Prices for dealers stretch ceilings

If you have experience in the construction and the finishing area and want to expand their business or to acquire new skills, then our offer of cooperation will surely interest you. Stretch ceilings "109" absolutely not require large financial expenditures and investments. We offer you a ready-made business model that quickly bring tangible financial benefits.

To become a partner, do not need to buy expensive equipment and purchase the necessary materials. We always meet with our partners. Thanks to the cooperation with leading manufacturers and our own production, we can offer our partners products at very attractive prices. For all of our dealers have wholesale prices. You can make purchases as a small wholesale and large quantity.

The company "109" is looking for dealers and partners for comprehensive promotion of suspended ceilings of our brand in the regions of Ukraine. To start cooperation is enough to visit our main office, which is located in Kiev, and sign a dealership agreement. It is also necessary to take a course for managers and installers of suspended ceilings, to obtain a certificate of qualification in the field. Our dealers, we provide all the necessary information and instructions for installation of suspended ceilings. For dealers who can not afford to purchase materials in large quantities, we offer the sale of paintings to cut parts of a certain size.

Working with stretch ceilings "109" is beneficial and cost-effective. To start the installation of suspended ceilings have enough fabric, prints and basic toolbox. As your business, you can order the more sophisticated tools and devices, which greatly simplify the installation of suspended ceilings and reduce operating time.

Delivery of materials to the regions in various ways, convenient to the customer. You can order the delivery of our courier service, use the services of third-party courier companies or self-import goods from our warehouses.

Payment is by cash or bank transfer. After the receipt of payment to our bank account and order forms are sending you specified manner. We strive on a tight schedule to ship the ordered goods and guarantee its quality. In stock all the goods carefully inspected for any defects or marriage. All of our products are brand packaging with printed logo of "109". All items carefully packed and protected from damage during transport. Therefore, our partners can be sure that the order will come in one piece in time. All products are available certifications, supporting documentation and passports products. We are constantly updated range of products. Therefore we have in stock is always available all the necessary profiles and related accessories.

Price ceilings on the "109" is composed of the price of cloth and mounting profile. The price of cloth is per square meter, and a baguette for linear meter. The prices depend on the total purchase amount. The larger the order, the cheaper the cost price of a stretch ceiling. Together with the order we supply the necessary components and accessories: spatula, clips, glue, screws, plastic, lighting, and other tools as desired dealer.

Stretch ceilings "109" unpretentious in storage, so dealers can organize your small storage without significant financial cost. This will in turn save on procurement and to ensure prompt access to the necessary materials. Thanks to our own production and optimal distribution model we keep our prices at a reasonable level. We are interested in long-term cooperation and partnership with our dealers on mutually beneficial terms. We are happy to provide information about all the nuances of the business organization and management, as well as all the intricacies of working with customers.

We adhere to democratic pricing policy and do not seek to tie our prices to world currencies. All our dealers the opportunity to delay payment. For more information on dealer prices from our managers.

We are always glad to cooperate!

Prices of ceilings for the dealers you can contact our managers or by e-mail. Call or write.