Lighting in stretch ceilings

Lighting , lamps and chandeliers in the stretch ceiling.
Bulb invention opened a new era in the development of the lamp as an object of design and furnishings.
Lighting Design - an indispensable element of modern design projects . It depends on him , if the client wants to enter the room , attracted by the gentle light showcase, stop if your view on this product in the store. After selecting the item, the buyer receives no real idea of ​​the things he sees it for what it shows shop. Largely positive effect is achieved with the help of light. For example , the products look better if they sent a cold light, and expensive ring sparkle in a special way , if a narrow beam from the fiber drops only gem.
General lighting of any territory is composed of natural and artificial . Typically, the shop premises are leased , so there is no possibility to change the size and location of windows. Have to adjust to what is. Owners of jewelry stores , in general, do not rely on natural light , prefer to obscure windows , creating shade. If , on the contrary , you need maximum coverage , one day is not enough light . Artificial lighting creates a different shape , size, and location of the electrical power for lights .
In turn, the artificial lighting is of two kinds - general and local . Lamps for general lighting is usually the most powerful . Their main task - to uniformly illuminate the entire room . Such lamps are preferred for use in large stores ( Central Department Store, Children's World ) , supermarkets ( Sil'po , Cocktail ) . Local lighting - are small low-power lamps with highly directional light beams are used mainly in jewelry stores .
Halogen lamps are used mainly for exterior lighting showcases and shelves with products made of glass and crystal ( Porcelain faience ) , to highlight the jewelry. Thus, the attention of buyers is not dissipated to the study of the interior , and immediately turns tete with the goods.
Designers often hide behind lights placed along the walls near the ceiling decorative panel. The room gets a respectable form of fixtures themselves are not visible, as if the light comes from behind the walls . Another, more traditional way of getting scattered light - suspended ceiling lights with reflectors directing light to the ceiling . Well trimmed white ceiling reflects most of the light back evenly dispersing it throughout the trading hall .
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To date, in the tension ceiling fixtures, as well as any other lighting set no brainer . Set in a suspended ceiling can be as Mortice lights, or as they are called point . In fact, when you install a suspended ceiling lamp , lamp itself is attached to the supporting ceiling ( drywall , concrete). We make a special design for each light with a certain radius. Construction under the lamp for suspended ceiling has the ability to adjust the height of the lamp relative to the floor , ceiling and bearing stretch ceiling. Installation is not desired lighting fixtures in the suspended ceiling of a square or rectangular shape. Since the stretch ceiling in the corners of the lamp can rupture ceiling. Lamp size affects the width of the ring, which is glued to the film. There is a limit on the temperature of heating lamps and power respectively. Can be mounted and overhead lights.
We have overhead fixtures limited by distance from the lamp to the film stretch ceiling. When installing translucent ceiling lighting can create so that it would seem that you have a window in the ceiling . These ceilings are available in two colors white and blue milk . Both ceiling let in light .
interior Lighting Comfort and convenience of modern apartment depends on the quality and lighting, thanks to him we are able to completely change the perception of the dull interior. Advantage of the latest lighting systems are so broad that, depending on the situation, without any rearrangement of furniture placement can be presented in various images. Today we will tell about lighting living rooms, as well as market updates lighting equipments and corrective role of light in changing the look of the space .
We are very accustomed to the old , conservative design of the room light , but the traditional chandelier or cover fixedly mounted in the center of the room , floor lamps and sconces with static , once and for all with the areas light beams do not meet modern needs in covering the space. The main criteria today - mobility and diversity , which can be achieved by combining the comfort of the scattered or reflected light with adjustable light accents created by bright beams of light directed .
You can list the new market for a long time lighting , but we will focus only on some of the most popular and interesting ways. Very pleasing to the eye lighting, soft teneobrazuyuschimi different properties and a uniform distribution of brightness of light reflected from the surface of the walls , ceiling and floor , ceiling lights give in the form of a sphere or hemisphere. They are opaque and do not miss the blinding light, breaking the direct rays .
The scattered light received from them, has the highest ratio of utility and is best suited for general lighting. Have such light sources can be made ​​freely , they can "travel" across the upper surface of the room. The same type of lighting can create and halogen lamps , mounted on metal structures or mounted in or suspended ceilings .
Interestingly positioned at the ends of such sources of suspended structures , so that they are reflected from a horizontal surface , and the most convenient option is the one in which they can change the angle of illumination.
Very popular solution is to create general lighting occupancy small ceiling lights along the upper perimeter of the room . These sources reflect the light from the ceiling and give most of it back , evenly dispersing throughout the room. Reflected light makes the space weightless and transparent, and also creates the most comfortable and uniform illumination . A similar effect can be achieved , and setting a few floor lamps and sconces with shades , shades and reflectors directing the light to the ceiling . Often you can find the option in which the lamps are hidden behind pripotolochnye placed along the walls of a special projection , this method increases the amount of visual space and emphasizes the benefit configuration space.
Chandeliers still remain elements of the general lighting, especially for housing , made in classic style. But their pivot location is not necessarily , the luminaire should find a place where it is really needed , for example, over group dining or recreation area .
The best and most interesting option of lighting the room is to recognize the conductive structures , they can provide the greatest mobility.
Construction of busbars diverse: they can be fastened to the ceiling as well as the walls. Lighting elements arranged on these tires , easily alter the beam angle and position. For example, if you need to concentrate the maximum amount of light in a some point , you can easily move the elements in the right place , for general illumination light sources located in different parts of the room , and the picture of the general lighting you can change many times as desired , simply changing the position of fixtures.
Lighting design of the room would be incomplete if you do not use local and decorative lighting . And for some facilities , such as an office or bedroom, do not even have a general illumination . In this case, the entire load on the light design of space falls on the local coverage . Table lamps , wall lamps and ceiling lamps with shades perfectly highlighted the need for an object , leaving the rest of the room in the shadows . Well suited for this purpose , and light fixtures . Only need to select those models that have changing position lamp bracket and control the angle of rotation of the light element. If you think that the light fixtures are outdated , you know that recently they have changed a lot and modern model fits so well into your home decor that will become an integral and beloved part of it.
Decorative lighting will add to any interior , completeness and versatility. Highlight the direct rays of the most advantageous details of the situation : the niche , the massive floor vases , sculpture and more. Very interesting view of surroundings give mounted in the wall on one line fixtures that will illuminate only those small niches , creating the effect of windows . Another embodiment of a light wall design - blowing outdoor lights, light beams aimed at the wall, make the interior mystery . There are many methods by which you can increase to narrow or expand the space , depending on the intended purpose . For your convenience, we give a few rules that you can apply in practice in light adjusting premises.
1. The maximum illumination of walls and their use in decoration materials with good reflective properties to help you visually expand the space , which is very important for small spaces.
2 . When lighting large areas are best to use fixtures direct light.
3 . By changing the brightness of light reflected from the floor, walls and ceiling, you can adjust the volume of the room .
4 . Reflected or scattered light is visually enhances the space .
5 . Reduce the height of the ceiling you will succeed if you put it on the light, the light rays which are directed at the walls , in which case the ceiling would be in the shade and visually reduced.
6. Increasing the height you will achieve the readmission of wall-mount fixtures with up -rays directed at , brightly lit ceiling will seem higher .
7. To visually expand the narrow corridor lights should be placed on a flat line along one wall of the room. Frequently encountered location of fixtures when installed along the midline of the ceiling , on the contrary reduces the space.
8. Illuminated wall at the end of the corridor makes it larger.
9. Bright light is visually reduces the transverse length.
10 . Deepen the prospect of a long corridor can be by placing a ceiling on the number of similar smooth fixtures.
11. Lighting allows longitudinal pull short space.
Properly installed lighting can not only adjust the geometry of space , but also to mask what should be left in the shadows , as well as create the necessary accents in the interior . Hopefully these tips will help you . Lighting design residential interior is not only important for healthy eyes , it stimulates the brain and contributes to a good rest. Therefore, the selection of lighting for your apartment should be approached with the utmost seriousness . Turning to the professionals, you will receive a 100 % guarantee of quality , diverse , and original lighting design of their homes.
Throughout its history man has sought to light, coming up with different ways to dissipate the dark areas . In the everyday life of the production of wealth directly dependent on daylength . In this sense, the chronicle inventions systems consecration has millennium : from primitive torch and candles to cutting-edge devices.
Several decades ago, daily life became actively used fiber optic lighting system "Fiber Optic Lighting". However, despite this experience , fiber optic technology for many still remain exotic. Meanwhile , the use of fiber can easily and effectively solve hundreds of technical problems arising in the development of lighting projects , and in many cases is the only possible solution . And this is not surprising if we take into account the miraculous character of fiber-optic technology allows you to control the light as if by magic .

Fig.1 Schematic diagram of the
Light can be forced into a flexible fiber, hold through walls, through land and water around corners and avoiding obstacles, and when necessary - to remove in the right quantities and used for other purposes. Passing through the boundary between two media, the light is refracted. Depending on the ratio of the absolute refractive index, there are several variants of the rays.

Fig.2 passage of light in the cable.

The fiber consists of a core made ​​of a soft material and a hard shell . Different materials refract light differently , and that makes us work the physics of total internal reflection : the core should have a greater refractive index than the cladding . Long glass fiber used in telecommunications to transmit data at high speed. Big hopes are now on the polymer fibers (POF - plastic, which are about half the price of the glass ) .
What is of interest in this technology ? What are the advantages over traditional Fiber Optic lighting systems ?
Optical fiber does not conduct electricity .
The structure of the material used does not carry out ultraviolet and infrared rays, i.e. regardless of the brightness of the light stays cold.
Optical fiber has the capacity to hold large luminous flux with a minimum diameter of the cable or filaments , which allows to highlight the places that were previously difficult to reach , and their coverage too costly .
Himself the light source is at a distance from the place of light, and it gives you the opportunity to maintain and replace the lamp out of the place glow.
Fiber Optic System allows you to easily control the color change or light effects , including mechanically by means of filters , which opens up tremendous opportunities for design, advertising and visual information.
This technology solves the problem of uniform illumination and effective dispersion in inconvenient places for conventional systems .
Another notable advantage - it is a low energy consumption (one 150-watt source illuminates up to 200m of cable) . Fiber Optic enables the use of two types of luminescence cable - of the end and side of one light source. If the lifetime of a standard metal halide lamps used in light sources , 6000 - 10,000 hours , the light cable - more than 10 years . Economical Fiber Optic confirms the fact that the consumption of a light cable with side illumination at 1 p / m is 2.0 - 2.5 watts. For comparison , the consumption of a neon tube for 1 n / m - 14 -18 watts. Constructive basis of flexible fibers are glass or plastic optical fibers that are produced with special additives that ensure their resistance to fungi , mold and algae , as well as with the addition of the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation .