Warranty on ceilings


Warranty on ceilings , purchased the company " Nine Hundred " - 12 years. Suspended ceilings in the market the company is working for 4 years , since 2005.
LLC " Nine Hundred " guarantees the following :
1. All products - component parts of a stretch ceiling , which are sold under the brand name " Nine Hundred " , do not have material and factory defects.
2 . Each ceiling purchased from LLC " Nine Hundred " , given a 3- year warranty from date of sale ceiling. The above warranty covers the mechanical strength of materials. In addition, a 12 - year guarantee on the stability of colors and forms stretch ceiling purchased from LLC " Nine Hundred " .
3 . Within the boundaries of the warranty will be repaired free of charge all the shortcomings , provided that the ceiling is operated according to the instructions and recommendations specified in the instructions to the operation, which is an integral part of this guarantee .
Instruction manual with stretch ceiling purchased from LLC " Nine Hundred " . About the use and conservation methods of stretch ceilings .
Stretch ceiling supplied and installed in accordance with the requirements and recommendations of the Customer: color / pattern / texture / shape. Artist only can perform all the work that accompany decor and design ceilings " Nine Hundred " , ie installation of lighting, ventilation grilles , blinds, music speakers , etc. The performance of these works by unauthorized persons , who were not trained to install suspended ceilings in the LLC " Nine hundred " void the warranty . For warranty case does not concern the replacement of lamps, lights and other devices already installed in the ceiling.
Ceiling must avoid contact with objects that may cause mechanical damage. Whenever such a situation , all repairs can be carried out by the warranty. When cracks in the ceiling material repairs will be carried out within the boundaries of the guarantee , provided proper operation. If repair is impossible , will be held a complete replacement of a stretch ceiling .
After installation , suspended ceiling cleaned , wiped , polished and does not require additional processing and preservation . Suspended ceiling must be cleaned with a mild degreaser and use for this purpose a soft sponge or rag their natural fabric . After removing the layer of dust and other contaminants , the ceiling is necessary to rub and polish . We recommend that this operation was performed by specialists of LLC " Nine Hundred " . Ceilings are installed in the premises from which require special sterility and purity (laboratories, operating rooms , pharmacies , etc.), can be cleaned using water vapor or other chemical agents , the choice of which should be agreed with " Nine Hundred " .
In disputes about the cause of the damage , as well as a method for removing (within or outside the warranty ) , the Contractor is authorized to carry out the examination and issuance of certain conclusions on this topic. In the event of such disputes will be conducted examination .
LLC " Nine Hundred " wishes you enjoy using stretch ceiling brand " Nine Hundred " .