General information about the suspended ceilings. Part number three. Article number 13

 Next, similarly engage the opposite and the other corners. The fact that each successive angle engages more and more difficult, it should be considered normal.

When all four corners are set, you can proceed to the link straights. This is done through direct blades. First two or three lock engagement portion near the end of seams paintings - so less likelihood of subsequently their curvatures. Then unanchored are divided in half and fastened in the center again for two or three locks. So long as the quantity of loose parts will not be such that the whole portion can be fixed without much effort (typically up to 1 m). Next is the final engagement around the perimeter of the room. When this is done, you need to check the quality of fabric mesh around the perimeter, checking the tightness of the fabric roof to the baguette. If any web-site is loose to the baguette should improve engagement. If everything is correct, then it turns quite tightly stretched canvas prints by forming a perfectly flat surface.

The last operation - the unit externally mounted lamp (chandelier). The first thing to do is to prepare a reinforcement ring. It is usually made of plastic, the thickness of 3-4 mm. Plastic has to combine conflicting requirements - durable and easy to handle. You can recommend a foamed plastics brands KOMATEH. The external diameter of the ring should be such that it covered the cup chandeliers, internal - such that the ring is easy to put on a fixed base ceiling hook chandeliers. In any case, the width of the ring should not be less than 5 mm. Typically, this condition is easily doable. At the touch of a fabric roof are hook chandeliers, and in this place annotation marker. On the reinforcement ring-type adhesive is applied tsianopana continuous strip without tearing. This condition is a must, otherwise the later painting the ceiling crawl like a stocking full of holes. After that, the ring is attached to the front side of the fabric so that the mark was made by felt-tip pen in the exact center reinforcement ring. Adhesives of this type are usually dry for a few seconds, so bear a specified time, such as a small sharp knife of wallpaper inside the ring canvas is cut in the resulting hole is stretched wire is connected to a chandelier, chandelier and then just hung up on the old hook that, if necessary, incremented in length.

This is the sequence of operations for the simplest installation of stretch ceiling - the four corners and a chandelier. More complex ceilings, including pipes, recessed fixtures, circular elements, and even level transitions require its description. We should not think that it's very simple. As already mentioned, if you decide to install suspended ceilings, leave it to the professionals.