Billing stretch ceilings

Stretch ceiling
film surface can be matt or lacquered in various colors and shades. We offer a choice of rich colors and a wide range of different textures : silk, satin , matte , translucent, lacquer , mother of pearl , metallic, perforated . Colours of more than 160 shades.
Translucent stretch ceiling is a film that transmits light . Approximately 50 %. If properly place for stretch ceiling light , you can create the effect of a window in the ceiling. You can also experiment with color lamps. Translucent ceiling comes in two colors: blue and white. The disadvantage of this stretch ceiling : it is necessary to pick up a great height from the support ceiling (about 30-40 cm ) . Otherwise light scattering is not efficient. Another minus : undesirable suspended ceiling translucent order width of more than 220 cm ( the width of fabric ) . Otherwise will weld on the canvas which will be seen as a ceiling -rayed . Plus translucent ceiling - is its beauty . If even beat border ceiling tree, then learn from a remarkable effect skylights .
Lacquer . When applying glossy ( lacquer ) billing options creates the effect of a mirror surface . The darker the fabric , the more it reflects the ability and the amount of room . Change the space - very simple. Lighter colors make the room softer and cozier. Darker fabrics more effect of the second floor , a kind of opening in the ceiling. Glossy ceiling looks good in the elements with plasterboard . Wide range of colors ( over 100 colors and shades ) . You can make a volume ceilings.
Matte paintings ( both color and white ) exist in two categories: smooth texture . Smooth ceilings give a little reflection on the ceiling , so-called " matte finish ." Invoice - create an impression of "roughness" . Visually it looks like an ordinary plasterboard ceiling, just perfectly smooth . One gets the impression that the ceiling cloth. Ideal for a suspended ceiling premises. Smooth matte ceilings are also known as " satin " or satin ceilings .
Silver - it's a cross between lacquer and satin . It has a color depth. Very dense and heavy . Without light , the ceiling looks like lacquer with a poor reflection . Under illumination appears grainy . Silver has the ability to " absorb " the lighting and exposure to light in places - he seems to be "changes " color. Shades are not much - about 8 pieces.
Mother of Pearl - one of the most expensive paintings . Exists in 3 colors: red, gray and white. Very beautiful and rich stretch ceiling . It is very similar to the paint .
Perforated stretch ceiling - this ceiling of any texture and any color , which is pre- perforation . This is when the entire surface of the film special tools cut circular apertures defined diameter . Punching holes in the ceiling "breathes" , it can be installed for lights that will shine through the film .