The production of suspended ceilings. Ukraine. Kiev. Article number 57.

    Today, everyone who encountered renovated, is aware of the stretch ceilings. Yet the people they are called by the French, as they march around the world to start with France, which is considered the birthplace of suspended ceilings. First ceilings in Ukraine appeared in the mid 90s. Then on the Ukrainian market was several French brands. This Barrisol, New Mat, Extenzo etc. The cost per square meter stretch ceiling that time was sky-high - more than $ 150. But it was prestigious and fashionable, so many wealthy people considered it a luxury to deliver at home are French ceilings.

   As time passed, ceilings gradually lost in value. Some entrepreneurs invested in the production of suspended ceilings are in the Ukraine. Production is hard to call, but it is. Appeared more and more new brands, production companies, installers and just firm who acted as intermediaries between the end customer (the consumer), and by the manufacturer of suspended ceilings. Among manufacturing companies, we want to highlight the company "Nine Hundred", which in 2010 firmly takes the place of a 5-ke market leaders suspended ceilings.

    The company "Nine Hundred" to a working area, near Kiev, a huge warehouse products. Officially, the company was established in 2005. Let's take a closer look at the production of suspended ceilings Trade mark "109". Why so formal? The Brand "109"? Because today the company is one of the few has its own trademark, officially registered mark.
     So, what does the production of suspended ceilings? Stretch ceiling (harpoon system) consists of several components. The whole system is a stretch ceiling: aluminum profile, PVC film, PVC harpoon, insert (plug, edging) PVC. Now in order.

        Aluminum profile - made in Ukraine ordered the special matrix. Material - primary aluminum, that is not secondary, primary raw material used to produce the profile of stretch ceiling.
      Insert (plug, edging) - is made of soft plastic. Necessary in order to hide the visible aluminum profile, it also serves as a smooth transition stretch ceiling into the wall. Made in Ukraine.
      Spear - is also made of soft plastic, serves as the primary fastener. It is welded to the edge of the film with a high frequency machine and fixed inside the profile. This creates the most reliable mount. The greater the pressure, the stronger and more reliable sits suspended ceiling in the profile. Made in Ukraine.
      PVC Film - is produced in many countries around the world. Leaders in the production of PVC film for stretch ceilings are Germany and France. In the market of Ukraine also has a film production in Russia, Ukraine (matte, satin), Belgium, China and other countries. Self-respecting companies are working with the film from Germany and France. The company "Nine Hundred" works only with the film in Germany and France. The film is different widths - from 130 cm to 180 cm films, more than 180 cm are considered Chinese. Matt and satin films are available in widths from 130 cm to 200 cm Fabric cloth for stretch ceilings are of a width of 310, 410 and 510 cm
     As we see the concept of "French stretch ceiling" itself is not justified. Once the film is the French left, and all other components of the stretch ceiling has long been produced in Ukraine. But that does not stop us, "Nine Hundred" safely give a guarantee on ceilings trademark "109" a 12-year warranty.