Stretch ceilings in Kiev, SEC Ultramarine

       Stretch ceilings are ideal for all entertainment venues. Cinemas, restaurants and discos. One of our latest work - it suspended ceilings in the SEC Ultramarine, which is located in Kiev on the street. Urickogo 1A. There are set ceilings varnish (gloss) black texture. In some areas mounted black paint. All ceilings in ultramarine perforated with evenly spaced apart holes (holes). This allows the tension ceiling to breathe.
SEC Ultramarine
        SEC Ultramarine is one of the most popular shopping centers in the city of Kiev. It was opened in 2004 in the central part of the city, near the metro station "Train station", which will attract a lot of locals and visitors. Today, the SEC has six Ultramarine cinema cinema "Butterfly Ultramarine" bowling club, restaurant, concert hall, a sushi bar, fast food, pool, room for kids, slot machines, underground parking and more. Here you can relax and have fun with their friends.
        The company "Nine Hundred" took part in the construction of the shopping center Ultramarine. According to the results of the tender won, our company developed the design of certain premises and produced ceilings for interior decoration. Combining the latest trends and modern materials, it was possible to create a unique design and a unique corporate identity. Stretch ceilings are by far the most effective way of interior decoration, which is characterized by a rich variety of colors and textures, as well as a high degree of reliability, ruggedness and durability.