Stretch ceilings Haute Couture. Article number 54

    We continue the theme "ceilings". Expert on the subject in our magazine stands Valery S. Volobuev, director of "Astoria", specializing in the installation of suspended ceilings.

- Valery S., in the last issue we talked about the simple "classic" stretch ceilings, which are matte or glossy cloth. Today let's talk about the more complex options that your company offers.

- Yes, today, a large number of customers who want to make their house different personality bore the imprint of their personality and interests. Therefore, our company offers such unusual solutions as photo printing, starry sky, multi-level and three-dimensional design.

     Let's start with the photo printing. It is one of the most popular destinations. Because, first, relatively easy to perform, and secondly, you can do any of the wishes of the customer as soon as possible. But the main advantage is that it is not necessary to choose the suspended ceiling from the catalog of the firm. You can always order your own picture, leaving it in electronic form. In this case, the customer is assured that this piece-work, a ceiling can not be bought, and to meet the second such impossible, moreover, always a pleasure to know that you had a hand in creating a new design for your apartment, home or office.

     Incidentally, these ceilings can be installed not only on the ceiling but also on the wall. Thus, you can create full picture fades from the ceiling down. You do not have to fear that the picture will fade, photo printing, as well as the ceiling itself, eventually loses its color. Ceiling with photoprint may be combined with other types of ceiling, for example, multilevel.

   Multi-level ceiling can divide the total area of ​​the room into zones mount sophisticated lighting system and air conditioning, hide all communications, narrow or expand the space and create the effect of "raising the ceiling", which is especially important for rooms with low ceilings. Mount technology allows you to create transitions of various forms, arches, and more. So, is combined with multi-level ceiling "starry sky", where "the sky" - is itself a stretch ceiling cloth, and the "stars" - specially bred to him lighting system. The creation of this ceiling can display different patterns of the night sky: a cluster of galaxies, constellations, zodiac signs, the Milky Way - with varying brightness of the stars glow and flicker. This unusual interior is fascinating and relaxing.

     But the most difficult to perform and, consequently, the most expensive are the voluminous ceilings (dunes, waves, cones). In addition, they require a large area for the manifestation of the effect, but the result exceeds all expectations. Imagine you look up and over your head - the sea.