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Recent work on tension ceilings

Company TM "109" (One Hundred Nine Ltd France) is ready to present you our new creation. These works are given by our dealers, and characterize them as high professionals who know their job thanks to the competent and comprehensive training in our company. Every year we improve our skills, we are not resting on our laurels: improving our skills to install, to set ceilings even better, faster and better; conduct market research, and fashion to offer a high demand product.

How to protect yourself from fraud and incompetence of a stretch ceilings

The ceilings are made of cheap PVC film for general purpose and non-professional teams of installers are mounted. Very often, these teams are selling "homemade" ceilings under the brand name "109", often at very low prices. Which in turn attracts many naive customers who are in the latter very much regret his decision, because after installing such bogus firms disappear just as they had appeared, and the client is left alone with their problems by further service ceilings.

Stretch ceilings TM 109 at the hotel "Cosmopolitan"
The stretch ceiling - it's beautiful, profitable, cozy and comfortable. And for hotel ceilings are imperative, as they can be very useful to visually increase the height of any room. And who does not love the high ceilings, especially in hotels? One of the latest luxury accommodations in Kiev - this hotel "Cosmopolitan", which is on Shulyavka, near the shopping center "Bolshevik" at the address. Getman, 6. All 160 rooms of the hotel are set ceilings TM 109 (One Hundred Nine Ltd France). White color, texture - matte. In the restaurant, set ceilings with perforated beige. These ceilings are interesting because gipsokartonnovy ceiling around the pretension black. Beige and black stretch plasterboard give a nice contrast. Below you can see some photos of the hotel "Cosmopolitan", which established ceilings.

Stretch ceilings in Italy in Rome

International Company One Hundred Nine Ltd France (representative office in Ukraine in Kiev - the Company "Nine Hundred") continues to actively develop. In late 2011, a number of agreements were signed on the representation of TM 109 in Italy, Germany and Greece. 2013 was marked by the further expansion of our dealer network, we have developed its own representatives in Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Athens, Kosice, Nuremberg (Germany). Carried out the first orders for the installation (installation) of suspended ceilings in Rome, Italy. To date, two projects were completed, both of which are in Rome. Our representatives (dealers) in Italy completed the full course of study and training in the installation of suspended ceilings TM 109. They are ready today udovletvorits any European. Stretch ceilings with photo printing application. The bar gives the effect of being under water. Addresses and photos of suspended ceilings in Italy (Rome) look on:

Stretch ceilings in Kiev, SEC Ultramarine

Stretch ceilings are ideal for all entertainment venues. Cinemas, restaurants and discos. One of our latest work - it suspended ceilings in the SEC Ultramarine, which is located in Kiev on the street. Urickogo 1A. There are set ceilings varnish (gloss) black texture. In some areas mounted black paint. All ceilings in ultramarine perforated with evenly spaced apart holes (holes). This allows the tension ceiling to breathe. Photos look below.

Stretch ceilings 3d clouds photo

Stretch ceilings with photo printing (image) of cloud - the main direction of "One Hundred Nine." We are professionally engaged in the application of images on the ceilings of any shape and texture. We have extensive experience in the production of suspended ceilings with photo printing on lacquer, matt, satin and semi-transparent ceilings. At some beautiful ceilings leaves our photographer and creates a 3D image.

Today 3d interior photos can be present in the room. By downloading 3D photos, you virtually walk into the room and using the mouse can rotate around the perimeter of the room. This is the effect of the presence in the room. One of the last works - ceilings depicting the sky (clouds) in the glossy (lacquer) suspended ceilings. Below you will be able to be fully present in the room with the help of technology 3D photos. Happy viewing.

Stretch ceilings photo printing clouds

Our company is actively promoting the newest solutions svyazvnnye with tension ceilings. Today, new technologies make it possible to put any images on the ceilings. The so-called photographic printing on suspended ceilings. Photo printing is possible to put on matte, satin, semi-transparent and varnish (gloss) of the web. Print Width our company is limited to 250 cm on the photo printing can also be welded shvy.Pechataem we on high HP large-format printers and Canon. Paint deeply penetrates the stretch ceiling structure without damaging the surface. Most often, the cloud print. Terms of manufacturing printing on a tension ceiling from 10 to 30 days. In such ceilings can also be mounted lights and a starry sky. Below is one of the restaurants in the city of Kiev, in which our company has established a suspended ceiling, an area of ​​60 square meters, which is a depiction of clouds. Material - gloss (lacquer). Photo below.

Stretch ceilings photo

Today, all those who wish to order (set) currently ceilings come into Google ( and write in the search query "ceilings picture." And it is absolutely logical. After all, in order to know what you need suspended ceiling, you see the options of suspended ceilings. And where, if not on the finished orders can not see them. So we all want to see photos of suspended ceilings. And to form taste. On our site you will find the largest collection of photos from a stretch ceilings. You can choose the color photo of suspended ceilings.

Stretch ceilings in the hotel

Stretch ceilings are the norm in interior decoration, both residential and commercial. In 2012, Ukraine meets the European football championship Euro-2012. Now in Kyiv and suddenly cities are actively being built and renovated hotel. Company "Nine Hundred" offers especially for hotels ceilings. This is an economy version of ceilings that are willing to replace the drywall and other types of ceilings. If you are building or renovating a hotel, then you nashinatyazhnye ceilings are essential. Why? Here are the main advantages:

Stretch ceilings in the restaurant Vyshgorode

Stretch ceilings are today deeply penetrated into the interior. Many entertainment options make the project ceilings. It's beautiful, fast and clean. A few days ago, were completed work on the installation of suspended ceilings in the restaurant "Visegrad", which is located near the town of Toompea. The material that was used - a film made ​​in Germany. Texture - mother of pearl. Color - white. Below are photos of the restaurant, including 3D photos. Happy viewing.


The main purpose of participation in the exhibition of our company was the fact that as much as possible to acquaint representatives of the construction business and ordinary people with the novelties in the field of stretch ceilings. At our stand you can see the full range of products offered, as well as get answers to all the questions from our staff. The main objective of our company is the introduction of a modern, durable and environmentally-friendly materials, which contribute to a more efficient and productive work during installation and installation of suspended ceilings. Dashe photos and video from the show.

Construction Exhibition Inter Bud Expo 2011

The company "One Hundred Nine Ltd" invites everyone whose work is somehow related to the construction and renovation of the exhibition Inter Bud Expo, which will take place on Nivki at the address. Salyutnaya 2B, KievExpoPlaza. Our company will present an interesting booth with the latest modern technology in the production of suspended ceilings. You will be able to see those instances that have not yet been presented in the Ukraine. Visitors to our stand will be able to enjoy the benefits of an exclusive series of suspended ceilings made ​​in Italy Color-Ex, colors exceeds 240 different materials. Briefly about the exhibition:

Briefly about the exhibition:
INTERBUDEXPO - construction exhibition of the latest technologies in the field of construction and finishing materials.
This exhibition is a continuation and further development of the exhibition "Building and Architecture"
To view the exhibition, you can visit the official website of the organizers Construction Exhibition Inter Bud Expo 2011

Brand TM 109

Brand TM 109 In early 2010, the company "Nine Hundred" gets the patent for the brand "109". The so-called "Evidence on the mark for goods and services," which issued pursuant to the Law of Ukraine "About protection of rights for trademarks for goods and services." Registered in the State Register of certificates of Ukraine marks for goods and services, February 25, 2010 under number number 118970

2009 - opens third office

2009 - opens third office address: Str. Avtozavodskaia 18. Number of employees - 24. Opened offices in Kirovograd and Lutsk.

2008 - began operating a second site of the company -

2008 - began operating a second site of the company - Opened offices in cities such as Makiyivka, Poltava, Lviv, Alchevsk, Kremenchug, Kherson, Khmelnytsky, Chernivtsi. We move into the office on Avenue of Heroes of Stalingrad 16-B.

2007. Opened offices in

2007. Opened offices in Simferopol, Sevastopol, Odessa, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Lugansk, Gorlivka, Dnipropetrovsk, Djankov, Zaporozhye, Cervonograd. This year was marked by active development of its own network in Ukraine. Now we are not dealers - we are manufacturers. We develop its own brand name - 109.

2005 - Nine Hundred Ltd. opened its first office

2005 - Nine Hundred Ltd. opened its first office at the address: Str. Vincent Khvoiki 21, of. 114. Number of employees at this time was 6 people. We were dealers (representatives) manufacturers of suspended ceilings. Installation was carried out only by the city of Kiev. Working with Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine.

2005 - started his first job site

2005 - began operating the first site Ltd Nine Hundred - This year the company was founded.