Installation of suspended ceilings. Article number 9

Installation of ceilings is very fast - literally in one - a maximum of three days. And the ceilings, and, especially, the repair of the old ceiling will take much more time. In general, as far as "normal" ceiling, many already refuse to repair it: removing the old whitewash, repair cracks, plaster, whitewash - it all takes time and effort. If we recall what the average ceiling - a desire to correct these distortions disappear completely, especially as a perfectly flat surface is not so easy to get. Another factor to consider when acquiring ceilings - this is an opportunity not to place lights where required by the builders, and where you want it, where, in the opinion of the owner, additional lighting. Of particular interest is the design: the ceilings are compatible with almost any decor. You can pick up any texture: leather, wood, paint, marble, any color - suspended ceilings made in virtually any color, with a different cover surface - matt or glossy.

However, stretch PVC ceilings and are less compared with suspended: it is quite a high price. But, on the other hand, we all know that you have to pay for quality. A suspended ceilings, in addition to the reliability and quality, and have even more impressive than the advantages. Besides those already mentioned above, we ceilings do not require repair, equipped with anti-dust coating that, if necessary, it is easy to wipe or wash. And it, is much easier and repair, and operation of the ceiling.