Stretch ceilings 3d clouds photo

    Stretch ceilings with photo printing (image) of cloud - the main direction of "One Hundred Nine." We are professionally engaged in the application of images on the ceilings of any shape and texture. We have extensive experience in the production of suspended ceilings with photo printing on lacquer, matt, satin and semi-transparent ceilings. At some beautiful ceilings leaves our photographer and creates a 3D image.
     Today 3d interior photos can be present in the room. By downloading 3D photos, you virtually walk into the room and using the mouse can rotate around the perimeter of the room. This is the effect of the presence in the room. One of the last works - ceilings depicting the sky (clouds) in the glossy (lacquer) suspended ceilings. Below you will be able to be fully present in the room with the help of technology 3D photos. Happy viewing.