Company "Nine Hundred" from 2006 is constantly expanding its dealer network in Ukraine. Dealer price list can be obtained from our regional managers by phone, fax or email. Catalogs and software to work are free of charge. List of dealers in stretch ceilings in the regions of Ukraine from "Nine Hundred"

All new dealers are trained in Kiev. Training lasts 2 days. The first day - the theory, the second - the practice. On the first day of our dealers are trained how to shoot dimensions stretch ceiling, choose a color stretch fabric, the rules of the location of joints, communication with the customer. On the second day of the dealers go to an actual object, and are trained in the installation of stretch ceiling. During training, the installation of stretch ceiling, we learn how to install light fixtures and other elements in the ceiling. And the whole assembly algorithm (preparation, room heating, mounting profile, masking canticle, bypass pipes, installing curtain rods, hoods and much more). Stretch ceilings TM "109" in the cities of Ukraine have the same guarantee of 12 years.

Delivery of finished ceilings on regions of Ukraine is 3 times a week. Orders from dealers accepted by fax or electronic mail.

Depending on the volume of sales, discounts are available in the dealer price list. We also can purchase the equipment for the installation of suspended ceilings in their regions. If you truly want to become our dealers in your area, check out the "tools and parts for suspended ceilings".