On ceilings

The ceiling is the only place in our homes and apartments, which until recently touched by the hand of the architect. White, flat or curved - that's all its characteristics. Nevertheless , this " white list" waited in the wings and ready to express individuality of the owner . The most fashionable solution are now ceilings .
History of the emergence of stretch ceilings dates back to ancient times. Their traces are found in the territory of the ancient states : Egypt, Greece, Rome. The modern version emerged in the mid 60s in Sweden and immediately gained wide popularity in Western Europe. We Ukraine ceilings fairly new concept . However, its undeniable merits , aesthetics , wide color gamut allows for most unexpected design fantasies , combined with practicality , moisture prepare for their long life .
Material - a film that does not contain harmful substances , meets all sanitary requirements . French stretch ceiling is the fastest way to finish. It does not require pre-treatment can hide any defects in the ceiling , renew and refresh the interior of the apartment , home, office . The special role of the French stretch ceiling appears in finishing houses, prestigious office space firms, banks , hotels , restaurants, shops . The variety of colors and textures French tension ceilings give rich palette of artists and designers , will allow to realize almost any modern interior, to satisfy the tastes of everyone. Compared with traditional finishing ceilings , which is mandatory update is done every 3-5 years , especially in kitchens and bathrooms , French ceilings do not require maintenance . Time does not affect its quality. You will forget about the repair , you just wipe it . He will serve you until you get bored .
What is a stretch ceiling ?
Ceilings are made of thin , durable vinyl film , which is attached to an aluminum or plastic frame , the so-called baguette . Each ceiling is made individually . So first on your property measurements are made ceiling.
The process of making a stretch ceiling for your room looks like . After placing your order in our office , the engineer goes to the object for an accurate measurement. After that , the office manager on the basis of measurements on a scale drawing layout of your room. Next drawing is sent to the factory. The factory specialists welded blade ( appears weld ) and cut to fit your ceiling . After the perimeter " cook " harpoon. Harpoon - a soft plastic, which serves as a tension ceiling fixture . And your ceiling is ready.
Stretch ceiling film surface can be matt or lacquered in various colors and shades. We offer a choice of rich colors and a wide range of different textures : silk, satin , matte , translucent, lacquer , mother of pearl , metallic, perforated and hygienic . Colours of more than 160 shades.