned that they are afraid to mechanical damage (cuts, punctures), and therefore are not used in places of frequent access. To the list of deficiencies should also be considered, and a rather high price. To foreign output lower limit price is at a level 22-25 u.e./m2 already finished ceiling and the top can be up to 3-4 hundred of the same "cu". Domestic production is somewhat cheaper - from 15-16 u.e./m2.
Sphere of application
Currently suspended ceilings using everything for almost any room. Considered the most traditional areas of private and public: residential buildings, offices, banks, hotels, shops, restaurants, etc. However, the unique properties of this type of coating allows their use in pre-school and school institutions, requiring sterile pools, medical facilities, laboratories, and various others.
Design refinements
For architects and interior designers ceilings are of particular interest. These ceilings are decorated with restaurants, hotels, shops, clubs, and other relevant public institutions to create a unique corporate identity.
Stretch ceilings can be isolated fragments of more complex compositions ceilings, for example, "drowned" in the design of drywall, "jacketed" with wooden beams, etc. By the way, the French are not satisfied flat surfaces, they run a variety of ceiling configurations - wavy, tapered, etc. One of the most important differences of suspended ceilings is an exceptionally rich range of textures. Presented and lacquered texture with three-dimensional effect, satin, velvet, "metallic", imitating natural stone, under the "artificial marble", under the "skin", "tree", "metal", and recently appeared perforated and translucent texture, so many to choose from there.
Huge colors of suspended ceilings, more than 100 colors and shades, neogranicheynye technological possibilities for transforming the horizontal, inclined, cascading, wavy hair, arched and tight structures volume ceilings allow to carry out the most original design solutions. And so, ceilings rightly referred to as the materials "luxury" for the most expensive interior decor. With stretch ceilings can use any lights: incandescent bulbs (60 W), halogen (up to 35 W). Fixtures are attached to the main ceiling, the ceiling in the tension for them, holes which are sealed with a special ring.
In restaurants, bars and cafes, discos, cinemas, in a private apartment, the ceilings high halls of hotels and shopping centers elegant addition to the basic coverage may can become a "starry sky". "Starry Sky" is developed on the basis of fiber-optic svetoustanovki as an ornamental. Combining famous SWAROVSKI lenses of various shapes and sizes with the lenses, you can create various sizes and configurations, "stars." Passing through the lenses, the light output creates an amazing play of light on the ceiling. A good representative of this trend are the ceilings Nine Hundred. LackFolie-X, Lackfolie. By the way, clear vinyl allows you to create so-called "luminous ceiling" - in this case the lights are placed directly over the surface of the film and lighting, thus becomes soft and diffused nature.
For a private home stretch ceiling - a "front" face of the living room, hall, versatile and "eternal" ceiling for bath, sauna, swimming pool, "unobtrusive" in care - for the kitchen.
Made from heavy-duty vinyl ceilings Varrisol meet the most stringent international standards of fire safety and the environment, they do not burn, does not melt and do not emit toxic substances. Ceilings Varrisol have high performance, and moreover, OH1 provide reliable sound and thermal insulation, protection against flooding on, hide cracks, stains various surface defects.
Unlike traditional ceiling coverings Varrisol quickly assembled and changes without making discomfort in the lives of the inhabitants living or working space, does not burn and does not change color over time, does not condense moisture and will not absorb odors, not afraid to shock or crack. When installing the lighting and ventilation systems ceilings Varrisol not create additional difficulties from a technical point of view, setting, such as chandeliers does not cause the need for strengthening structures.
Stretch ceilings Varrisol provide almost unlimited opportunities to the most exclusive and original designs, as they account for more than 90 different colors and shades, as well as mirror, matte, velvet, translucent and perforated surface. With vinyl film can arrange a variety of shapes and sizes surfaces to create interesting three-dimensional structure, and if necessary to visually increase the space.
Ceiling systems Varrisol used in all areas of public use, in private interiors and especially where the required absolute purity and sterility. Meeting rooms, offices, shops and exhibition galleries, these materials give additional prestige and splendor, residential apartments and cottages - comfort and tranquility, restaurants and concert halls - brightness and festivity, and in sports facilities they add needed light and improve the overall climate.
The price range for the products Varrisol is very large and depends on the selected pattern, color, texture and fabric configuration of the ceiling surface. Prices for the cheapest product group 30-50 u.e./m2 and the cost of the finest of finishes and can be up to 350 u.e./m2.
Products EXTENZO
Wide range of colors and shades (about 100 titles), as well as a variety of textures (or glossy lacquer, satin, suede, marble, perforated, with the effect of "starry sky", etc.) make the scope of the product Extenzo virtually limitless. They are easy to assemble and dismantle, as the paintings have a harpoon system fasteners and are made of high quality PVC film. Caring for them is very simple: if necessary, they can be quickly cleaned with a soft sponge or cloth that do not form scratches. Extenzo not afraid of drafts and do not sag, because they have a great tension, and due to the fact that they do not collect condensate and can be effectively used in all wet areas. Extenzo ceilings are "afraid" just stabbing and cutting weapons.
With products Extenzo can create any form of tension ceiling: arches, waves, lines, asymmetrical parts, etc. Custom design is easy to implement, using also the play of light across various chandeliers, point-and halogen lights (including the ever so popular in entertainment institutions "starry sky"). Among the interesting features Extenzo can be noted the following: the modern technology with the use of fiber optics allows mounting in suspended ceiling unusual design drawing or original logo (for example, company name) that will adorn any commercial, office, exhibition and other facilities.
Each suspended ceiling involves individual calculation: the price is the cost of fabric (the size depends on the area of ​​the room), profile, structure and number of fixtures under the curved sections. On the basis of the invoice, the price increases in the following order: matte, glossy, suede, perforated, etc. The cost of 1 m2 of white frosted ceiling "turnkey" is 24-25 USD A wide range of interesting collections of French "Extenzo" which is firm "TDR", designed for different consumer groups.
Production of "Nine Hundred"
Perfectly smooth, resistant to deformation of the suspended ceiling creates a ceiling effect glass tile colors selected, and when using the mirror structure is able to visually increase small rooms. This effectively masks the ceiling all the bumps, cracks, stains, besides, it is not necessary from time to time to whitewash or paint.
The ceiling can visually reduce the excessively high land areas (the main thing - to choose the color), or placed close under the ceiling of the wiring. Also provides for suspension from the ceiling for different devices: a point and linear lighting, ventilation grilles, fire alarms, etc. The ceiling can be any shape: polygon, arc-shaped, spherical or a broken. For ceiling surfaces with nonlinear sides (columns, ovals, arcs, etc.) use a special mounting system (standard mounting bracket appropriately trimmed and mounted on the ceiling, forming a structure necessary sizes and shapes). The ceiling can be re-mounted and dismounted.
Moisture resistant material from which made tension structures (PVC film thickness of 0.17-0.18 mm and a weight of 0.2 kg/m2), protects the premises, both inside and outside of the accumulation of excessive amounts of moisture. An important advantage is the way of service: you can manually clean the surface using a publicly available cleaners or specified in the instructions to the ceiling preparation, no more frequently than once every 4-5 years in normal use. In areas of high sterility of the ceiling can be disinfected using chlorine solutions, and washed under pressure.
The surface tension ceiling of the "Nine Hundred" after the installation is covered by a layer of micron Teflon that prevents the deposition of particles of dust on it, and water vapor, further protecting the texture of the material. For areas with special requirements Company Nine Hundred offers a special model with high acoustic and thermal properties.
The original way of mounting and finishing produces homogeneous surface area of ​​about 60 m2 and combine them into larger ones. The strength of the ceiling surface is 100 kg/m2. Decorative coatings are used in all areas of private and public - houses, banks, shops, offices, restaurants, swimming pools, hospitals, schools, hotels, hospitals, etc.
The wide range of colors and textures, and a variety of mounting options allow the profile to find the best solution for each specific interior. The price of 1 m2 of white matte ceiling ARI is about 16 USD The cost of the installation of ceiling systems - 20-30% of the cost of materials. Delivery time - 10 days from the date of payment.
Products NEW MAT
Modern French ceilings New Mat have a number of high-quality properties that favorably distinguish them among the more traditional ceiling coverings. They are waterproof, heat-resistant, hygienic, practical, durable, does not absorb odors and have a higher impact resistance. New ceilings Mat is easy to install in rooms of all sizes and shapes, they involve minimal maintenance and, if necessary, withstand wet cleaning using any detergent.
An important advantage of technology in the installation of ceilings New Mat are cleanliness and speed: it takes a few hours and a beautiful suspended ceiling will be constructed free of dust and dirt. The color scheme of ceiling New Mat has more than 200 colors, and the texture of the film is diverse - from soft matte and satin options to fine marble and suede. In addition, manufacturers offer more than 10 types of mounting profile: classic, modern, elegant, cornice, invisible (with which you can set the blade at a distance of 12 mm from the existing ceiling), etc.