Stretch ceilings in the hotel

     Stretch ceilings are the norm in interior decoration, both residential and commercial. In 2012, Ukraine meets the European football championship Euro-2012. Now in Kyiv and suddenly cities are actively being built and renovated hotel. Company "Nine Hundred" offers especially for hotels ceilings. This is an economy version of ceilings that are willing to replace the drywall and other types of ceilings. If you are building or renovating a hotel, then you nashinatyazhnye ceilings are essential. Why? Here are the main advantages:
- production speed stretch ceiling and work on their installation - 60 sq.m. day.
- cleanliness of the work on installation of suspended ceilings. After us, you do not need to order room service. The works are clean and tidy.
- the cost of a stretch ceiling for hotels - comparable to the price of drywall. About 18-25 dollars per 1m.kv. "Turnkey".
- the appearance of stretch ceilings - painted ceiling as an ideal.
- the cost of installing chandeliers included a stretch ceiling.
- care of this ceiling is very simple. Normal service staff at the hotel will be able to maintain it.
- simple color change. If the Euro-2012 You may want to change the style of the room, we will do it for one day free of dust and dirt, and a
discount of 30%. It will be enough just to replace the leaf color. Mounting profile will remain the same.
- ceilings are proven to rank. nodes and bathrooms in hotel rooms.