Form of stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings
can be inclined or have a curved surface , which can visually increase the space or change it using the color and shape of the reflection . Specificity of the material lets you create with the help of a variety of surfaces and geometric shapes : oval, wavy , different levels , rounded , dome-shaped , three-dimensional , zigzag , etc. In the case of possible contamination ceiling can be easily cleaned with water and any detergent . In rooms increased sterility ceiling can be cleaned using a solution of chlorine or vapor pressure .
Square, rectangle, circle, oval , ellipse . Upon customer request can make a wave on the ceiling , both horizontal and vertical . When ordering a circle, oval or other curved shape , the cost of a stretch ceiling increases. Appears in the estimates of such item as curvilinear . It is measured in lm This ratio , which expresses the loss of the film in the manufacture of ceiling on the curve , as well as the work of mounting crew . On a curved surface profile must be fixed in 5 times more likely than straight . Profile (if aluminum ) necessary to cut every 3.6 cm in order to bend it as much as possible and fit tightly to the wall surface curve .
Must take into account the maximum area of a tension ceiling cloth one . According to the standard - it is not more than 50 sq.m. We must understand that the larger the area of a stretch ceiling , the more " sagging " of the film. Slack exists in each of the film ceiling, since the film has a weight ( 200 gr . Per sq. m .. ) . The larger the area the ceiling , the more noticeable sag . For example , in an area of ​​80 sq.m. if a suspended ceiling with one blade , not sharing his separation , the sag is about 1 m closer to the center of the ceiling will sag more , and on the perimeter , closer to the assembly profile - less.
Many are afraid to weld the tension ceiling. Nothing wrong in it. Importantly - the right to place it in relation to the incidence of light . To date, seamless ceilings exist only matte cloth . The maximum width of 510 cm ceiling Glossy web ( lac ) has a width of 130 , 150, 180 , 200 cm To properly hide a weld on Stretch ceilings can also be used regularly spaced Light fittings in the ceiling.