Stretch ceilings in the kitchen. Article number 51

       Today is quite difficult to choose ceilings - prices and photos can be easily found on the internet or in the interior design magazines. When we are nervous, we are going to seize their resentment toward the kitchen. When we are happy, we collect family at the dinner table and announce the good news. In any case, all the "roads" of our happiness or anxiety lead to the kitchen, where we spend a lot of time. Stay in the "dorm" fridge, gas cooker and microwave oven will be even more enjoyable if the interior of the kitchen will be appropriate. In particular it is necessary to take care of the ceiling.

       We can see the ceiling in the photo in magazines or catalogs of different companies. They look great in the kitchen. However, the product for our room to be selected individually. If the kitchen is small, it fits glossy stretch ceiling. Due to the reflective effect, it visually expand the space.

       Experts advise to mount the kitchen ceiling light matte. They are suitable for almost any kitchen interior design and require no special care.

       Stretch products practical. They are moisture resistant, so if you flood the neighbors, the ceiling is not affected. On stretched canvas condensation free. It is also important to note the following quality products.

       It is known that the kitchen was in the air smells different. The room can smoke. Stretch ceilings do not absorb odors and does not get dirty, as they have antistatic properties. Grease, soot, dust does not stick to the ceilings. Differ stretched canvas high sound insulation, so the tea you will always be comfortable.

       Stretch ceilings trademark "109" convenient to mount in any kitchen, even in a room of the old layout. During installation, the web tension is not fixed to the main ceiling and the walls. Because of this, you can avoid fraying or cracks in the plaster rough ceiling.

       Good as the data items that can hide gas, water, ventilation pipes. If you order the suspended ceiling of interesting design, it will hide most solid communication. The kitchen look great arched ceilings. They make the transition from the wall to the ceiling and can obscure the subtle unevenness corners and work surfaces in general.

       Many modern kitchens figuratively divided into zones. Through the use of different stretch ceiling can emphasize boundaries of each functional part. For example, if the partition between the balcony and the kitchen is missing, the ceiling of another kind of show where it ends and begins the kitchen balcony. The main thing is that the two types of stretch fabric combined with each other. All you need to know about ceilings (prices, photos and fixing) can be found on our website.