Repair of stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings
, as well as other types of ceilings have weaknesses , respectively, may be damaged and require repair .
First of all , we must remember the main enemy for stretch ceiling. This sharp objects . Knife , umbrella , fork, any toy with sharp corners , etc. Stretch ceilings - it is a very thin film thickness of about 0.2 mm, thus exposed to rupture.
Beat champagne cork , oddly enough , is not afraid to stretch ceiling. Although a strong kick ( sometimes you can put a bruise ), film stretch ceiling is not afraid of traffic jams , since the shape of cork has no sharp protrusions.
Stretch ceiling is also afraid of low temperatures. At temperatures below zero , the film crystallizes and can explode at any moment , even the slightest movement of air. So try not to allow the temperature drop to zero in the room where the suspended ceiling .
Stretch ceilings can be repaired . But not in all cases. Frequent :
1. Did you accidentally struck the suspended ceiling with a sharp object . To prevent a further increase in the hole immediately seal the hole with tape , call our company and report the problem . There are several ways out of this situation. You can punch a hole in the false- hood , set the lamp ( if it is possible without removing the ceiling to connect to the power supply ) , to stick a piece of material of the same color stick decoration using self-adhesive paper. This so-called economy options. Ideally - completely replace the suspended ceiling . Since you will need to change only the ceiling, the profile will remain the same , then the price will be much lower than on the original .
2 . From the edge of the ceiling loose piece of ceiling profile . This is most often due to negligent attitude adjuster . That is not the work is done efficiently. In this case, according to the company which carried out the installation of the incident . Comes the offending team and eliminates the defect per hour .
3 . On the edge of the ceiling harpoon disconnected from the film. This workmanship of the production. It too can be repaired on site without removing the ceiling. The same team can do it in an hour.