Requirements for stretch ceiling

Our company has a number of requirements to the customer prior to installation of stretch ceiling .
Annex 1 to the contract number for the installation of stretch ceiling.
1. Customer warned of the need for mandatory conservation constant perimeter after conducted measurements , preparing designs and estimates.
2 . Customer is warned that depending on the width of each billing ceiling welds will have provided the technology of manufacturing of suspended ceilings .
3 . Customer shall at the time of signing the contract to agree to approve the location of seams and their direction on the working drawings .
4 . Before installing the client is obliged to prepare the space as follows:
a) remove the potted plants and pets , as well as all the valuable items and things that can be deformed when the temperature changes during the installation of suspended ceilings ;
b) to provide free access to the walls around the perimeter of the room , put all items from the premises , including jacuzzi, baths, sinks, mirrors , toilets , etc.
c) if the installation is done in tile , the tile should be put up to the ceiling of the carrier .
d) to places where lamps should be brought cable lines, ensuring guaranteed activation and deactivation voltage and lamp installation location shall be indicated on the ceiling.
e) provide the Executive scheme communications laid in the walls (wiring , plumbing and heating pipes ) . In the absence of the scheme shall not be liable for any damage to communications;
f) drywall , ceramic tile or other structural and finishing materials shall be secured , and withstanding a force on the gap is not less than 60 kg / rm . , in the presence of voids between the surfacing materials installation of stretch ceiling is not possible. If the ceiling is to fix in the ceramic tiles , the "CUSTOMER" will cover the complexity of the work , consistent with the installation teams .
g) space , which set ceilings , adjoining ceiling tiles , floors to walls and ventilation ducts must be sealed to exclude the effect of " sucking " air .
5 . Power installed recessed ceiling lights should not exceed 35 W. And also:
housing all installed fixtures ( structures) in the ceiling during the operation should not be heated above 60 º C. In the operation of lights should not be turned on for more than 12 hours. Otherwise, under the influence of temperature , suspended ceiling melted.
6. When installing chandeliers, lamps aimed at having the suspended ceiling , it is recommended
maintain a distance from the ceiling to the lamp (cm) equal to the lamp power (W) .
7. The cost of installation of chandeliers include preparation and installation of mounting under the chandelier , and the installation of the mounting ring . Actual installation of chandeliers company performs.
8. During installation of stretch ceiling mounting profiles and sometimes there is a " slight pollution" as spots at the hands of installers as aluminum profiles can not be perfectly clean . In this case the customer is warned about the finish painting the junction tension ceiling to the walls.
9. When false exit (when the installation is not possible to produce , and at the request of the customer , we still come ) the receiving party pays shipping stretch ceiling , the value of which depends on the distance calculated 3grn . for 1 km.
10 . If during the installation of stretch ceiling will be revealed " level difference in height " , you will need to align the ceiling . Which entails an increase in the cost of a stretch ceiling of 5%. And if you find that you must attached to a metal beam , the cost of the work is also increased by 5%.
11. When choosing spotlights important that the difference between the inner and outer diameter of the lamp was not less than 10mm . Otherwise, the mounting ring ( plastic ) will be visible and act beyond the boundaries of the luminaire.
12. Height of the room where you will install the suspended ceiling should not exceed 3.2 meters . Otherwise CUSTOMER shall prepare and install scaffolding and decking for installation of stretch ceiling .