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Video suspended ceilings, manufacture and installation
of the company's "Nine Hundred"

Video - Presentation of suspended ceilings from Company One Hundred Nine Ltd

Video and photo photographs podobrka beautiful stretch ceilings

A selection of photos and video of stretch ceilings

Video how to install suspended ceilings. The form of the stretch ceiling - a circle. The color is white. Texture paint, gloss. Video number 1.

A video that proves that the ceilings are off. We decided to set fire to the suspended ceiling to prove it. Look.


Video from the company on the Barrisol ceilings. The wizard shows how strong and robust suspended ceiling

For a video about the technology stretch ceiling. Fleshrolik Saros Design from the company.

Video Seamless ceilings Clipso.

Another video of the full installation of stretch ceiling.

Video how to install a suspended ceiling in the pool, in the shape of a dome with a starry sky Swarovski

Videos unlimited suspended ceilings

Video, proving that the suspended ceiling stands a huge amount of water. Experts of the water is drained from the ceiling.

Video installation, dismantling stretch ceiling. Company of America establishes a suspended ceiling in a plastic profile.

Video, translucent stretch ceiling. Wall, fluorescent lights. Harpoon system.

Video suspended ceiling Clipso. A detailed video for installing tension (tissue) ceiling Clipso.

Video how to install a suspended ceiling.

Video how to get around the pipe stretch ceiling