Caring for stretch ceiling

Instructions for use of stretch ceilings " Nine Hundred " . Caring for stretch ceiling .
( about the use and the preservation of ceilings " nine hundred ")
Ceiling supplied and installed in accordance with the requirements and recommendations of the Customer or designer (color / structure / form).
Artist only can perform all the work that accompany inlay ceilings " nine hundred " , ie , lighting , cell ventilation , blinds and the like. Performance of these works by unauthorized persons due to loss of warranty. Guarantees can not be only a replacement lamp , but it should be conducted with the performance of all kinds of precautions.
Should avoid contact with the objects of the ceiling , which can cause mechanical damage . Ceiling afraid of cutting and sharp objects . When this situation occurs , all repairs can be made out of warranty . Accidental damage to the ceiling , repairs will be carried out within the warranty , and if his inability ceiling will be replaced .
After mounting the ceiling cleaned , polished and does not require additional conservation. Its cleaning is carried out to the extent of need. Ceiling should be cleaned with water and a mild degreaser complement and be used for this purpose a soft cloth . After washout layer of dust or other contamination and ceiling should be wiped otpolirovyvat . It is recommended that these operations are performed by the Contractor. Ceiling mounted in areas which are required special sterility (laboratories, operating rooms, and the like ) can be cleaned using water vapor or other chemical agents , the choice of which should be agreed with " One hundred and nine ."
We must not forget that the suspended ceiling is afraid of sharp, cutting , and solid objects .
In the event of a dispute regarding the cause of the failure and, therefore, as to the manner of its elimination (within or outside the warranty ) , the Contractor is authorized to conduct examinations of a certain type and publishing findings on
this topic will be held expertise .