Stretch ceilings photo printing clouds

       Our company is actively promoting the newest solutions svyazvnnye with tension ceilings. Today, new technologies make it possible to put any images on the ceilings. The so-called photographic printing on suspended ceilings. Photo printing is possible to put on matte, satin, semi-transparent and varnish (gloss) of the web. Print Width our company is limited to 250 cm on the photo printing can also be welded shvy.Pechataem we on high HP large-format printers and Canon. Paint deeply penetrates the stretch ceiling structure without damaging the surface. Most often, the cloud print. Terms of manufacturing printing on a tension ceiling from 10 to 30 days. In such ceilings can also be mounted lights and a starry sky. Below is one of the restaurants in the city of Kiev, in which our company has established a suspended ceiling, an area of ​​60 square meters, which is a depiction of clouds. Material - gloss (lacquer). Photo below.

Натяжные потолки фотопечать облаков в ресторане

 Облака на натяжном потолке
Фотопечать на натяжном потолке облаков Натяжной потолок с изображением облаков