Education for dealers tension ceilings

Company "Nine Hundred" is training for the staff of the regional dealers. We organize training courses for the design, assembly and installation of suspended ceilings with managers and installers. In the course includes proper measuring, selection of tools and materials, computer modeling and the necessary software, marketing consulting, installation features, and more.

The training course consists of theoretical and practical part. During the theoretical sessions Presents basic concepts of installation of suspended ceilings, describes the full cycle, and recommendations for the implementation of individual stages from design to installation, explains the features of working with customers.

Training for managers on tension ceilings includes a description of the general scheme and principles of work performed. The course includes: the acceptance and processing of orders, scheduling and monitoring of the work, the timing of the production work and payments, work with customers, parts assembly and classification of materials, compliance with and implementation of warranty, familiarization with the software, work on the subject, and more . With managers conducted a series of training seminars with the description of marketing activities, which are aimed at increasing sales.

For installation training course includes site visits to measure, correct registration plate measurements for the workshop for the implementation, training facility for zamerochnyh works, introduction to the basic principles and rules of accurate measurements of the object, instruction on the use of the necessary measuring instruments. Explains the principles of mounting a baguette and technology of stretch ceilings, familiarity with tools and equipment. Explains installation of fixtures, ventilation, stroke pipes, embedded devices and equipment, installation of alarm, etc. Are trained to repair and dismantling of suspended ceilings and much more.

After the theoretical part of the staff offered the test items, to secure the material. On a practical training under the supervision of our staff will be able to proceed with the installation of suspended ceilings. After a successful teaching qualification awarded certificates of attendance for stretch ceilings.