Mounting of stretch ceilings

Ceiling covering stretched on mounting rails attached to the side walls . Minimum distance to the existing overlap of 3.5 cm ( depending on the height of recessed luminaires ) . Size coating prepared according to the size value of 40 - 50 m2 depending on the size of the room , and an area in excess of 40 - 50 m2 mounted via the connecting elements . The ceiling may be of any shape: polygonal , arcuate , spherical shape , etc., and using the appropriate design, it may be fractured form. For surfaces of ceilings with nonlinear parties (columns, ovals , arcs , etc.) mounting system changes. Fixing straps trimmed respectively , are attached and form .
Also provides for suspension from the ceiling for different devices: point and linear lighting, ventilation grilles, fire detectors . Installation of these devices should be agreed prior to installation , to ensure appropriate fasteners.
All suspension devices for the above elements are made of non-combustible materials in accordance with the original project data. Mounts and dismounts ceilings authorized service teams of specialists .
Stretch ceilings are divided into categories based on the method of installation :
Harpoon stretch ceiling mounting system is a suspended ceiling , which is located on the perimeter of the spear ( soft plastic , which serves fixtures) . Harpoon Starts with mounting the blade in a special profile . When the harpoon system possible to remove the ceiling , as well as repairs. Harpoon fastening system requires precise dimensions ( 10 mm accuracy . Per side) . Such a system of suspended ceilings more expensive but more reliable.
Bezgarpunnaya mounting system more simple . This stretch ceiling is usually cheaper. But dismantling virtually impossible. Repair of the ceiling is also difficult. Exact dimensions in this case are not required . Canvas trimmed in place. This system is commonly used plastic profile ( baguette) .
Installation of accessories .
Technology provides for ceiling hanging beneath a film of any devices, such as:
• lights
• chandelier
• vents
• fire detectors
• Blinds , etc.
Installation of these elements should be agreed before executing the ceiling ( during installation profile) , to prepare a corresponding securing elements called hangers .
Installation of blinds and chandeliers .
Installation of the elements is to perform the perforations in the stretched ceiling, taking into account the dimensions of the mounting member . And it must be free access over the surface of the ceiling to additional construction enshrining blinds or hanging lamp . Prepared hole in the membrane ring is fixed , made ​​of PVC , 2 mm thick and 10 mm wide . Migratory ring protects the film from uncontrolled rupture fixed ceiling and PVC ceiling connected with glue .
After fixing , the ceiling will be cleaned and polished , and does not require any special care. The ceiling must be cleaned according to the needs , water and a mild degreaser , for this purpose you need to use a soft cloth . After removing the layer of dust or other contamination ceiling should be wiped and polished. It is recommended that these actions were carried out by a recognized installer . Ceilings are installed in areas requiring special sterility (laboratories, operating rooms, etc. ) can be cleaned with steam or other chemical agents , the selection of which should be harmonized.
Ceiling installation process takes place outside the normal joinery and decorative equipment. In the process of using specialized equipment .
The installation need web service group , consisting of two people ( small ceilings for installation , ie up to 25 m2).