Technology stretch ceiling installation

Stretch ceiling is used as a decorative element on the ceilings of any premises . He is ready to satisfy every taste and express individuality of the owner . Stretch ceiling is not to be painted , it is perfectly smooth, perfectly masks all the bumps, cracks and stains that need to hide on the carrier ceiling. Company " Nine Hundred " warrants to the ceilings of 12 years , which applies to the strength of welds and color stability to external influences. The material does not contain harmful substances , and meets all sanitary standards . Has a quality certificate . Not afraid of being hit , will not crack, affected chemicals , does not burn . Withstand 100 liters per 1 sq.m.
Stretch ceiling simultaneously performs many functions , can reduce too high places or close premises placed under the ceiling wiring. Used as a decorative element , it produces an irresistible impression and creates a new space. Perfectly smooth, resistant to deformation. Lacquered suspended ceiling creates the effect of color on the ceiling mirrors the selected color , and also increases the small room. Using the suspended ceiling , we can instantly change the room, increasing the comfort of using them - at the expense of ease of giving any form , in accordance with the requirements of our client and architect arrangement . Each ceiling can have its own unique form : it can be flat , oval , arched , spherical , spatial, a broken or multilevel. Opportunity , ceilings allow fantasize design space without borders.
Mounted stretch ceiling is very light, it does not burden the existing overlap . His square meter weighs only 0.19 kg, and therefore it does not create additional loads on the supporting ceiling creates only a slight pressure on the walls , as the ceiling is in constant tension throughout the entire time of operation . Installation in ceiling lighting and ventilation systems is not an obstacle , but only requires the installation of hanging device to hold the rim of the light or fan. Pendant chandelier or blinds do without additional strengthening .
The ceiling is completely water-resistant , protects the room from the inside , ensuring the impossibility of flooding , but also protects the floor structure of the accumulation of excessive amounts of moisture. If flooding occurs suddenly , our experts can remove the water for 1 hour . After that your ceiling will continue to create comfort indoors. An important advantage is the preservation method : you can manually clean the surface using a public detergents or specified in the instructions for preparation Stretch ceilings , no more frequently than once every 4 - 5 years in normal use. In areas of high sterility ceiling can be decontaminated with chlorine solution and wash under pressure. Stretch ceilings we use in all public buildings , in private homes and especially where required absolute purity and sterility . Ceiling covering is anti-electrostatic , waterproof , so made ​​specially commissioned ceiling is a solution for a long time without any additional costs for the entire period of its operation.
characteristics of the material
- PVC film thickness 0.17 - 0.18 mm , weighing 0.2 kg/m2 :
- Non-flammable (certificate ITB)
- waterproof
- Washable degreasers
- antielectrostatic
- dustproof
- Does not require staining
- disinfected
- Antiseismic
- Strength of 60 kg/m2.
Decorative ceiling coverings are used in all areas of public use, enabling you to implement as soon as possible the most challenging projects and arrangements. Stretch ceilings are available in a wide range of colors and materials, and allow to give the room an individual character and original form . Aesthetic and practical advantages of these ceilings have won a wide range of satisfied customers .
With the huge success ceilings are used in areas such as:
- Banks,
- Shops,
- Offices, restaurants ,
- Swimming pools , hospitals,
- Discos , schools,
- Galleries, rehabilitation centers,
- Museums,
- Hotels, doctor's offices ,
- Warehouses , laboratories,
- Factory halls , apartments,
- Showrooms , space , requiring a high degree of purity
- Meeting rooms , operating theaters .
Ceiling supplied and installed in accordance with the requirements and guidelines of the investor - the Customer or Designer ( color \ \ framework \ \ form).
Authorized Installer is the only one that can do all the work on the ceiling decor , ie installation, lighting, ventilation grilles , shutters, etc. Fulfilling all of these works by unauthorized persons due to loss of warranty. Warranty does not include replacement bulbs only , but it should be made with the adoption of precautionary measures.
Avoid contact with the ceiling items that may cause mechanical damage to , in the event of such a situation , any repairs and repairs can be performed out of warranty . In the case of the spontaneous formation of cracks on the ceiling , repairs will be made ​​in order guarantees and in failing to repair the ceiling will be replaced .
film tension
The room in which the ceiling is mounted , you must create the temperature 43 - 70 degrees Celsius, with a heater equipped with propane butane gas output 50 kW. At this temperature, the ceiling is elastic and can be stretched over strap design .
STRETCHING ceiling used special tools .
Tensioning ceiling completed if the entire harpoon wedge is placed in the mounting plate.
Operation of the film tension on the frame bearing structure extends to the ceiling in the case of 50 m2 approximately 30 minutes, and in the case of very complicated shape is increased , but does not occupy more than 60 minutes.
The condition of high temperature is necessary in the first stage of installation, ie during stretching of the film in the corners , and even during stretching ceiling it can drop to room temperature .

Procedure , by which the ceiling becomes final form automatically.
Prepared by the ceiling according to the shape and color of the selected initially reduced by 2 - 15%, but during heating due to high temperature ceiling stretchable . After completing the installation, the room temperature becomes a film former, and ceiling thanks to its original ( reduced ) form returns to its size and stretched to a predetermined area . Material from which made the ceiling, thanks to the structure returns to its original shape .