Design of stretch ceilings

Thumbing through the pages of magazines and interior design, you never get tired to admire as aesthetically pleasing, what taste and functionally designed as certain apartments . Hard to guess what a colossal work of experienced professionals in the overgrown interior design behind this ! After all, to create an original design of the apartment is not possible without knowledge of the different styles and trends , as well as ongoing analysis of ready-made and embodied in the life of interiors. Therefore instruct apartment interior design , we strongly recommend masters who have experience and necessary skill . They will be able to implement the project in the most refined ideas .
Interior Design - the thing is not cheap and not everyone is available . However, this is not the case where you want to save! Should not apply to amateurs , as the slightest miscalculation could not only ruin the visual impression , but also have been a disaster on stage repair and finishing works . After the design project includes not only the conceptual part ( options plan with furniture and equipment) , but also the construction :
- Bill of materials , equipment, furniture ;
- Statement of finishing work ;
- Scan the walls ;
- Plans for ceilings, floors , electrical ;
- Lighting scheme ;
- Circuit ventilation, air conditioning , heating;
- Sections, layouts of complex assemblies
When choosing an architect-designer must ask his portfolio. Well, if the portfolio is supported by the publication of his works in authoritative print and web publications. On our site, we provide designers the opportunity to tell about yourself , to publish their work and leave the location . Before you post information about the designer , we appreciate his work and decide on its placement. Thus we cut substandard work and offer you the opportunity to choose only the most original , we examined the work .
Discover a new world , whose name - interior design. Stretch ceiling in the room design plays a significant role . For example :
bathroom. Color stretch ceiling in the bathroom should be your shade match any element. This may be on the tile frieze . Color or plumbing . Or color of the tiles on the floor. You can not color stretch ceiling should not be taken out of nowhere , just because like the color . If for example, the tile white and blue on the tile frieze , of course you should not put the suspended ceiling brown. It simply will not fit into the overall interior. In this case, you can bind to itself and tile. And to make the color of the stretch ceiling white. But then the walls and ceiling will merge in one color .
We must not forget the basic rules for choosing color . The darker the color of the stretch ceiling , the greater the degree of reflection ( if the ceiling - gloss ) . But the darker the ceiling , the more it "presses " . Conversely, ceiling light has a lower degree of reflection, but it does not press on the eyes , he's just softer creates comfort .
Do not forget about the welds on the stretch ceilings . On the dark ceiling joints are more noticeable than the highlights. Welds stretch ceiling can be with a pitch : 140 cm, 145 cm , 160 cm, 195 cm, 220 cm Fabric cloth ( mat ) may be width of 210 , 310 and 510 cm
Web width of the tension ceiling depends on the texture and color of the material. More details can be found out this information by calling our office .
Glossy ceilings mostly installed in rooms : bathroom, kitchen , bathrooms . Matte and satin texture stretch ceiling installed in living rooms : living room, nursery, hallway , etc. Glossy ceilings can also be installed in a residential area , but with the proviso that the suspended ceiling will take no more than 60 percent of the total area of ​​the entire ceiling of the room. That is - the suspended ceiling must be installed in conjunction with plasterboard construction with suspension or concrete ceiling.