Information for Dealers

Information on dealership in stretch ceilings

If you work in construction or repair of the premises, then you should think about expanding their services. As an option, the company "Nine Hundred" offers you receive training on the installation of suspended ceilings trade mark "109". After training (this theory and practice), you can feel free to offer their customers ceilings "turnkey". We provide you with a complete list of equipment and accessories for the installation of suspended ceilings. We will always be "in touch" and can help you in a difficult situation. You can always count on us to help in the installation of suspended ceilings TM 109.

Information for Dealers

The company «109» (Hundred Nine Ltd.) Provides its services in the market of construction and finishing works since 2005. During this time we have not only gained a reputation as a reliable partner in the field of stretch ceilings, but also greatly expanded dealer network. Our company is the official partner of the world's leading manufacturers of ceiling systems and has been producing its own products under the brand name "109". Stretch ceilings of "109" - a high quality, reasonable price, eco-friendly materials and modern styling. Particular attention is paid to the establishment of new partnerships and building a dealer network in Ukraine and CIS countries.

We invite companies who are interested in expanding their business. Dealers we provide all the necessary tools and materials, conduct advertising and information support, as well as advise and assist in all other matters.

For our dealers are special training courses on management and installation of suspended ceilings. The course consists of theoretical and practical part.

The training program for managers tension ceilings
The theoretical part

- General information about stretch ceilings and their varieties
- The order of acceptance of the order, the formation of the appropriate documentation, billing for payment
- Learning to work with assistive computer programs for the design of suspended ceilings
- Information on the date of manufacture of suspended ceilings
- Marketing Techniques to Increase Sales
- Information about the additional services (lighting and ventilation systems, compensation, etc.)
- Planning and control of the order
- Learning to work with customers

 The practical part

- Adoption of a specific order to perform
- Direct contact with the customer
- Preparation of all necessary documentation and billing for payment
- Work with the software
- Tests to check the level of adoption of the studied material

 The training program for installers of suspended ceilings
 The theoretical part

- Classification of suspended ceilings
- Materials and Technologies
- Working with various types of suspended ceilings
- Introduction to the tool
- Technique of the exact measurements and applying them to the drawing
- Rules for measuring leaf
- Work with the software
- How to mount a baguette and separators
- Engineering Installation of suspended ceilings
- Installation of lighting and ventilation systems
- Stroke Pipe and embedded products in the ceilings
- The technology of multi-level suspended ceilings
- The subsequent service suspended ceilings
- Repair and removal of suspended ceilings
- Safety

The practical part

- Check out the object
- Removal of measurements
- Drawing Drawing
- Work on a baguette with marked
- The stretch ceiling
- Tests to check the level of adoption of the studied material

All practical tasks are carried out in the presence of our staff, which advises and suggests further action.
After completing the course receive certificates, which are proof of successful completion of training and assignment of qualification obtained.

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